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Perfume advertising ocr

  1. 1. Introduction to Image AnalysisAims and Objectives:Use the textual analysis tool kit to conduct an imageanalysis on your found imagesUse the concepts Denotation and connotation TECHNICAL CODESSETTING AND PROPS LIGHTING AND COLOUR BODY LANGUAGE AND FACIAL EXPRESSINS HMK: WRITE UP A MINI ANALYSIS FOR THREE IMAGES USING NOTES TAKEN IN CLASS. 250 WORDS TOTAL.
  2. 2. Icons in CultureAim:To discuss and research images of icons infilm and music industriesObs:To compile research with annotations
  3. 3. Image Analysis in Research Nelson Mandella Equality
  4. 4. Target Audience Aims and Obs To introduce the Demographics and Psychographics To introduce the idea of Target Audience To apply understanding to Advertising pitchWhat products would advertise in these publications?
  5. 5. Target Audience Profile TecWare Teens:· Are girls and boys ages 14 – 17· Come from households with incomes $100,000+· Are interested in technology, gadgets, the Internet· Frequent chat rooms, use email daily, and play computer video games· May hold a part-time job or volunteer as a web-master, computer teacher or similar high-tech entry level position· Have allowances of $20 a week in addition to their jobs· Whose parents purchase at least $500 in “back to school” clothingAlexis and RyanAlexis, 16, and Ryan, 14, are brother and sister. They live in the city’s bestneighborhood, in a three-story modern home from the pages of ArchitecturalDigest. In their free time, they volunteer to maintain web sites for the family’schurch, the local fire department and their high school. There is onetelevision but 3 computers in the home – Dad’s laptop for work, the “familycomputer” and Ryan’s personal computer that he bought with money earnedteaching senior citizens computer skills. Dad is Vice President ofeCommerce for a national bank and Mom is a reporter for the online versionof the city’s newspaper.
  6. 6. How To Read Any AdAims andObjectivesTo move on from image analysis to Printbased advertisingTo identify conventions of an advert inpreparation for analysis
  7. 7. Generic Elements of Perfume AdvertisingAimsTo consider common conventions in Perfume AdvertisingTo work towards a specific brief and apply understandingTo be creative in flat planning of ideas and annotations Objectives To have a write up shared ideas Understanding of the specific brief To have a begun flat planning of perfume advert Look at the direction of the eyes in these perfume adverts, what qualities do the suggest about the models or the perfume itself?
  8. 8. Generic Elements of Perfume AdvertisingAimsTo develop common conventions in Perfume AdvertisingTo compare Representation across decades
  9. 9. Generic Elements of Perfume Advertising The black and white colour suggests a feeling of old hollywood movies The copy in this ad anchors the meaning of this perfume being sophisticated and aspirationalPeople associate the sophisticatedand elegent qualities of this actressand associate it with the brand French Brand Name suggests Style, elegance and glamour
  10. 10. Generic Elements of Perfume Advertising Sensuality is often The name of the GENDER used to sell perfume often Simplicity perfume. The speaks of the idea that the qualities that the perfume makes us producer would attractive to the like to attract you other sex is often with. For used in Perfume example, Conventional Elements in Perfume Advertising ads. Couples are Diamond often seen in a expresses qualities loving embrace or of... looking at each other Often the setting is aspirational, a place Often models are shot from a where people wouldA close-up of the bottle is low-angle that elevates their like to be. Aalmost always displayed in status. There are a range of romantic setting,the advert. Often it is found shot types used from close- Paris, a carefreeon the bottom corners ups to medium long shots. setting, a beach. NAME SETTING ANGLE SHOT TYPES STYLE
  11. 11. Togetherness Friendship. 2up The Brief Responsibility Supportive PositiveStrength and power Unity Romance and relationships Teamwork and Success A close group of people
  12. 12. Perfume Advert PresentationsAimsTo present ideas about target audience and perfume advert constructionTo be be evaluative about target audience and advertisement conventionsHmkTo write up an analysis of your perfume advert including representation of youth andconsideration of Target Audience. Use Advertising Commentary for guidance. 400 words
  13. 13. Questions of Representation and GenderWhat is being represented? Image analysisHow is it being represented? Positively/negativelyWhat messages does it send to women?What messages does it send to men?How is the product being sold?Who is the ads intended audience? Consider the setting of your advert and how you want to represent the youths within. Organise costume and props ready for next lesson.
