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Trojan tribune march 11 edition

Trojan tribune march 11 edition






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    Trojan tribune march 11 edition Trojan tribune march 11 edition Document Transcript

    • online @ thetrojantribune.ning.com The Trojan Tribune Student Newspaper of Corning Painted Post East High School VOL 1, ISSUE 4 MARCH 11, 2010 FREE Back to the Polls! March 16 Vote on Facilities Plan Will Determine Fate Of Alternative “C” Club of the Month: Community Critters by Eddie Ryan, Staff Writer Many of us have heard announcements and seen signs about East high’s Community Critters club; yet only a small number of students actually know the purpose of this club and the details of its fundraisers. Community Critters is an organization headed by East’s Language A teacher, Ms. Young. According to her, the purpose of the group is “to promote awareness about animal issues and to support animal shelters in our area.” Such issues include: homeless- ness, overpopulation, adoption, and lack of funds and services in shelters. Last year, through its fundraising, the group Alumnus Josh Wilson signs in at the polling location at Hugh Gregg Elementary School during the December 15 vote. Mr. Michael Hurd holds a vote “Yes” sign. Mr. Ginalski Superintendent and Mr. Bill Cameron Public helped with “collections of donations such Relations Coordinator check voting results on December 15. Photo provided by The Leader. as food, toys, and bedding, and volunteer by editorial staff and Ashley Cates In fact, Superintendent Mike Ginalski said, “I wish they would build two new orientation at the shelter.” There are various Buttons are worn on jackets, signs are reported in The Leader on February 25, 2010 high schools and have East and West ways students and community members placed in front lawns, letters to the edi- that the plan would save the district $1.6 be middle schools. That way we still can aid the group in its efforts. In the fall, tor are written and multiple informational million each year. The potential savings have our little sports competition which students helped the club by “entering a meetings are held, but why? The answer: in personnel, maintenance, and custodial people like and two new high schools. photo of pet(s) in Halloween costumes. March 16 is the second vote on Alternative costs, utilities, transportation, and athletics That would be nice.” Each entry requires a one dollar donation C. The first vote was on December 15th, under the facilities plan was presented to and the money collected was donated to the But the failure of the plan in De- 2009 and the school district voted “no” on the school board Wednesday, February 24, Chemung County SPCA. cember seemed to be based upon a large a comprehensive $174 million facilities plan. 2010. amount of voter apathy. Of the 20,694 The group is “hopeful that East High stu- Alternative C was the fourth attempt in the There were members of the commu- registered voters in the school district dents will see the value in helping animals past ten years to get a facilities improve- nity who voiced concerns over the cost of 4,604 voted “yes” and 3,247 voted “no.” in our area. [They] would love to have more ment plan in place. the facility plan and the amount of debt members in [their] club to help organize If the March vote passes, the Alterna- The passage of the vote required a that would be acquired. Brendan Finley tive C plan will close some schools while school and community projects. If students “super-majority” or at least 60 percent explained that he “would have voted ‘no’ others will be re-purposed. Frank Pierce can’t find the time to be a member of the support to pass. The proposal was rejected because it messes with tradition.” Finley Elementary School will become the new club or to volunteer at a shelter, they can by voters, with 59 percent voting “yes” and said he “enjoys the rivalry” especially during transportation, central receiving and help in many other ways. 41 percent voting “no.” At least 60 per- spirit week. storage facility for the district while Kent Simply participating in fundraisers like our cent of voters had to approve the facilities The Vote “No” contingency stated that Phillips will close and be replaced by new Pet Costume Halloween contest or bringing plan because it exceeded the district’s debt the plan would “wreak economic havoc fields for sports at the high school. in items for donation drives, students can limit. The outcome is somewhat deceiving by reducing student performance thereby really help make a difference for shelter ani- Corning Free Academy Middle because only 38 percent of eligible voters decreasing enrollment over time, and cut- mals. If students would like to help out and School will become the new location of showed up to vote. ting the per pupil aid.” The source of this learn about what we do, they are welcome the administration offices. Northside The enthusiasm of the vote “yes” cam- information was not specified. Blodgett and Lindley Presho Elementary to join [the group’s] discussion on the Ning paign was obvious. Kimberly Cates, parent Schools will be shut down. The high at .” William Tomlinson said, “I think that we of Ashley Cates, said, “This is an exciting school will be re-configured on the pres- need to do something with the schools but plan that will benefit every student in our ent East High School location and the Alternative C is not the best plan. We need district. The opportunities that students will centralized middle school on the current a better plan before we vote on it.” When gain at each level are unbelievable. This is West High School site. asked what he would suggest, Tomlinson continued on page 2 an outstanding plan with no tax increase.”
