Greetings and salutations to all ... and welcome...
Thank you for Opting in through Viral Networks to my for "Entertainmen...
around $3 dollars and it shot to $7 dollars and I sold... the stock never looked back all the
way to $130 dollars before I...
Stockshaman Premiere Dec.2013 Vol.1 Issue 1
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Stockshaman Premiere Dec.2013 Vol.1 Issue 1


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Stockshaman Premiere Dec.2013 Vol.1 Issue 1

  1. 1. Greetings and salutations to all ... and welcome... Thank you for Opting in through Viral Networks to my for "Entertainment purposes" " Markets perspective and biohistorical story telling blog" Stock Shaman : A Shaman is many things but at the core of the calling one must be a wounded healer ..who by healing others in some small way heals him/herself. A Stock Shaman would then help heal matters related to stocks?.A Shaman also acts as a arbitrator between dimensions/Worlds ...a Stock Shaman would then mediate the chasm between the two worlds investors> listed companies? A Shaman through the telling of stories affords metaphorical wisdom that may lead to a personal revelation. The fish that got away... It was the late 1980's ...the market crashed in ‘87 and the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE )was in the doldrums. I went to work for Sequero Res. as IR and "enhanced share holder value" from .30 cents to a buy out @ $ 7 .00/ dollars 5/8 (five /eight's).At the time only 2 other companies were on fire.. Brex (ouch) and Robert Freidland's/Diamond Fields .The Brex turned into the worst debacle ever in the mining industry and well Diamond fields it went from $3 dollars to somewhere in the neighborhood of $159 dollars. So fresh off my Sequero win I had a little money to play with and having met Robert years before and buying his colossus Gold (my first stock tip) I bought DIA (diamonds fields)
  2. 2. around $3 dollars and it shot to $7 dollars and I sold... the stock never looked back all the way to $130 dollars before I stopped punching in "DIA " into my quote machine and driving myself even more crazy...Lesson learned the stock doubled I should have sold half and let the rest ride risk maximum upside…. discipline is a learned response. hard to acquire ...invaluable when obtained. This life lesson would have made me a 7 digit score…. Wounded healer.. "Buy when the fear is at it's highest"... famous market adage.. The problem with that is human beings are not wired that way. We are a herding beast that reacts to a emotional market. Time and again the market crashes everyone runs to the exit at the same time and no one is interested in buying on the bottom? The VSE is now the TSX venture exchange and it has took a pounding of recent and fortunes are to to made when this exchange turns around. One company I personally follow is International Montoro Resources IMT -TSXV IMTRF - OTC. There are four reasons I like this company 1) it is near the bottom of it's trading range (trading .04 cents range) and this stock traded as high as $1.00 when …. 2) 2) it drilled for Uranium...which for many reasons looks to go higher it's come from $34/lb to over $36/a lb in the last few weeks ) 3) Rare Earths ,IMT has a very strong position in REE's the stock trade to .18 cents in 2010 on it's REE strength and the Chinese have stated that they will be REE importers in 2014 -2015 4) 4) Nickel..with a Diamond Fields like potential.Pecor’s Lake Nickel anomaly located 20 miles from the end of the Airport run way @ Elliot Lake,Ontario. The Government of Ontario’s Geologic Survey “Pecor’s Lake Anomaly” the study states: : "at 1200 meters just below the unconformity.. is a Sudbury like occurrence, but of higher intensity" The Ontario Government expended over 2 years & $300,000.00 + on the Study of this Anomaly and paid IMT directly $50,000.00 to utilize company geological data. Thank you for your kind consideration very best of health to you and yours Greg Shafransky Video Interview for recent client skip to the last 40 seconds StockShaman Twitter join me on LinkedIn (any questions give me a call 604-683-6648) ***Disclaimer This report contains forward looking statements, particularly those regarding cash flow, capital expenditures and investment plans. Resource estimates, unless specifically noted, are considered speculative, and may not comply with Canadian NI 43-101 or U.S. Form 20-F standards. By their nature, forward looking statements involve risk and uncertainties because they relate to events and depend on factors that will or may occur in the future. Actual results may vary depending upon exploration activities, industry production, commodity demand and pricing, currency exchange rates, and, but not limited to, general economic factors. Cautionary Note to US investors: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission specifically prohibits the use of certain terms, such as "reserves" unless such figures are based upon actual production or formation tests and can be shown to be economically and legally producible under existing economic and operating conditions. Investors are urged to consider closely the disclosures in our Form 20F, which stipulates actual reserves reported in a format acceptable to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.