February 12 Edition


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February 12 Edition

  1. 1. online @ www.thetrojantribune.ning.com The Trojan Tribune Student Newspaper of Corning Painted Post East High School VOL 1, ISSUE 3 FEBRUARY 10, 2010 FREE Airport was demolished making air travel Spotlight Teacher complicated. Furthermore, supplies of jet fuel for return flights were limited and on Thursday Mr. Tubbs all civilian flights were by Christine Moore, Staff Writer temporarily canceled. Mr. Tubbs, also known as Another problem being T2, is a wonderful teacher faced in the relief effort at East High School. is a lack of organization, Residing in room 909, he once a system has been educates students in the established to properly ways of Mathematics SL, handle all the incoming Algebra 2/Triganometry aid, supplies will be more Honors, and Applied 4. easily distributed. In He says he loves math be- addition to the money and cause, “It’s something I’ve supplies that many are so always liked doing. generously providing to I get a kick out of solving the cause, teams of search- problems—it’s a curse.” and-rescuers, doctors, He has been a teacher for and other professionals 22 years after a false start have been dispatched as in the field of electrical well as transportation and engineering. Mr. Tubbs Helping Those In Need equipment to clear the tries to utilize technology rubble. to the fullest and enjoys Despite the slow having his new SMART speed of the supply chain, board immensely. He donations are still needed, adores the color orange many organizations have because of his devotion to by Christine Moore, quake. The bodies that people have resorted to those in need however. gone into overdrive to Syracuse University bas- Staff Writer have been recovered lay looting stores and military Among these factors is fundraise and try to help ketball. He is a splendid On Tuesday, January in streets and parking lots and police are out in the damage done to Haiti the relief effort. There are teacher that encourages his 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude as mass burials are being force to try to prevent by the quake, destroyed many groups looking for students to learn through earthquake hit Haiti, arranged. skirmishes over available roads, air towers, and sea monetary donations among a supportive educational destroying building, killing The living are having a supplies. The call for help ports greatly complicates other things, keep an eye environment. When asked many, and devastating rough time too and people has been answered by the delivery of supplies, out for any drives that what he would like most an already poor nation. It are already becoming many nations with Obama making it impossible occur at East if you would to share with his students has been reported by the exasperated. Water and promising at least $100 in some cases. In the like to join in the aid. he replied, “I would like international Red Cross food are the most basic million in aid. earthquake the control to share just a little of my that approximately 50,000 needs that the survivors Due to several factors, tower at Toussaint passion for math…and my people were killed in the have to have met. Already the aid is slow to reach L’Ouverture International love for Syracuse basket- ball.” Where In the World Was Daniel Sauter? by Eddie Ryan, Staff Writer On Friday, November 13th, East High students Dan Hannah Austin has twice made this 11-hour airplane Sauter, Jessica Teeter and Hannah Austin departed on a ride half-way around the world from New York City to Hannah Austin two week voyage to the impoverished African nation of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, followed by a bumpy, had the opportunity to Ghana. Once arriving there, early Saturday morning, they rocky three-hour bus ride to the village of Cape Coast to meet many began preparing to “preach to villages, build an orphan- build a refuge for children who have lost their parents. children. She said, “We help age and bring vital amenities to villages in need of aid”, She raised $3,000 to go to Africa by working at McDon- the children with according to Daniel Sauter. ald’s. Before leaving she had to get several shots and clothes, toys, and medical The students traveled with a local organization named take Malaria pills so she would not become sick. Hannah supplies.” “Churches of the Twin Tiers” (COTTT) and preached described meeting and helping the orphans of the region Christianity in conjunction with providing vital aid to as her favorite part of the experience. Dan Sauter insolvent villages in the area. However, according to The team from COTTT completed phase sharing candy with children in Dan, “Although [we] were proselytizing (preaching one of the orphanage construction, distributed Ghana. Christianity), conversion to the faith was entirely left to amenities to villages, preached Christianity the Ghanaians discretion.” and made their way back home on Friday, The students raised money to fund their trip and the November 27. construction of the orphanage both through collecting do- nations and donating their personal funds. According to Dan, the Ghanaians need his help “because they are very poor and do not have adequate resources or a government that is able to provide for them.”