    • The Trojan Tribune online @ thetrojantribune.ning.com EHS LIFE M a rc h 11 , 2 0 1 0 School Facilities Plan Alternative C Vote On March 16 continued from page 1 have to be moved to alternative even went so far as to cite them was also in support of Alternative is currently attending Corning The middle school will be on location. The lacrosse and football as “death traps.” Another major C, “The schools need to be fixed; Community college but returns to the current site West High School. have to rent space. improvement will be asbestos people cannot go to schools that East for classes such as Choristers. This new improved facility will The plan also includes an air- removal. What is this? Asbestos are dangerous.” Marissa Miller She noted that she “liked the idea offer improved safety, security conditioned gymnasium, swim- was used as a fireproof fibrous shared her belief that the plan of East having more choices in and handicap accessibility. Corn- ming pool, baseball field, softball mineral that was used to build would “unify the town and make classes to take and more opportu- ing Free Academy has only one field, tennis courts, two full fields many buildings including schools. for a better future.” nities for extra curricular activi- wheelchair accessible bathroom, for soccer, lacrosse and football, It was discovered that the mineral Even though this plan did not ties.” which is located in the basement. and also an all new weather track can become airborne when it is pass the first time, in the future Alec Bates, agreed with Op- The current middle schools do and turf athletic field. No sports chipped. This can build up in resi- their could be a re-vote to help penheim. “[Alternative C] will not meet state standards (900 teams were planned to have been dents’ lungs and can cause cancer. create a better education, better definitely go up for another square feet); they are presently in eliminated; in fact, some opportu- Patrick Cleland said, “I would vote.” Bates said, “It’s the best facilities and better district for the the 600s. nities would have increased. have voted yes to Alternative students in Corning- Painted Post plan when compared with past The plan will also save money The faction in support of C because it would give a bet- school district. choices”. Bates also commented in the sports programs that are Alternative C did so with a main ter educational environment to Jillian Oppenheim said “[Alter- that “it doesn’t make sense for offered in the district. The sports concern over the safety of the middle and high school students.” native C] should go up for another there to be two high schools in a facilities are inadequate and teams middle schools, Kris Beykirch Another student, Jessica Teeter vote, it was so close.” Oppenheim small town.” Student of the Day: Purposeful or Pointless by Christine Moore, Staff Writer “And the Student of the Day is….” In the morning an- The idea behind “Student of the Day” is to motivate students who are not typically recognized by the school nouncements you have probably heard Mr. Tobia announc- students to help others in school but, is this really the ef- for their feats. Although praise can be a good thing, it is a ing the “Student of the Day”, it is a tradition that has been fect it is having? Shannon Donnelly, a former recipient of common belief that those being awarded the aforemen- going on at East High School for many years. The purpose the reward, said, “I don’t know why I won ‘Student of the tioned accolades have not earned it in the eyes of other of this ritual is to make that student feel pride in them- Day’…it was kind of embarrassing.” Aaron Carson said, students. This seems to have been the recent realization selves for doing something really good to help their school “It is very important that all students try their best at school of our administration, hence there has been a change in according to Asst. Principal to succeed in life. If you really try your best, most of the ritual and Mr. Tobia has begun to share why students were Mr. Barber. teachers are very supportive and Student of the Day is a nominated. “Student of the Day” is a school tradition but, reward for their efforts.” is it still effective? Recent studies by Alfie Kohn draw practices such as “Student of the Day” into question because he argues that “Student of the Day” operates under the assumption it is detrimental to student’s education to motivate them that students will work harder and therefore deserve the with external sources. An introduction to Kohn’ book reward, typically a lanyard, they are given. However, fol- Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, lowing Kohn’s school of thought, if students are not self A’s, Praise, and Other Bribes states, “Drawing from hundreds motivated to improve their school, they will not care even of studies, Kohn demonstrates that people actually do when a reward is being offered to them. Aaron Collins said, inferior