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2010 Above All Product Catalog

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Aaa Catalog Web

  1. 1. PRODUCT INFORMATION P 858.678.8909 F 858.777.3537 T 866.552.2683 6980 Corte Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121 1
  2. 2. Symbol Guide Weather Resistant Manual Assembly Quick Assembly Portability Height Depth Width Imagination is our power We work with you to design custom-made advertising products to ensure you get noticed, resulting in increased sales and improved name recognition. We have an extensive network of buyers, suppliers, artists and designers who are each dedicated to producing the highest quality indoor/outdoor signage and inflatables available. 2
  3. 3. Large Format Printing/Digital Dye-Sublimation 06 PRODUCTS Advertising Flags 08 Retractable Banners 10 Poster & Banner Displays 12 LED Displays 14 Pop-Up Tents 16 Inflatable Tents 18 Inflatable Tunnels & Arches 20 Custom Inflatables 22 Inflatable Costumes 24 Air Dancers 26 Helium Inflatables 28 Vehicle Advertising 30 3
  4. 4. tables Custo mInfla pg. 22 lades® Flex B pg. 08 ls el Wal Velc ro Pan pg. 06 C UT KPOLLERS EOUR TO SE AR H CME OF ST YE SO OF THE PA 4
  5. 5. Banners Elbow pg. 08 ms e Tote In flatabl pg. 22 og™ The Fr pg. 12 s Throw Table pg. 06 5
  6. 6. Above All Advertising is an industry leader in providing digitally printed, high-resolution, large and grand- format prints for indoor and outdoor use. Any size, any color or any design can be created with the latest in banner-printing technology. If you require on demand shipping, fast turn around, large or small volume, we have the correct solution for you. Our large and grand-format printers produce quality banners at great prices! We work with a wide variety of materials to meet your specific needs, including vinyl, paper, ABATex™, fabrics, wallpapers, textured media and adhesive. Digital Dye-Sublimation Our digital fabric printing produces some of the most elegant, large- format graphics imaginable with CUS BANNTOM several fabric types to choose from, including our own proprietary blends. ERS 6
  7. 7. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Several Fabrics & Materials • Single or Double Sided to choose from • ABA-Tex (Re-Adhesive Material, Wall Mural) • Unlimited Sizes Available Available • Fast Lead Times • Amazing Print Quality Human Directionals Adhesive Wallpapers Fabric Pop-Ups Panel Walls Table Throws 7
  8. 8. Above All Advertising, Inc. carries a wide variety of indoor/outdoor advertising flags that will increase exposure and visibility. The innovative design of each flag we carry continuous visibility of your logo or company name and is easy for your customers to see. Each pole system is a proprietary composite combination pole system that is the lightest and strongest on the market. All flags are printed on high-quality fabrics and use UV-resistant inks. All units are easy to set up or take down and can be mouted on solid or soft surfaces. 8
  9. 9. PRODUCT INFORMATION • 100% Polyester Flag • Proprietary Composite Combination Poles • Digital Dye-Sublimation • Single or Double Sided Imprint or Screen Print • Includes Nylon Carry Bag & Ball Bearing Stake • UV Resistant Inks • Ground Platform Optional Includes Ground Stake Platform Stands Available Elbow Banner Flex Banner™ 2.8ft 3ft 3ft 13ft 11, 14, & 17ft 7, 9, 12, 15, & 17ft Backpacks Available 9
  10. 10. Re- tractable BannerStands A Pull-Up Retractable Banner Stand offers several advantages over conventional banner stands - quicker set up, ease of use and perhaps best of all, the entire graphic is wound into a self-contained, spring-loaded cartridge that not only protects the graphic, but allows for hassle-free operation. Above All Advertising, Inc. offers a wide range of Retractable Banner Stands for every budget and almost any size. Choose from our standard models, including our new earth conscious Eco-Friendly Banner Stand, or customize your own. Just give us the size and dimensions and we'll create one for you. 10
  11. 11. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Multiple Fabrics to Choose From • Single or Double Sided • Retractable Banner Stand • Includes Nylon Carry Bag • Standard or Premium Models • Customization Available • Fast Lead Times Eco-Friendly Bamboo Retractable Double-Sided Standard Double-Sided Premium Giant Standard Standard Premium Roll Star 33in. 33in. 33in. 33in. 33in. 33in. 60in. 80in. 80in. 80in. 80in. 80in. 80in. 90in. 11
