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Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
Stn Power Point Presentation
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Stn Power Point Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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    • Established in June 2004
    • One up-link station to Hellassat 2 - European Beam and 2 employees
    • In 2005 first play-out service and first remote Info-channel play-out
    • In 2006 the 3 new up-links added
    • End of 2006 over 40 Television stations and over 20 radio stations
    • December 2006 first major expansion
    • In 2007 the portfolio of services increasing on a monthly basis
    • The existing premises completely filled with over 70 Television channels and over 40 radio stations
    • In January 2008, purchased first plot of land 5.000 m² (54.000ft ²)
    • On June 12th start of the building works
    • In December 2008 the building was completed and additinal 15.000 m² (162.000ft ²) of land purchased for further expansion
    • In January / February 2009 move in to new facilities
    • Chalange – move of the existing services to new location without interuption
    • End of April 2009 – last service transfered succesfully
    • 11th May 2009 – proud moment for all STN employees to be able to present our new facility to you
  • 3.
    • Global service provider
    • STN is focused on the future and technically prepared in this fast and ever evolving digital world
    • One of the most modern teleport facilities
    • Further expansion already in planning stages
    • STN offers TV channels, radio broadcasters and content producers a cost effective outsource for all or part of their play-out and transmission requirements
    • Over 20 different satellite platforms world-wide
    • April 2009 – purchased company DVB Ltd, OB Van’s & DNSG’s
    • Occasional use services with dedicated 24/7/ 3 65 satellite space segment
    • Strong relationship with most of the biggest names in the industry
    • Dedicated, skilled and well trained team
    • Re-branding
    • New internet site :
    TODAY 11/05/2009
  • 4.
    • STN is a global provider of broadcast over satellite solutions who offers a full
    • r ange of services :
        • Channel distribution in SD/HD
          • Each transmission chain is protected by spare/redundant units to ensure error-free no-single-point-of-failure operation
        • Play-out in SD/HD
          • established HD/SD channel playout with advanced graphics capabilities with virtually unlimited layers of animated text, multi-level animations and dual channel DVEs
        • Turnaround in SD/HD
          • unique geographic location STN is within the visible arc of all European and most Asian, Middle-Eastern, African and Trans-Atlantic satellites
        • Subtitling and voice-overs
          • DVB multi language subtitles without any restriction on the languages and voice-overs
    STN’s SERVICES 11/05/2009
        • Encryption
          • provide various conditional access (CA) solutions. CA systems offer high level security to the already established or new pay-TV operators when and where required
        • Content production and non-linear editing in SD/HD
          • non-linear editing services for both SD and/or HD television postproduction
        • Occasional use, incl. OB (Outside Broadcasting) vans and DSNGs (Digital Satellite News Gathering) in SD/HD
          • fleet of DSNG's and OB Van units , dedicated 24/7/265 satellite space segment, two way fibre and global connectivity
        • Fibre connectivity
          • connected to two independent fibre routes which provide flexibility, accessibility and can also serve as full redundancy to ensure constant signal availability
    • Swedish Microwave High Stability PLL-LNBs
    • ETL LNB Power Supplies and L-band matrixes
    • DEV Systemtechnik L-Band Distribution Amplifiers
    • Evertz 5600MSC master SPG and master clock in 1:1 redundancy
    • Tandberg Television TT1222/TT1260 and RX1290 IRDs
    • Miranda and Evertz DA's, processing and converters
    • Network Electronic VikinX modular and Sublime series routers
    • Snell & Wilcox standards converters
    • Orban, Jünger and DBX Audio DSPs
    • Cisco Catalyst 6500 series core-switches and Catalyst 4500 series switches
    • Cisco 7201 routers, ASA 5500 series adaptive security appliances and IPS 4200 series sensors
    • Tandberg E57xx series of MPEG-2 encoders and EN80xx series of MPEG-4 (SD and HD) encoders
    • Tandberg MX8400 series of multiplexers in 1+1 redundancy
    • Tandberg nCompas Control complete management system for broadcast head-ends for configuration, system monitoring and redundancy
    • Miranda iControl NMS system for detailed monitoring across the whole transmission process and Kaleido-X multi-image display processors
    • Newtec Azimuth DVB-S/S2 modulators
    • Work GmbH high-precision up-converters
    • XiCom amplifiers
    • ASC Signal TX/RX earth station antennas for C-Ku- K(DBS)- and Ka-band.
    • Harris Videotek VTM family of test and measurement consoles
    • DK - Technologies series of audio analyzers
    • Tektronix MTM400A real-time transport stream monitors
    • Eutelsat AB4-A Ku DVB / DTH for Middle East & North Africa
    • Eutelsat W2 at 16.0°E Ku DVB / DTH for Eastern Europe
    • Intelsat 7/10 at 68.5°E C DVB / DTH / Distribution for Africa & Far East
    • Telstar 12 at 15.0°W Ku DVB / DTH for Europe & Middle East
    • Intelsat 12 at 45.0°E Ku DVB / DTH for Europe
    • Hot Bird at 13.0°E Ku DVB / DTH for Europe
    • Eutelsat W1 at 10.0°E Ku DVB & Occasional use for Europe
    • Sirius 4 at 4.8°E Ku DVB European SD Cable Head - end Distribution
    • Thor 5 at 0.8°W Ku DVB / DTH - HD & SD – for Eastern Europe
    • Astra 1E / F / G at 19 . 2 ° Ku DVB / DTH for Europe
    • Astra 2B at 28.2°E Ku DVB / DTH – BSkyB platform
    • Eurobird 9 at 9 .0°E Ku DVB / DTH - HD & SD – for West Europe & Eastern Europe
    • Eurobird 1 at 28.5°E Ku DVB / DTH - HD & SD – for UK & Ireland
    • Hellas Sat 2 at 39.0°E Ku DVB / DTH for Middle East
    • AMC 11 at 131.0°W C DVB for US Distribution
    • AMC 10 at 135.0°W C DVB for US Distribution
    • EchoStar 9/Galaxy 23 at 121.0°W C&Ku DVB for Niche US DTH platforms
    • Intelsat 805 at 55.5°W C DVB Distribution Euro & South America
    • Intelsat 9 at 58.0°W C&Ku DVB for US Distribution
    • Intelsat 903 at 34.5°W C&Ku DVB / DTH for Caribbean
    • Intelsat 902 at 62.0°E C DVB /Point-to-Point & Point-to-Point Data for Europe, Middle East & Far East
    • NSS 703 at 57.0°E C&Ku DVB Platform / Point-to-Point Data for Europe, Africa & Middle East
    • Intelsat 905 at 24.5°W Ku Digital Cinema delivery
    • NSS 806 at 40.5°W C DVB & Point-to-Point Data for Europe & Americas
    • Intelsat 1R at 45.0°W C DATA for Europe & Africa
    • Intelsat 10-02 at 1.0°W C DATA for Europe & Africa
    • Atlantic Bird 3 at 5.0°W Ku DATA for Europe & Africa
    • Eutelsat W6 at 21.6°E Ku DATA for Europe
    • NSS 7 at 22.0°W C DATA Point-to-Point for Europe, Africa & Middle East
  • 8. Atlantic Bird 4-A (AB4-R in 2011)
    • STN is the only European Teleport with the direct access
    • Eutelsat’s press release about STN and services on AB4-A will be made on Tuesday 12th May.
    • Eutelsat’s ‘Shareholders letter’ about the STN services on AB4-A
    • One Transponder – 38 Mbps, long term contract
    • Only one of many new and exlusive projects which STN will realize in 2009