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Trojan Tribune may 27 edition

  1. 1. online @ The Trojan Tribune Student Newspaper of Corning Painted Post East High School VOL 1, ISSUE 6 MAY 27, 2010 FREE District Budget Approved EAST HIGH LOGOS YEARBOOK PRESENTS Schools Close Staff Reductions Teams Combine l l java jam by Newspaper Staff District will communicate directly with is a big part of Corning culture.” Alyssia The Corning-Painted Post school board affected parents on an ongoing basis to Muhammad said, “I think it’s a good provide information pertaining to the tran- thing that sports teams are being com- recently approved a budget that cuts more than 40 positions, closes two schools and sition. This budgetary decision will save the bined because we’ll have a better team COFFEE HOUSE District $750,000 annually. and compete at a higher level. I feel bad yearbook early release combines junior varsity and varsity sports. & signing celebration The public voted to ap- for the teachers prove the budget on May that will lose their @EAST HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY 18, 2010. Budget expenditures jobs.” FRIDAY, MAY 28 during lunch periods 11am to 1pm The following represents Bob Streeten, Transportation featuring VIRGIL CAIN the major changes in the East High lacrosse approved budget. Utilities 2% 4% coach and teacher $3 admission includes refreshments and live entertainment spoke during the A tax levy increase of BOCES 8% budget presenta- Regular distribution of yearbook will begin on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 5.46% with an esti- tion. He said, mated average tax rate Other 6% increase of 2.4%. This reflects nearly $3.7 million Treasurer 6% “Our main goal of what we’re trying Virgil Cain Returns for to do is educate in spending reductions including the elimination students,” said Bob Streeten, Fifth Annual Java Jam of 40 positions. Salaries 74% The closure of Lindley- lacrosse coach and humanities teacher. Yearbook Celebration Presho Elementary “Sometimes we by Christine Moore, Staff Writer School. Beginning in lose sight of the 2010-2011, Lindley- Pre- fact that every time The fifth annual Java Jam, Logos Yearbook sho Elementary School we add something early distribution celebration, will be held will be closed. All students (to the budget) on Friday, May 28, 2010 during lunch pe- who live in the Lindley- we have to cut a riods 11am to 1pm in the library. Students Presho attendance areas classroom teacher. who attend the event may pick-up their will now attend Erwin Valley Elementary Combined East/West Sports Teams. In This is a time for tough decisions.” yearbooks before general distribution, School. The District will communicate another budget saving measure, all remain- which begins on Tuesday, June 1, 2010. Streeten pointed out that many sports in directly with affected parents on an ongoing ing East/West sports will be combined into the district have to use younger players The event will include a live performance basis to provide information pertaining to one District team for the 2010-2011 school just to fill rosters. by Virgil Cain. A multi-talented musi- the transition. This budgetary decision will year and beyond. Planning for this transi- cian, Virgil has drawn on over a decade of save the District $491,000 annually. tion is in full swing. This budgetary decision School Board Member Nancy Arkin has recording sessions and live performances to will save the District $287,900 annually. pointed out that the teacher positions the The closure of Kent Phillips Elemen- meticulously build a multi-layered show that board was saving by combining sports tary School. Beginning in 2010-2011, Kent Student response was mixed. “I don’t want appeals to most any audience. teams could have a bigger impact on Phillips Elementary School will be closed. sports teams to combine because people students than having two varsity lacrosse Co-Editor in Chief Alison Schuppert said, Students who live in the Kent Phillips who aren’t great at sports have less of a or football teams. Caleb Noel said, "I “I am a firm believer in the idea that life Elementary School attendance areas will chance of making the team” said Christey personally believe that faculty and staff comes in stages. As this yearbook shows, now attend either Gregg Elementary School Wilkinson. This sentiment was also ex- losing the jobs because of the budget nothing is cut and dry. Within just one year (Houghton Plot) or Severn and Winfield pressed by Casper Clay, “There are going cuts is not justified because there are not there are many traditions, transitions, and Elementary Schools (Beaver Dams). The to be no more East vs. West games which many tangible benefits for the students." completely modern situations we encoun- ter.” Co-Editor in Chief Ashlee Warner said, Corning, Inc. Donates $1.7 million to School District “This year has been defined by many lasts. I celebrated my last semi-formal, played in my last East versus West basketball game, and took my last trip to Connecticut with from the Corning Leader first time the foundation has directly