Spinning an article – why it still works if done correctly


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Spinning and article has always been controversial as an SEO strategy. However, with the right method and tools it can be done. Learn what you need to do to make this and effective strategy for you.

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Spinning an article – why it still works if done correctly

  1. 1. Spinning an Article – Why ItStill Works If Done Correctly
  2. 2. What do we mean when we say spinning an article?
  3. 3. This continues to be a subject of a lot of controversy, because many people think very differently about it.
  4. 4. Whats an article that is spun?
  5. 5. Its simply a combination of rewriting an article and then placing the contents into some specialized software that willproduce original content as far asthe search engines are concerned.
  6. 6. Whats the talk about article spinning anyway?
  7. 7. Merely because spinning has a very bad rap. The majority of people that try to use thisparticular method really dont doa very good job of doing the spin. Therefore, there becomes a bunch of junk articles on the Internet.
  8. 8. However, if this is done correctly, it really is possible tohave many unique versions of an original article that also makes sense to the reader.
  9. 9. So why is there the bigdebate among pro and anti spinners?
  10. 10. Those that like this SEO technique use it because it saves a lot of time by reusing theircontent. When its done correctly, they find it produces greatarticles that can be spread around to many places on the web without having to worry about duplicate content.
  11. 11. Also, just to note that nowadays just spinning the article may notbe enough. You also need to vary the anchor text in the article and resource boxes with keywords that you are targeting for.
  12. 12. This means not always linkingback just to your hompage, butother internal pages within your site.
  13. 13. Those that oppose this strategy point out that all this does is clutter the Internet with redundant information.
  14. 14. However, if multiple versions ofan interesting and readable article is produced, who cares if it is spun.
  15. 15. There are many places and information on the Internet spinning an article correctly is going to make a big dent and cause a problem. In fact whatsthe difference if the same article is syndicated throughout the Internet?
  16. 16. The big key is that each each spin has to be as high quality as the original, read very well so the reader takes away something of value.
  17. 17. How can this happen?
  18. 18. Webfire has a spinner that lets you make a rewrite of an article, sentence by sentence. This provides a way for you to vary each sentence enough for theoriginality that is needed with out it sounding like gibberish.
  19. 19. To make sure this occurs, there is a variation meter that is rated from poor to excellent that can give you feedback on how wellyou are doing with the spin. Justa way to make it simple and also create a great spin.
  20. 20. In addition, it does take time to do a good spin. Many people do not have the time to do this andthats why you can have a writing expert do it for you if you want.
  21. 21. Its really your decision as to whether spinning an article is a technique you want to add toyour SEO and traffic strategies. If you want to add it, it will be a very good way to drive traffic and accumulate more backlinks to your website.