  2. 2. The Trojan Tribune online @ www.thetrojantribune.ning.com EHS LIFE February 10, 2010 “Senior Mosts” Announced The results for the Corning East High Class of 2010 Senior Mosts are in and have been decided! Categories were sent to all of the seniors who nominated a female and male candidate for each category. The following students will be featured in the 2010 yearbook for their respective superlatives: Most likely to succeed Robb Saunders & Alison Schuppert Most likely to rule the world William Jacobs & Amié Roman Most likely to fall asleep on the job Joseph Wood & Mackenzie Pierson Most likely to quote a movie in conversation Alec Bates & Catherine Crane Most likely to cure cancer Nicholas Jakobson & Alicia Crowley Most likely to be on Broadway Caleb Noel & Marissa Miller Most likely to win an Olympic Gold Medal Club Of the Month Cedric Forbes & Ashlee Warner Most likely to travel the world Bernard Zellet & Lindsey Niebur Most creative nickname Shane Woodard & Katherine Wilcox Student Council Stands Out! Most artistic Mark Haley & Jacqueline Pruden Most spontaneous Jackson Gallagher & Megan Early Most school spirit by Maggie Wayne, Staff Writer Student Council organizes everything from school Brendan Finley & Kirsten Vine The idea of clubs and extra curricular activities is dances to open houses, pep rallies to community Best dressed fundraisers. Often a teacher may come to the group Marshall Ly & Kelsey Woglom to allow students to express their interests, socialize, and make a difference. Potentially one of the largest and ask for help with an event. The group discusses Best eyes Peter Thompson & Brianna Flint groups in the school, Student Council is behind if they have the time and man power, which they many of the events throughout the school year. For often have, and they do what they can to help. Kelsey Best hair Jackson Merril & Elise Rhodes this reason The Trojan Tribune would like to award Woglom, the PTSA representative for the council Best smile Student Council with the Club Spotlight this month. says “Student Council is all about volunteering. Our Joel Cramer & Jennifer Shaddock biggest goal is just to help out the school.” This year started off with a bang. The new Friendliest Student Council is a welcoming group. It allows Grant Smith & Natalie Price advisors, Mrs. Drehmer and Miss. Walker enthusiastically jumped into the task of leading the anyone to join so long as they bring enthusiasm and a Loudest Sean Forbes & Miriam Foskey club this year. With them they brought their new willingness to help. Whether a member is a freshmen ideas. Mrs. Drehmer said, “we wanted to work really or a senior the group unites and happily ignores age Funniest Mark Rhode & Sarah Augustine hard to improve the school spirit. When we went as they work together. “Student Council is only as Most accident prone to high school the spirit within our buildings was strong as those who belong to it and we are lucky Sean Keenan & Cindy Atwell unbelievable.” With the new regime the school has enough to have a fantastic group”, said Drehmer. Most likely to write a best-selling novel definitely experienced more spirit. The introduction Student Council is awarded East High’s most Dalton Whiteman & Margaret Wayne of new spirit days and a hyped up pep rally created valuable group this issue as it presents a unified front Most likely to appear on a reality show excitement and energy throughout the school. to help the school. Nicholas Cornejo & McKenzie Harter Most likely to remain friends after high school A NEW READ Zac Clark & Elliot Gilbert; Rachel Larson & Kelly Reilly which is typical for a Dan Brown novel, but Most likely to positively influence world peace this time the CIA wants to work with Lang- Joseph Martuscello & Tiia Tuovinen by Ellyn Wilson, Staff Writer don, rather than against him. The CIA also Most likely to own a business on Market Street Tyler Lucero & Shelbi Kibbe wants to keep the truth bottled up and keep the situation contained. The book was build- R Most likely to bowl a perfect game Shawn Cevette & Sarah Johnson ing up to the big hurrah, the big surprise the Most likely to be on the cover of People magazine obert Langdon is back in another whole time, but the big secret wasn’t all Sven Thomas & Sarah Illig adventure. This novel has all the same ingre- that big. It made an impact to be sure, but with all Most likely to coach a major league sports team dients Dan Brown incorporates into the rest of his of the suspense Dan Brown offers it seems like the Derick Abbey & Samijo Scheer novels. “All of this is going to feel very familiar to ending could have been better. The bigger surprise, Most likely to win the Wineglass Marathon readers of the previous Langdon books, even though the one that readers don’t see coming has nothing to Paul Sweeney & Mattea Rossettie Brown has shifted from foreign places to plant his do with the plot. The novel was well written and had Most likely to run for the U.S. Senate good structure, but the story line was not well devel- thriller firmly on American soil.” Nick Owchar says Gregory Brignone & Kyela Vaughn in his review of the book that appeared in the LA oped. It skipped around, and did not tie together very Most likely to win a major video game competition David Kennedy & Ellyn Wilson Times. So what’s different about The Lost Symbol? well. If you are looking for an interesting novel to Most likely to be a high school principal Instead of religion, this novel centers on a contro- read in your spare time, then give it a try, but if you Phillip Manuel & Nicole Whitehead versy about the Freemasons. The CIA gets involved, want something a little more serious, skip this one.