James Bridle: dConstruct 2010
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James Bridle: dConstruct 2010



Wikipedia, Cultural Patrimony, and Historiography.

Wikipedia, Cultural Patrimony, and Historiography.

Notes at: http://booktwo.org/notebook/wikipedia-historiography/



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  • See also http://booktwo.org/notebook/wikipedia-historiography/
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  • Nice and smooth. <br />
  • Locations of experience. Cloth of memory. <br />
  • Photographs, souvenirs, madeleine. <br /> Failure of archivists. No belief in worth. <br />
  • Fractions survived. Somebody else&#x2019;s. <br />
  • 30 neighbourhoods. 38m user pages. Heatland, Nashville, Rodeo. <br /> WH: 28,400 in &#x2019;97. No map. Librarians. Paleontologists. Iguanadon. <br /> Problem: No memory. Why. Worry. <br />
  • 1996. 2 months. 2009: 3 petaB. 100 teraB pm. Geocities fail. <br /> Sthing extraordinary: not just look back, but compare. <br />
  • Since 2009. SMD: Blackbox. 20x8x8. Stealable. 17m. BIC #. Bits+pkts. Only 1 internet. <br /> Anyway. <br />
  • a state of atemporality enabled by our increasingly efficient communal prosthetic mem. <br /> Lack of knowledge is our concern. Lucky. Elites. Not nostalgic. <br />
  • 1m scrolls. 100k+ works. Missionaries, scribes, ships, copies, piracy. <br /> Alex War 48BCE. Theophilus, 391 (Ed Gibbon). Heliopolis muslim 642. *Self*destruction. <br />
  • Yo Lo Da Dia. 15thc. 1900. Lancelot Giles sec 13,345. 22,937 divs. 370m words. <br /> One para, dialects, astronomy, geo. Compare to universe. <br />
  • Monuments of art, archi, hist. Archeo sites. Works of art, books, mss, objs of interest. Science. Regardless of owner. Bosnia+H, Aug 5, 1992. 700mss. Iraq 2003. 16th C. <br /> Understand, prevent. How. Process. Historiography. Books. Wikipedia. <br />
  • Subset. Not only knowledge, but frmwrk for understanding what knowledge is. <br />
  • <br />
  • <br />
  • <br />
  • <br />
  • Wikiracing. Wiki = Knowledge = game space. Journey, territory. <br />
  • No editing. Godlike powers. <br />
  • Wikicity. Wikireality. Augmented reality. Reversions. World as svn. <br />
  • Wikihistory as historiography. Writing about and trying to understand hist itself. Andrew Roberts. Accepted version. Internet bad at this; conspiracies. We&#x2019;re bad at this. Don&#x2019;t save, don&#x2019;t remember; hist written by victors. <br />
  • Design thinking. Object to illustrate: books. 12,566 diffs. <br />
  • 9000 pages. 12 vols. <br />
  • This is historiography. This is what culture actually looks like. <br />
  • Arguments, dissenting/accreting opinion, gradual not correct codification. <br />
  • <br />
  • <br />
  • <br />
  • First time in history we&#x2019;re building historical systems with their own memory. Total record. Everything should have a history button. <br />
  • Ben-ya-mean. Angel of History. Walter Raleigh, The great wave that broke over Europe in the roar of the Napoleonic wars spent its strength in vain on the political structure of these islands, but the air was long salt with its spray. <br />
  • <br />

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