funded we can use other resources at the el- the girl’s lacrosse team, but most impor- A donation of $1.71 million from the teaching positions for the district. ementary levels, for example. This, in ef- tantly created my last yearbook. It has been Corning Inc. Foundation will fund about 35 “It’s just an incredible act by them,” Delo- fect, while aimed mainly at the secondary a privilege to be a part of this yearbook teaching positions in the Corning-Painted rme said Wednesday, a couple of hours be- level, really affects all kids in the district,” staff.” Post school district in the next school year fore the school board voted unanimously at Delorme said. and will help district officials and school its regular meeting to accept the grant and Delorme said the grant will greatly help The 2010 edition of the Logos marks the board members as they struggle to put put the $1.71 million in the district’s special the district in its budget preparation, but 47th yearbook since East High opened its together a budget for 2010-11. aid fund, where grant money is deposited. he cautioned that it doesn’t mean the doors in 1963. Please join the celebration process won’t be painful. on May 28, 2010 and be among the first to A top official of the district called the The resolution passed by the board said the receive your copy of the Sold Out book. gesture “pretty amazing” and “an incredible money is to be used “in support of 2010- Kristin Swain, president of the Corning act” by the foundation, the philanthropic 2011 instructional programs in the areas of Inc. Foundation, said Wednesday that it’s arm of Corning Inc., the region’s largest art, business, English, French, humanities, “the work of public education that we’re employer. math, music, physical education, science, supporting” with the donation. “They have donated money in the past Spanish and technology.” “We want to help with the job retention to support curriculum development and Delorme said that means the money will of teachers to have adequate staff in program initiatives -- teacher training, pay for teachers in those secondary-level schools so the education of students can workshops, attendance at conferences, classes. That will enable the district to use go on,” she said. bringing in trainers for teachers, things of its own funds to pay for teachers at the “What better investment can a com- that nature,” said Jeff Delorme, assistant lower levels. munity make than in a school system?” superintendent for administrative services. “This certainly is significant because it not Swain asked. Yearbook Staff - First row: Ashlee Warner, Alison Schuppert; Second But he said no other donation approached only is directly funding these positions, it Row: Kelsey Coons, Linsey Wilkinson, Gretchen Smith, Anna Ong, the size of this one, and he said this is the means that by preserving those programs Ashley Cates, Ashley Learn; Third Row: Adviser Mr. S. Miller
  2. 2. The Trojan Tribune online @ EHS LIFE M AY 2 7 , 2 0 1 0 2 Is East High In Compliance With County Recycling Program? recycling of mixed paper (newspaper, magazines, glossies, We’ve all noticed the little blue recycling bins placed in catalogs, telephone books, paperback books, paper, and every class room. Most of us have used them, such as Amié envelopes), clear glass containers, #2 HDPE plastic with Roman, a senior. She stated that “it’s so easy to recycle here by Maggie Wayne, Staff Writer mold seam across bottom, corrugated cardboard, and metal and the bottles can be reused, which is way better than Each year, 90% of the nation’s water bottles become food cans.” The county offers free drop off stations for them sitting around in a land fill.” But even after dropping garbage or litter. Here at East High we’re trying to decrease these materials in Erwin, Hornell, and Wayland. an empty water bottle or soda can in the recycling bins we that percentage by doing what we can to recycle. Fortu- don’t give much thought to the recyclables. Delbert Thorpe, school head custodian, explained that nately, the recycling club, a group which has dwindled into while before the recycling program was integrated the What is happening to what we drop in the little blue bins? nonexistence over the past three years, instilled a spirit of school produced “two hoppers of garbage a day”. This has Roman explained that while she recycles, she wonders how the need for recycling.. Mrs. Catherine Patterson, a history been reduced to “half a dumpster full”. He also explained well the system is working. Many people continue to toss teacher at East, explained “we need a group of students to that the school has “three bins outside the school for recy- their bottles in the garbage. The waste in this school ranges take this on.” clables and the district’s people pick it up every Thursday.” from this to throwing full drink bottles in the trash which The blame for a lack of recycling in the school can not be Ken Murdock, the Director of Facilities, could not be an anonymous source admitted to doing. Roman said “I placed on one person but rather everyone that does not reached for a comment. would like