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  1. 1. St Nicholas Catholic High SchoolEnterprise
  2. 2. Every Year everyone in 7, 8, 9 and 10 has an EnterpriseDay.We do those so students can develop EnterpriseSkills. We try and make the days as enjoyable aspossible.However we do ask each Student to bring in £1Do you know where this money goes?Enterprise Day
  3. 3. Where Does the Money Go?All Money Goes to…………….
  4. 4. Kiva holds a database of individuals who are in needof our support. They are asking for money to enablethem to run a business.Each sponsor gives them £25.We have donated to over 100 individuals over the pastthree yearsIt enables us to support social enterpriseWhat is Kiva?
  5. 5. Every £1 makes a differenceWe have allowed individuals to provide for theirfamiliesWe have allowed individuals to grow their businessEnterprise Days
  6. 6. In the last 3 years we have raised over £1000.We have lent £2725 to Entrepreneurs in some of thepoorest countries of the world including………Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Colombia, ElSalvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Mali, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, UgandaOver the Past 3 Years…..
  7. 7. * Every time this money is repaid we lend it to anotherEntrepreneur. This money is recycled so we cancontinue to make a difference.More Importantly
  8. 8. We should be extremely proud of this fact. Of all theorganisations in the world, of all the rich individualsin the world……..Our school is in the top 1% of investors.Our money is making a real differenceOur money is changing livesWhen the loans are repaid it will then help otherindividualsSt Nicholas Catholic High School:Top of the League
  9. 9. Some Examples of the Lives we havechangedOur Loan helped Maria tobuy supplies such as fruitand other ingredients tomake her cakes
  10. 10. Some Examples of the Lives we havechangedOur loan helpedAdiaratou to buy and sellvegetables which shebuys from the peasantfarmers of Bougouni andthe surrounding area.
  11. 11. Some Examples of the Lives we havechangedOur loan helped Teresita tobuy additional items to selllike shampoo, cannedgoods, sugar, soap, etc. inher shop.
  12. 12. Some Examples of the Lives we havechangedOur loan helped Marceloto purchase a truck.
  13. 13. Some Examples of the Lives we havechangedOur loan helped Jose Felipeto buyrice, beans, sugar, coffee.
  14. 14. We are not going to make these Entrepreneurs millionairesBUT these loans are allowing them the opportunity toprovide for themselves.That is their only wishOur loans are making a differenceThis year alone, 90% of our loans have been repaidAnd remember the majority of the Entrepreneurs havebeen chosen by the students.We will continue to give you this voice so you can make adifference.What can we learn from theseexamples
  15. 15. To reinvest the money that has been paid to helpeven more entrepreneurs.Our Target Next Year
  16. 16. For your positive attituide towards EnterpriseFor Your support ofThank You