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Faculty presentation

  1. 1. Art, Media and Technology Faculty Strategic Integration and Development Plan Openness, Collaboration, Creativity - Faculty Ethos Learning to Succeed Together
  2. 2. Cross-Curricular Planning, Monitoring and Development Openness to develop and share strengths of each department enhancing good practice -Faculty Vision To be developed with staff Learning to Succeed Together
  3. 3. First Steps to Leading and Developing an Outstanding Art, Media And Technology FacultyStep 1· Audit of quality of the skills and strengths of each department and teachers· Audit and analyse student opinion of the Teaching and Learning within The Faculty through subject reviews· To assess where strengths lie and can be shared within the faculty environmentStep 2· Look at aspects of curriculum where each department can support each other through transferable skills, resources and consistency. Colour theory. Development not Repetition· Look to create new opportunities for collaboration and sharing of good practice and strengths of each department within the faculty environmentStep 3· To collaborate with other Faculty Heads to ensure development of teaching and learning across the curriculum· To participate in development of whole school strategies in order to support an emerging Faculty vision Learning to Succeed Together
  4. 4. Steps that would enable... Examples of Outcomes on the Quality of Teaching and Learning: · Continued use of enthusiastic teachers and their particular expertise · · Contribution to the range of courses that the faculty supplies, e.g. Creative and Media Diploma level 3, AGCE · · Increased results A*-C across all subjects from 40% (Tech) 49% (Art GCSE) 66% (Media GCSE) · Skills based mapping - scaffolding skills - KS3-KS5 S.O.W Learning to Succeed Together
  5. 5. Working to strengths with Staff and Industry Insiders In and Out of Class Product Design Short Course GCSE GNVQ Art AGCE Creative and Media Diploma Extended Project Work Related Project Visiting Artists Identifying need across all students· To capitalise on the contributions made to student engagement and achievement byindependent, creative professionals· To recognise the talent and expertise of existing staff and enable them to help supportand inspire students· To create a Faculty wide work related project Learning to Succeed Together
  6. 6. Raising student and subject profiles to set expectations andraise attainmentUse of Local Community to Promote Schools Art StatusBurghleys Success Learning to Succeed Together
  7. 7. Enhancing and developing opportunities for success throughcreative innovation and staff expertise Learning to Succeed Together
  8. 8. Embedding practice within a Digital Environment Active participation through stimulating interest and involvement through bridging the gap between students own experience of new media technologies and their experience of them in the classroom -Faculty Ethos The Art, Media and Technology Faculty application of Digital learning: · Challenging as well as collaborative home learning, supported by existing MLE · Creating accountability through individual classrooms and homework tasks · Use of Technology to Make Learning Cool Applying and creating content for the Digital Learning Learning to Succeed Together
  9. 9. Closing Comments... The Art, Media and Technology will be a model of excellance due to: · Open door policy, listening and good communication skills · Use of existing school meeting structure to collaborate · Clear vision embedded in whole school priorities · Caplitalising upon all skills in the team (whole school) · Managed Learning Environments · Using resources and facilities in place to showcase achievement and success of The Faculty Openness, Collaboration, Creativity Learning to Succeed Together