work when they are enticed with money, grades, “It makes the winner feel good, but the people who don’t or other incentives. Programs that use rewards to change win end up feeling bad.” people’s behavior are similarly ineffective over the long run. Has the time for “Student of the Day” passed? Some Promising goodies to children for good behavior can never students are embarrassed to receive the recognition and are produce anything more than temporary obedience. In fact, turning the tradition into a mockery but, others still proud the more we use artificial inducements to motivate people, to be recognized for their accomplishments. According to the more they lose interest in what we’re bribing them to Mr. Barber, “Student of the Day” and other programs like do. Rewards turn play into work, and work into drudgery.” the 3A’s, although open to everyone, are targeted towards Upcoming Events Guidance Spotlight by Kelsey Walker, Staff Writer • Saturday, March 13 Mr. Ross is the new guidance change of scenery,” so instead of He said, “At CFA I had a win- WORLD EXPO East High counselor who transferred to staying at CFA he came to East. dow in my office. Here, I am 11am to 3pm - Free admission East from Corning Free Acad- Mr. Ross has been a guidance surrounded by the walls with no • Tuesday, March 16 emy at the end of January. counselor for seventeen years. window to look out.” The thing Alternative C - Voting Day he most enjoys about his job at He is the counselor for the His guidance counselor in high • Wednesday, March 17 East is being able to see the kids students with the last name school was the one who planted Happy St. Patrick’s Day! he remembers counseling and beginning with the letters the seed in his head that he advising at CFA. A-D. He decided to come to would be a good counselor. East because he had been at His favorite thing at East is his next month • Thursday, April 15 Corning Free Academy for fifteen years. Most people maroon wall that Samijo Sheer painted, but his least favorite Welcome Reduced Shakespeare Company State Theater, Ithaca think change is scary, but Mr. Ross says, “It was time for a thing is the fact that he has no window. Mr. Ross!
    • The Trojan Tribune online @ thetrojantribune.ning.com STUDENT VOICE M a rc h 11 , 2 0 1 0 Free Time Apple iPad: Techno- gadget, Kindle Killer, The Homework Debate or Something More? by Maggie Wayne, Staff Writer particularly difficult and needs to likely to do homework for Ms. On January 27, Apple officially released their rumored tablet device- Each day the students of East be reinforced a few questions made Gruber because it’s not as repeti- the Apple iPad. The device features a 9.7 inch multi-touch© surface high enter the school and attend a up by the teacher seems acceptable. tive.” Certain subjects—especially and has been called by many names: iPod on steroids, the Kindle multitude of classes; in each one At East, the variety of subjects mathematics and sciences— re- killer, and the future of both home and mobile computing, to name turning in homework, going over brings about a variety of methods. quire lots of practice; justifying a few. homework, and receiving more Some teachers such as Mr. Ben Bowers’ method. Gruber added Apple hopes to debunk some of these names and reach a larger homework. But just how fair is Bowers, the physics teacher at that “as a math teacher I assigned target audience by offering multimedia apps and services, along with this? After a seven hour school day East, find homework a vital part of homework everyday.” an e-Book reader. By doing so, Apple believes that their product will often followed by extracurricular learning. Bowers assigns homework So why has homework become be desired by everyone from academicians to bloggers to gamers. activities and then two or three “almost everyday” Bowers said his such a hassle? Students often com- Unfortunately for Apple, even before the public release of the hours of homework the average assignments “provide practice for plain and don’t put in the effort tablet, it was being compared to Amazon.com’s e-Book reader, the student is wiped out. the students who need it” and also required to make teachers satisfied. Kindle. The two devices, however, could not be more different. At this point of the day students allow students “to see questions Often times it seems to come back such as senior Marissa Miller are that may appear on tests later.” to the conundrum that kids are The Amazon Kindle is marketed specifically towards academic and wiped out. Miller says “after all I do Jillian Vine said, “A limited amount reluctant to learn anymore. Many literature minded. The device has an extremely limited web browser, in the day I’m so tired and stress, of homework is good. For ex- East high students find subjects as compared to the iPad’s full html Safari web browser. This feature homework is just in the way.” ample, one-hour per day is okay. boring or useless and do not do