  14. 14. Advertising and RepresentationWhat stereotypes are used and are they effective?COMMENT UPON:Use of models, body language, facial expressions (where is the gaze ofthe models focussed), costume codesCOLOUR AS A MEDIA LANGUAGE and TYPOGRAPHY:Have the adverts neon colours to represent youth or gold to representaffluance/wealth?What is the style of lettering employed?What values have been used in the advertisement?Does a grey hoodie mean urban/youthful?What is the significance of the setting employed?Does New York, for example, have a meaning orvalue of multiculturalism? Does is signify a youngcontemporary mindset?What values have been linked to the products?CONSIDER THE MEANINGS OF CONVENTIONSUSED:Is value of romance linked to the product?Have you linked the value of teamwork to your product as anexpression of Unity?Is sensuality linked to the product?Consider stereotypes, are there any concerns because of this? Thinkabout messages coming through the advert about particular people.Will there be an impact on society because of the way you have decided torepresent ideas in your advert?CONCLUSIONHow does adverts compare to other perfume adverts across different eras? Isthere a sense that what it is to be a man or woman has changed?
  15. 15. Flat Planning of AdvertIn this task you will want to use all the conventions of perfume advertising toFlat Plan you ideas for your own perfume advertisement. Think about if youwant to follow the norm, as highlighted in starter, or create something new. Slogan Target Audience 16 -25 year old male and females C1-B London based Unisex perfume Brand Identity Logo Main Image Copy
  16. 16. How To Read Any AdAims and ObjectivesTo consider BrandingTo move on from image analysis to How To Read any Ad Main Slogan Image LogoBrand Identity Copy
  17. 17. Convention of an Print Based Advert SloganCopy Main L Image Brand Identity tLogo
  18. 18. How to Read Any Ad Natural pose, look of awe and wonderment to suggest the amazement at the use of product. The gaze allows the eye lashes to be seen in full wonder. Close up shot of mascara to suggest its status above all other mascara products. The absence of setting allows the audience to be focussed on the model and the product. The mascara product is positioned at the bottom right of the page next to the brand identity to cement the relationship between the two. An extreme close up is employed to highlight the difference between this and other brushes. This meaning is anchored by the text .... next to it.
  19. 19. Conventions of a Kate Moss Advert The high angle creates the effect of Kate Moss being seen at a higher level thus elevating her status. This provides the aspirational aspect of the ad. The implied message of the advert suggests... The use of hard lighting effects creates shadows to exaggerate her features. It creates a porcelain doll like effect. The close up shot employed in this advert shows off Kate Moss beauty and has nothing else (setting) to detract the eye. it invites us to see Kate Moss at a personal level. Your eye is directly drawn to KMs eyes that show off the product and its effect. The lighting and composition of the frame make this possible Yes the image has been cropped to... The layout of this advert allows for the audience to see KM beauty. The close up image of KM dominates the page.
  20. 20. Conventions of a Kate Moss Advert The Brand name suggests an international aspect of a global company which highlights the size and breadth of this company. The typography of Rimmel conveys sophistication and elegance. Whereas the Red London label suggests rebellion and cool. Military term is used to express the strength and power this product might give you Predominantly aimed at women aged 15-35. This includes an aspirational of 12-40. Secondary audience of males who might buy the product for their partners or family. Find one perfume advert and bring it in to class
  21. 21. Find five different perfume adverts and resizethem in photoshop covering an a4 size paperConsider technical codesList all the commonalities
  22. 22. Find five different perfume adverts and resizethem in photoshop covering an a4 size paperConsider technical codesList all the commonalities
  23. 23. J.Goody/Shush K.Moss/Channel P.Hilton/Just me J. Myers/Boss Beyonce/Armani H.Duff/With LoveG.Stefany/Lamb B.Spears/Midnight Celebrity Endorsements Perfume Victoria Beckham J.Low/Glow Sean John/Unforgivable Why do companies with establishedK.Knightly/Channel brands feel the need to use stars to promote their perfume? Use examples M.Carey/M
  24. 24. Role models to look up to Pester PowerPhysical beauty Why do companies with established brands feel the need to use stars to promote their perfume? Use examples Positive qualities in previous work
  25. 25. Advertising Commentary Unisex PerfumeAims and ObsTo understand the written aspect of courseworkTo consider differing representations over a time periodPerfume Analysis of Own AdvertConsider the setting and background and how itrelates to your target audience.How does your typography reach its targetaudience? Does it suggest anything about theBrand of the perfumeHow does the slogan speak to its TargetAudience? What does it suggest aboutthe perfume?Consider the body language, facialexpressions and technical codes that yourimages have used.