to think that the system works but I don’t think help out. A few outstanding students and teachers try to do anyone can really know for sure”. Someone must step up The connection and line of duty that keeps the recycling their part and Patterson explained that some students even and enforce recycling, to at least make East High a little program moving is hard to trace and is difficult track in collect bottles and cans throughout the day and bring them greener. Only when we make use of the little blue bins and case of a failure to actually recycle. Patterson explained how to her. She encourages others to “think about how many rid ourselves of bottles and cans, can we consider ourselves she is now “collecting bottles and cans” because it came to recyclables get thrown away in a day here.” guilt free for our planet’s despair. her attention that they aren’t always recycled. So while the Recently, the question has arisen whether or not the school recycling program is there and working, there is still a lack is following the Steuben County recycling laws. Accord- of participation preventing East High from exponentially ing to the local area website, our county’s “law mandates reducing its carbon footprint. illustrations by Maggie Wayne, Staff Writer Scared is a Synonym for I.B. Exam by Christine Moore, Staff Writer International Baccalaureate Exams are frankly terrifying schools in 138 countries who go through the same process must have some merit. to imagine. Five essays for one test, derivatives, integrals, that we are soon to endure. Through all the stress and fear, junior Molly Sweeney no- logarithms—without a calculator—science questions that Exams are set to begin on Tuesday May 4th, sending classes ticed a positive point about the exams, “They challenge you can come from anywhere with grading techniques we can into crunch time for curriculum and piling on the review and show how if you work hard, how much it can pay off.” never hope to understand, remembering books from over a year ago. work for students. I.B. Coordinator and English teacher, Exams are a time for each student to prove that they actu- Mrs. Gates-Radford reassures that the pressure is not just ally have done work in the years that they have dedicated to From the rumors that circulate the halls, are imaginations for students, “As a teacher it is just as important that stu- I.B. Caleb Noel, a senior, noted that, “[I.B. Exams] are very are not far off and then there is waiting for grades and then dents make progress from the beginning of the course to rigorous so they are good preparation for college tests.” So, re-grading—it is nerve wracking. “The only horror stories its culmination.” the stress accompanies a challenge and a chance, to show I’ve heard of are ones I’m too scared to retell.” answered The classic advice from our I.B. Coordinator for dealing off our abilities and prove to ourselves and others that junior Amanda Oggeri when questioned about rumors she with all the stress though “Sleep! Seven to eight hours, eat we can do survive and succeed. No one has died from the has heard. a protein at every meal and relax! Have confidence in what testing yet (that we know of…), and they are inevitable for Have faith - since the program began in 1970 there have you know…and take deep breaths.” All of it may seem anyone enrolled in these classes, so the most we can do is been over 566,000 students in the Diploma Program, and clichéd but, for so many people to spout the same thing, it buckle down and do our best—and wait for them to end. currently there are more than 806,000 I.B. students at 2,916
  3. 3. The Trojan Tribune online @ STUDENT VOICE M AY 2 7 , 2 0 1 0 3 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? by Peter Thompson, Staff Writer how much time I have by other rarely crosses my mind,” states Lately, it seems more often that means,” explains senior Natalie Mr. Hughes, a physical education the minutes are racing by here Price. teacher. at East High School. Are the Recently, there have been some It seems clear that with the students and faculty experiencing members of the East High faculty frequent lunch detentions, the time of their lives? While that who have found ways to “make after school deten- may be true in some cases, much time” so to speak for their broken tions, and in school of the time it can be attributed to clocks and actually fix them. Mr. suspensions the faulty clocks in some of the Streeten, history teacher, used the being given to classrooms of the building. method of leaving the clock near students for Even when a school clock is the window throughout the day, tardies, the “functional”, there is a discrepan- exposed to sunlight, and hav- adminis- cy between the clocks among the ing the clock automatically reset tration building, the clocks on the school itself to the correct time. Being a of the computer, the clocks on students’ member of his homeroom, I can school watches, and what is considered personally vouch for this tech- is intent “real time”. With such strict at- nique, as it works better than ever upon tendance policy enforcement put now. applying