  12. 12. Above All Advertising offers a wide variety of indoor/outdoor banner and poster displays. These are easy to set-up & break down and most can adjust to multiple sizes & positions to fit your advertising needs. They will quickly enable you to get up and running with your promotion. Stand out from the crowd at any trade show event. Regardless of the shape, size or colors you choose they're all designed to reach your customers with your marketing message. 12
  13. 13. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Multiple Displays to Choose From • Customization Available • Fast Lead Times Supremo Stand Bulletin Stand Spring Board The Frog™ Quick Clip A-Frame 21in. 21in. 21in. 24in. 32in. 24in. 43in. 43in. 43in. 60in. 62in. 36in. Sizes subject to change due to client customization and print sizes. Contact a sales specialist to customize a display thats right for you. Portable Graphic Stand Eco-Friendly Adjustable Self Standing Display Sliding Banner Stand Showroom Delight Hoteliers Choice 24in. 36in. 32in. 24in. 36in. 72in. 60in. 68in. 72in. 96in. 118in. 80in. 13
  14. 14. We offer Single Color and Full Color LED's that can be custom built to fit your specifications. Our displays allow you to show everything from graphics, video, and animations to simple scrolling or stagnant text. Indoor Accelerator - Single color, indoor or outdoor LED sign. Communicator - Single color or multicolor LED sign. PhotoCom_FC - Indoor Photo Realistic - 32,000 colors. Outdoor SunBlazer - Single Color LED Displays also available with 32 shades. PhotoBlazer - New! Alternative to Video Displays for Advertising. Full Color - LED Video Displays for advertising and special events. Super Pixel - Single or Full color, Large Format LED display. 14
  15. 15. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Multiple Displays to Choose From • Customization Available • Fast Lead Times ALSO AV AILA BLE 11" x 17" 22" x 28" Large Custom LED Displays Lighboxes With Custom Prints 15
  16. 16. Pop-Up Tents are perfect for trade shows, sporting events, craft shows, flea markets, art festivals, or anywhere you need a portable shelter. Designed for optimum sun protection and shade, these canopies feature built-in reliability and are constructed with the highest quality materials. The 100% polyester top is made of 600 denier, heavy-duty polyester that is water-resistant, fire- retardant and UV-protected. 5ft 5 x 5 Tent 10ft 10 x 15 Tent 5ft 15ft 8ft 12ft 10ft 10 x 10 Tent 10ft 10 x 20 Tent 10ft 20ft 12ft 12ft 16
  17. 17. PRODUCT INFORMATION • 100% Polyester Canopy • Powder Coated Steel Frame • Water Resistant Material Colors Available: White Black PMS 390 PMS 123 Relfex Blue PMS 7484 PMS 485 PMS 376 PMS 2925 PMS 021 Choose from the colors available, or a complete digital print with the colors and design of your choice. 17
  18. 18. Inflatable tents have become a popular and useful way to provide an amazing venue to showcase your product or products. Inflatable tents create an awesome environment for branding as well as providing shelter from the elements. Our Inflatable tents are great eye catchers when used indoors or outdoors. Inflatable tents create a unique visual /brand presence and experience by providing impact, high visibility and awareness. Every time you inflate them, they're guaranteed to attract attention. 18
  19. 19. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Multiple Displays to Choose From • Customization Available • Fast Lead Times Aire Cap® Spider Tent 12ft up to 25ft 12ft up to 25ft Connect several spider tents with tunnels All inflatable tents are available with detachable sidewalls for an additional charge. Aire Caps® are available with up to 4 sidewalls. Spider Tents are available with up to 8 sidewalls. 19
  20. 20. Inflatable arches, tunnels, and chipping ranges are ideal for drawing extra special attention to your event. Tunnels can be used to create a grand entrance for sport teams or as golf ranges for special events. Create ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ lines with inflatable arches branded with your logo. Got an idea for a custom inflatable tunnel or arch? Tell us about it and let us create an artists rendering for your approval. From concept to completion ,we can bring your ideas to life. 20
  21. 21. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Cold-Air Unit • Amazing Digital Prints • Choose from PVC or Premium Nylon Run-Through Arch Golf Range > 70ft > 50ft 15ft & up > 50ft > 50ft 12ft & up > 50ft 12ft & up Let our creative team custom design a tent or tunnel that works for you. Great for corporate or social events. 21
