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Presentation to The Inspiring Digital Engagement Festival 15th Sept 2010 at Sheffield Hallam. A one-day event that explores the contribution of arts practice to the business of digital inclusion. Local art practitioners, digital inclusion researchers, public sector professionals and community development workers are invited to join us for an active investigation into how socially engaged arts practice promotes, enriches and challenges notions of digital inclusion

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  • The very first Octorama was part of the People and Place Exhibition in 2003
  • Since then it has been seen many times and the idea has developed. We started to transmit the sounds from a computer using Propellerheads Reason and an 8 output Soundcard
  • In 2006 we produced the Dreams Hopes and Wishes exhibition with Ormesby Comprehensive.
  • The Octorama is a multi media digital arts installation with 8 screens and 8 speakers. This is our model. The real one will be 14 metres in diameter
  • It was proposed that we run an Exhibition at Loftus Town Hall to tie in with Heritage Open Days
  • It was time to see if we could make the process portable. Here a demonstration on the theory of using waste pipe for the construction.
  • We experimented and decided it could be done
  • And so a large quantity of waste pipe was purchased.
  • And delivered to Loftus Town Hall
  • Where we made several experimental builds
  • A nd purchased extra goods at the local hardware store
  • Part of the build took place elsewhere
  • Many of the team to build the installation are Loftus Town Councillors
  • The Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland Visits
  • Cllr Linda Bell, Mayor of Loftus and Paul Davies of East Cleveland Community Development
  • Inspiring Digital Engagement

    1. 1. Inspiring Digital Engagement. Sheffield Hallam Sept 15 th 2010 Steve Thompson Community Media Manager Institute of Digital Innovation Teesside University [email_address]
    2. 2. A DIY Digital Arts Installation 8 Screens 8 Speakers
    3. 3. The People and Place Exhibition 200 2
    4. 4. Introducing the 8 output soundcard
    5. 7. Several Exhibitions have taken place since 2003 e.g. The Dreams Hopes And Wishes Exhibition
    6. 8. Ormesby Voices
    7. 9. September 2010 The Iron Age to Digital Age Exhibition
    8. 10. Making it portable - The Theory
    9. 11. In Practice
    10. 12. The B & Q Octorama
    11. 13. Loftus Town Hall
    12. 14. The Test Builds in Loftus
    13. 15. The Test Builds in Loftus
    14. 16. The Test Builds in Loftus – Local Economy Benefits
    15. 17. The Test Builds in Loftus – Local Economy Benefits
    16. 18. Skinningrove Ironstone Mine
    17. 19. Now A Museum
    18. 20. Goes Back Into Production
    19. 21. Building Octoramas
    20. 22. And Then To The Town Hall
    21. 23. Elected Volunteers
    22. 24. The Build
    23. 25. The Exhibition
    24. 26. The Exhibition
    25. 27. The Exhibition Sept 11 th – 203 Visitors Sept 13 th – 412 Schoolchildren Visited Video
    26. 28. The Exhibition – Schools Visits
    27. 29. A word from our sponsors
    28. 30. Thank you for listening For info (if there’s time)