into pace this school year, would It is encouraging that, in some preci- it not be expected that some sort cases, the issue can be resolved sion and of uniformity would be applied to with a cheap, relatively labor-free consistency the function of clocks and bells? solution. Some locations, however, when it have clocks that are simply in need comes to the Clocks are an essential tool to of replacement. Both the large amount of both faculty and, and especially and small gyms in the building time students students. While most of them at are broken, and if memory serves are spending within East High work, it can be very me correctly, have seldom, if ever the walls of East High frustrating to be somewhere that worked for the four years I have School. doesn’t have a functioning clock. “Between classes, for instance, it spent here at East. “I’m so used Despite this, the clocks are still can be extremely annoying that to them not working, that I really wrong. Time after time, it seems the clock doesn’t work. I have don’t think about them anymore. that students are ultimately paying to go out of my way to check I wear a watch so the thought the price. Detention Follow Up College Choices by Kelsey Walker, Staff Writer number of students in detention, as most by Ellyn Wilson Staff Writer CCC. Colleges also can recruit sports What is the administrative view of deten- students did not want to complete the It’s that time of year once again; time for players to attend and play on their sports tion? Do they think it is effective? Do they plan.” Mr. Tobia said, “Detention is effec- the seniors to graduate and move on to the teams. think it is supposed to be able to rid people tive for some kids, but for others there is next stage of their lives. This can be a very Travis Rosenwinkel said, “Mansfield Uni- of their bad habits? no effect.” According to Mr. Tobia, “De- confusing and difficult time for some while versity chose me to attend and play base- tention does change behaviors for some. deciding what to do. ball. I had to sign a letter of intent before it People go to detention for being late three It sends a message of the policies we want was official that I was going.” or more times, skipping classes, harassing Also, some do not get accepted into their them to take notice of. We continue to others, ect. Detention is supposed to cor- first college choice. Edward White said, College is the most popular choice among have detention for the ones who do change rect peoples’ mistakes and help them not to “Alfred State was my second choice col- high school seniors because most would their behaviors.” make the same mistake again. lege, but I’m still excited to be going there. like to further their education in their Some staff do not feel as though detention I’ll be majoring in Graphic Design.” career choice field. Others go to college When asked about detention being effec- is effective. Mrs. Decker, the health teacher, because they are unsure of what they want tive and the point of it Mrs. Tunison, a Whereas others have no trouble at all find- said, “No, detention is absolutely not effec- to do as a career and want to try a few dif- foreign language teacher said, “In previ- ing a college or workplace in the career tive and neither is study hall. They should ferent options out. ous districts, detention had a specific they want to go into. Kyela Vaughn said, do away with both.” agenda. Students were not allowed to work “My college process was kind of easy. I Another choice for a select few is the mili- on homework, read, sleep, or visit with Detention is not a very effective pro- was visiting my sister in Virginia and saw tary. Often the military will pay for college other students. Rather, there was a trained gram at East. Some people’s behaviors Norfolk State University. That was when I education and will be able to secure you behavior specialist facilitating the deten- do change, but most don’t. It is just like a knew I wanted to go there. I based my col- with a job in your career field. tion period. His/Her job was to work with study hall; time to fool around and not get lege choice on location and used CCC as a Some seniors work after high school and the students on behavior management any work done. back-up plan” showing that sometimes that do not go to college at all. Whether this is and restitution. Students were required to college search process is relatively easy. because they do not know what they want complete a behavior modification plan for While some decide to go away for college, or because they feel college is not for them the future. This cut down on the overall others choose to stay home and attend does not matter. It is a personal choice
  4. 4. The Trojan Tribune online @ JAVA JAM M AY 2 8 , 2 0 1 0 EAST HIGH LOGOS YEARBOOK PRESENTS java jam COFFEE HOUSE yearbook early release & signing celebration @EAST HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY FRIDAY, MAY 28 during lunch periods 11am to 1pm featuring VIRGIL CAIN $3 admission includes refreshments and live entertainment Regular distribution of yearbook will begin on Tuesday, June 1, 2010