  22. 22. Our inflatable designs are top quality, eye-catching and custom-shaped, using the best materials such as weather- resistant nylon fabrics, which are UV-resistant to sunlight. We are able to custom-manufacture a replica which stands anywhere from 6 feet to 50 feet tall. These giant, static, inflated displays will provide immediate impact. They may be placed on stages, rooftops, pavements, sidewalks and grass and are inflated using a cold-air fan unit. Custom Cold-Air Inflatables come standard with tether lines to secure them in place and are shipped with a durable bag for convenient transport and secure storage. To increase the dramatic effect or to use in after dark, a light system may be added. 22
  23. 23. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Up to 50ft Tall • UV Resistant Inks • Includes Cold-Air Fan • Includes Carry Bag Hot-Air Balloon Shapes Custom Shapes Sealed Inflatable Totems up to 50ft up to 50ft up to 50ft up to 50ft up to 50ft up to 50ft 23
  24. 24. Inflatable Costumes are the perfect way to familiarize the public with your logo, company or mascot. These comfortable walking suits are a fun and exciting way to make your product stand out. The costumes are lightweight and keep the user inside the unit cool with a constant flow of air through out the unit. The user wears a backpack component that houses an internal fan and power pack to inflate the costume. Each costume is consumer-friendly, so customers can greet and/or hug your mascot ensuring a warm memory of your company and event. Talk to one of our experienced sales members about the many possibilities for shapes, colors or sizes. 24
  25. 25. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Up to 8ft Tall • UV Resistant Inks • Includes Internal Fan • Includes Carry Bag Custom Inflatable Costume 8ft (Max) 25
  26. 26. Air Dancers Our Air Dancers are manufactured with utmost care and attention to detail. These popular dancing air puppets are constructed with premium-coated rip-stop nylon and can be custom designed to meet your marketing needs. Allow us to take your business “Above All” with our high-energy, inflatable Air Dancers. Choose from our stock puppets or customize your own, available with one or two legs. 26
  27. 27. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Up to 25ft Tall • UV Resistant Inks • Premium-Coated Rip-Stop Nylon • Includes Puppet & Fan 25ft (Max) 25ft (Max) 22ft (Max) 20ft (Min.) 8ft (Min.) 6ft (Min.) Double Leg Single Leg Single Leg Dancer Dancer Tube 27
  28. 28. Helium inflated blimps, balloons and spheres are an effective and cost-efficient way to promote an event, a sale or to simply increase the visibility of your company. Helium inflatables are noticeable from several blocks or even miles away, depending on the size of the unit and the height at which it is flown. Our blimps can be customized with imprinted logos or text and manufactured in a wide variety of body and fin colors. We offer industry PVC and premium nylon blimps, which is an efficient and cost-effective way to stay within budget and to ensure you get noticed. 28
  29. 29. PRODUCT INFORMATION • Up to 25ft Tall • UV Resistant Inks • Choose from PVC or Premium Nylon • Choose from Inflated Fin or Rigid Fin Inflatable Fin Sphere 25ft (Max) 25ft (Max) 6ft (Min.) 6ft (Min.) Rigid Fin 25ft (Max) 6ft (Min.) 29
  30. 30. AireVue™ The Aire Vue™ is a completely new and innovative display never seen before which is easy to use, eye caching and more portable than any other signage available. What’s more, the Aire Vue™ is delivered to you at a price so affordable you can purchase multiple units for the same cost as the closest comparable display hardware in it’s class. The Aire Vue comes in 2 sizes and can be ordered with a full printed cover with printed panels or the inflatable only. TheCurbie™ This versatile inflatable billboard stands 15’ tall in a pick-up truck or 11’ tall on the ground. Inflatable in under 30 seconds, this product offers value and versatility unsurpassed by any other. If you have had difficulty getting noticed, Above All Advertising has the ultimate solution - the CURBIE, your curbside inflatable attention-getter. 30
  31. 31. PRODUCT INFORMATION Aire Vue™ The Curbie™ • Sealed Unit • Cold-Air Unit • Amazing Digital Prints • Amazing Digital Prints • Complete Digital Wrap • Choose from Banners or Complete Digital Wrap Aire Vue™ Large Aire Vue™ Small Curbie™ 38in. 21in. 4ft 41in. 25in. 11ft 31
  32. 32. 32