alone seems enough to convince any buyer to sacrifice their money But I need time for sports, jobs homework in the first place. If it for the iPad. The upgrades however do not stop there. The device Author of The Homework Myth: and families too.” is not working for those who try comes in 16, 32, and 64 GB models, which means that the iPad is Why Our kids Get Too Much of a and it is not working for those who capable of much faster speeds than the Kindle and will be able to Bad Thing, Alfie Kohn believes the Throughout the school we often don’t it seems the education system process more information. homework system has become find teachers such as Ms. Susan has reached an impasse. outdated and obsolete. Kohn Gruber, French teacher, who as- Apple’s product also promotes a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at states that we need to “change the sign homework sparingly. Gruber Homework Myths 132 pixels per inch display which in comparison to the Kindle’s fundamental expectation in our said that she “only assigns things According to an article entitled, highest resolution display (a mere 16 shades of gray) is virtually schools so that students are asked that are important because kids “End Homework Now” by Etta incredible. Another feature of the Apple iPad is only available in to take school work home only don’t do well on work they don’t Kralovec and John Buell (2001) the premium models but for shoppers willing to pay, the integrated when there’s a reasonable likeli- find important.” Her experience as there are three prevalent home- WiFi and 3G connectivity is certainly worth the price. hood that a particular assignment a teacher has taught her that assign- work myths have persisted during The final aspect necessary to make an informed buying decision will be beneficial.” While it is quite ing homework everyday only led the past century, making us unwill- is obviously the price. The Apple iPad’s price ranges from $499 to fair to expect students to work in to frustration and conflict in the ing to ask for solid evidence on the $829- a considerable amount more than the introductory Kindle’s classes each day the idea of extend- student teacher relationship. benefits of homework and acqui- price tag of $259 but a shopper must remember that when they ing class into the free time of a One of Gruber’s students, Bran- escent in accepting claims about its pay nearly double the price, they get significantly more computing student seems wrong. If a lesson is don Kohli explained “I’m more effectiveness. continued on page 4 power and connectivity. After that, your blood pressure is taken, your finger is pricked, and you are given a questionnaire of bizarre, yet somehow necessary general fielding questions. No, I did not stay in the United Kingdom for a time period longer than three months in the year 1977, but thanks for asking! In spite of these intimidating and somewhat confusing factors, the process of giving blood turned out to not be as horrible as I had been led to believe. In fact, laying there on the table with a tube in my arm was really not painful, and somewhat relaxing and therapeutic. Plus, it is always a good reason to eat a large meal! In addition to this, it is an important cause that is always in need. Some- one will receive your blood, and will most likely either keep them alive or contribute to their recovery. The Day That I Donated Blood Obviously, if you have a serious phobia or aversion to giving blood, then it may not be a very advisable way to contribute to the community. However, if you are just ap- editorial by Peter Thompson, Staff Writer This past month, I found myself at the Three Treasures prehensive about the pain or discomfort that giving blood Martial Arts Center on Bridge Street in Corning expe- surely entails, I can say from personal experience that it is For many high school students, giving a pint or more of riencing similar feelings as I signed up to give blood for not so horrible, and in fact is a self-satisfying and impor- blood to random strangers does not generally appear to the first time. These feelings began to compound as I saw tant service to contribute to the world. be an enticing prospect. Generally, the “Be nice to me!” sticker, the courtesy juice box, and the free packaged cook- the patients laying on their beds unattended and generally If you are interested and are eligible to give blood this year, ies prove to be insufficient in soliciting high school students appearing to be in a state of discomfort. Upon registering, there will be a blood drive held here at East High school to undergo what certainly must be a painful and unpleasant the staff asked for photo identification. You know, in case from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm by the Greater Steuben Chapter experience. someone was so intent upon giving blood that they would of the American Red Cross. try and pass as someone older and more qualified, McLovin style.
