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Unit 7 word definitions and images

Unit 7 word definitions and images



Week 8 Spelling Words - Images and Definitions

Week 8 Spelling Words - Images and Definitions



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  • This rather bizarre sight is actually a fairly common one in Morocco. Living in sparse conditions, the goats climb Argan trees in search of food.They've developed quite a knack for it too, moving across some pretty narrow branches with impressive ease for a hoofed creature!
  • Treasured, cherished, valuable, dear, expensive
  • Nounhigh public value or respect.the state of having a good character and honest behaviour.the privilege of meeting with famous, noble, or otherwise special peopleVerbto give a special award or recognition toto show respect or admiration for.

Unit 7 word definitions and images Unit 7 word definitions and images Presentation Transcript

  • 1 Week 7 Quiz 4 6 a pier, wharf, or other landing place for loading and unloading boats or2 ships. 7 Not aware or in control of what one is3 5 doing 8 easily seen through; obvious
  • 1 Week 7 Quiz - Answers 4 6 a pier, wharf, or other appetite landing place for loading and unloading boats or2 ships. quay 7 Not aware or in preference control of what one is3 territory 5 doing unconscious 8 easily seen through; obvious transparent intimate tournament
  • Phonics Word List High Frequency Word List misfire purpose mistake question misplace machine miscount direction misbehave condition mis- Prefix meaning ‘bad’, ‘wrong’.Spelling Rule – Adding ‘all’When adding ‘all’ to the beginning of words, drop one ‘l’.Eg. although, almost, almighty, alright
  • Nouna long story that is divided into parts and produced at regular times.Adjectivearranged in a seriesNoun or Adjective?Many machines are stamped with serial numbers when they are made.Home and Away is my favourite serial on TV.
  • Noun1. any plant whose grains are used for food, such as wheat, oats, rice, or rye.2. food made from grain and eaten for breakfastHow many breakfast cereals can you come up with?
  • Nouna very dry, sandy area with few or no plants growing in itVerbto leave behind even though it is ones duty to stay; abandonDo you think a captain should be the last one off a sinking ship?
  • Noun1. something that is made, sent out, or published2. a point or subject in question or being talked about.Verbto make, give out, or publish.What are some important global issues?
  • Noun1. A sweet food served at the end of a mealDescribe your favourite dessert.
  • NounAmount or numberWhat do you think the expression ’quality over quantity ‘means?
  • Noun1. an instance or time of something happening.2. a special event; celebrationThink of an example of a happy and a sad occasion.
  • Adverbnumerous times; oftenWhat does FAQ stand for and what does it mean?
  • Adjectivehaving to do with or like an explosion.Nouna substance that is able to cause an explosionWhat could you describe as ‘explosive’? Write a sentence using the word as anadjective.
  • Noun1. a chance for a better situation.2. a good chance or favourable situation.What do you think the quote in the picture means?
  • Noundamage done to property in secret in order to stop some activity.Verbto attack or damage by sabotageWhat might you sabotage so that something doesn’t happen or go ahead?
  • Adjective1. causing wonder or amazement.2. of the highest quality; splendid.Create a Word Cline for ‘marvellous’ using these words and any others;awesome, dreadful, sensational, staggering, awful, sensational
  • Adjective1. tending to behave in an annoying or mildly harmful way2. teasing or slyWhat types of mischievous behaviour do the monkeys exhibit?
  • Adjectivecharacterized by concern for improving the welfare of humanity.Nouna humanitarian personNoun or Adjective?Mother Teresa is known as a great humanitarian because of her dedication tothe poor, sick, dying and orphaned.These funds were set aside for humanitarian relief efforts.