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Python on a chip
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Python on a chip


Slides for my presentation "Python on a chip" at KiwiPycon 2011.

Slides for my presentation "Python on a chip" at KiwiPycon 2011.

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Python on a Chip PyMite, a Python Virtual Machine Jeremy Stott Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 2. Microcontrollers• Programming Microcontrollers is fun!• You can build your own toys / evil robots• Even getting lights to blink is fun• Usually programmed in C, sometimes C++ Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 3. Whats wrong with C?! #include <stdio.h> int l;int main(int o,char **O,• Nothing is wrong with C int I){char c,*D=O[1];if(o>0){ for(l=0;D[l ];D[l ++]-=10){D [l++]-=120;D[l]-=• Its up to the programmer to write good 110;while (!main(0,O,l))D[l] += 20; putchar((D[l]+1032) code /20 ) ;}putchar(10);}else{ c=o+ (D[I]+82)%10-(I>l/2)* (D[I-l+I]+72)/10-9;D[I]+=I<0?0• Programmers may suffer from object :!(o=main(c/10,O,I-1))*((c+999 )%10-(D[I]+92)%10);}return o;} oriented withdrawal syndrome• Prolonged use of C may cause inappropriate outbursts of semi-colons;• You cant do [Python reference] in C Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 4. Introducing: Python-On-A-Chip●● A project developing PyMite, a Python Virtual Machine designed to run on Microcontrollers● A small growing group > 256 mailing list members● Uses 55KB of ROM and 5KB of RAM for "Hello World!"● License: ● Tools: GNU LGPL v2.1 (Lesser GPL) ● Virtual Machine: GPL v2 (Non Commercial) Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 5. FeaturesIt Does:• Support integers, floats, lists, dicts, functions, modules, classes, generators, decorators and closures• Support 25 out of 29 keywords and 89 out of 112 byte codes from Python 2.6• Stackless green threadsIt Doesnt:• Have a built in compiler• Support any of Pythons standard libraries Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 6. 25 out of 29 Keywords?PyMite supports the following set of Pythons keywords    and      assert    break     class     continue    def      del       elif      else      for    from     global    if        import    in    is       lambda    not       or        pass    print    raise     return    while     yieldPyMite does not support these keywords    except  exec   finally   tryHowever, they are working on Exceptions Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 7. No Standard Libraries?Instead of supporting Pythons libraries, PyMite offer its own setof modules. Some of which have the same name as theirPython counterparts. PyMite Modules    dict   func   list   string   sysAs well as many built in functions    abs(x), bytearray(seq), bytearray(len), chr(i),    eval(co), globals(), id(o), len(obj), locals(),     map(f,s), ord(c), pow(x,y), range(...), sum(s),    type(obj) Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 8. Other Interesting Bits• PyMite only supports 8-bit character strings, so no Unicode• PyMite supports 32-bit signed integers, floats (if enabled) but not longs• You cant override type operators. Eg __add__() doesnt override + Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 9. Installing under Ubuntu 11.04The easiest way to get PyMite is to check it out using Mercurial:$ hg clone Python 2.6, setuptools and virtualenv$ sudo apt-get install python2.6 python-setuptools$ sudo easy_install virtualenvCreate the virtual environment and activate it$ virtualenv -p python2.6 --no-site-packages ./pymite$ source pymite/bin/activate Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 10. Windows?  AlmostDownload GNU Make, Python 2.6, SetupTools, and VirtualEnv and add their paths to your Path Environment Variablec:Python26c:Python26Scriptsc:Program FilesGnuWin32binInstall and activate VirtualEnv> easy_install.exe virtualenv> virtualenv.exe --no-site-packages c:pymite> c:pymiteScriptsactivate.batAnd then you install a C compiler... Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 11. Interactive PromptTo compile for the desktop and launch the interactive prompt$ make ipm(make sure you have activated the Python2.6 VirtualEnv)Test it outipm> class Robot():....     def walk(self, direction):....         print "Walking %s" % (direction,)....ipm> pybot = Robot()ipm> pybot.walk("to the shops")Walking to the shops Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 12. Microcontrollers?mBed Microcontroller• 32-bit ARM Processor• Built-in USB interface• Powered via USB• Implements a Mass Storage Device, so programming is as easy as copying the binary onto the Flash drive• Many peripherals eg Ethernet, USB, Can, SPI, etc…• Online Compiler Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 13. Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 14. Robots!m3pi from Pololu•Easy to set up•Ideal for getting started•Cost:– m3pi Robot $150 USD– mbed Micro $60 USD•Surprisingly Fast!! Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 15. What about Wireless?Nobody likes to follow their robot around with a laptop…The m3pi has a handy slot for a Digi Zigbee module.But these $35 WiFi modules fit in the same slot:RN-XV from Roving Networks• Have the same pin-out• Support WPA2• Make the project awesome! Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 16. Putting it all togetherCompile PyMite for the mbed target$ make PLATFORM=mbedImport the resulting .zip archive into the mbed IDEImport the m3pi library into the mbed IDECompile and save the binary onto the mbed microcontrollerTurn on the Robot and connect to the ipm using a pythonsocket$ tools/ –-ipaddress –-port 2000 Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip
  • 17. Thank You Any Questions?Kiwi Pycon 2011 Python on a Chip