    • The Trojan Tribune online @ thetrojantribune.ning.com WORLD EXPO M a rc h 11 , 2 0 1 0 WORLD EXPO an international experience for the whole family Saturday, March 13, 2010 from 11am to 3pm at Corning Painted Post- East High School, 201 Cantigny Street, Corning, New York An afternoon of cultural activities and food - Free admission
    • The Trojan Tribune online @ thetrojantribune.ning.com STUDENT VOICE M a rc h 11 , 2 0 1 0 Homework Myths Explored continued from page 3 ductive to development. We need to ask Japanese classroom is a sacred space that students. Instead of focusing narrowly on ourselves whether homework falls into this does not allow interruptions. We can learn homework’s impact on academic achieve- Myth: Homework increases academic category. Lacking solid evidence, homework many lessons from the Japanese system ment or its presumed role in developing achievement. supporters ask us to take on faith the notion (Rohlen & LeTendre, 1995). self-discipline and good work habits, we Even supporters of homework acknowl- that homework can instill desirable character Myth: Those who call homework into ques- examined homework in the context of the edge the problems of research on home- traits. tion want to dilute the curriculum and kow- lives of students, families, and communi- work. Homework supporter Harris Cooper Myth: If our students don’t do lots of tow to the inherent laziness of students. ties.” From this perspective, the researchers acknowledges that “the conclusions of homework, their test scores will never be found that homework often disrupts family past reviewers of homework research show By calling homework into question, we are competitive internationally. life, interferes with what parents want to extraordinary variability. . . . the reviews not questioning the work of homework, but Comparisons of student test scores often teach their children, and punishes students often directly contradict one another” rather the value of students completing that pit U.S. students against students from other in poverty for being poor. Perhaps more (1989, p. 28). Most researchers now concede work at home. Students need to complete countries. Ironically, the 1995 Third Inter- significantly for educators are the serious that homework does not improve academic long-term, independent projects as part of national Math and Science Study (TIMSS) limitations of homework’s pedagogical achievement for elementary students (Coo- a rigorous academic program. They need to found that 8th graders in Japan and Ger- prowess. per, 1994). Recently, homework advocates learn many skills through drill and practice. have shifted their focus from homework’s many are assigned less homework but still They need time to make new learning their References questionable impact on student achieve- outperform U.S. students on tests (National own. Professional educators need to design Cooper, H. (1989). Homework. New York: ment to homework’s alleged importance in Center for Educational Statistics, 2001). rigorous academic work, scaffold new Longman. developing traits like self-discipline and time Japanese schools spend a greater portion knowledge, and coach new study habits. Kralovec, E., & Buell, J. (2000). The end management. According to these views, of their budgets on professional develop- The place for such work is in the school. of homework: How homework disrupts developing homework habits early means ment and organize their school days so that Researchers Kralovec and Bell (2000) were families, overburdens children, and limits that a student will be more disciplined about teachers can work collaboratively. Teachers surprised that homework contributed learning. Boston: Beacon Press. completing homework in high school and in Japan are at school eight to nine hours a dramatically to students’ dropping out of Rohlen, T., & LeTendre, G. (1995). Teach- beyond. day, but they teach only four hours a day. In school. “We analyzed research reports and ing and learning in Japan. Boston: Cambridge addition, the Japanese school calendar has According to Piaget, however, asking talked with hundreds of teachers, parents, longer school days, longer school years, lon- University Press. children to perform tasks before they are high school dropouts, and high school ger lunches, and longer recess periods. The developmentally ready proves counterpro- Where are the sports, clubs, and activities for 2010? They’re in the Logos Yearbook! Order your copy today. We will sell out. $65 will reserve your copy. See Mr. Miller in room 213 today.