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Bringing Geo Home To Roost
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Bringing Geo Home To Roost


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My talk from Where 2.0 2010. I discuss ways in which we might make geolocal services more appealing to mainstream users, and I use BlockChalk as an example.

My talk from Where 2.0 2010. I discuss ways in which we might make geolocal services more appealing to mainstream users, and I use BlockChalk as an example.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. where 2.0: bringing geo home to roost Stephen Hood BlockChalk twitter @stlhood email blog
    • 2. geo is hot... finally!
    • 3. for many ages we struggled.... Flickr photo by boetter -
    • 4. ...but now we have emerged from the dark Flickr photo by boetter -
    • 5. the “checkin” is our latest crack Flickr photo by ahockley -
    • 6. interest in geo has never been greater Flickr photo by oreillyconf -
    • 7. but this is just the beginning
    • 8. how do we reach beyond the “early adopters”?
    • 9. what happens when we leave the city? Flickr photo by sanchom -
    • 10. what about people without smartphones? Flickr photo by duncandavidson -
    • 11. what lies beyond the “geo bubble”? Flickr photo by h-k-d -
    • 12. we must stop designing for ourselves
    • 13. we must stop designing for ourselves we must start designing for everyone else
    • 14. this may be difficult at first... “self-absorbed egotistical rude annoying time-wasting hipsters!”
    • 15. we must recognize that life is different outside the bubble
    • 16. INSIDE going out, being seen
    • 17. INSIDE going out, being seen OUTSIDE getting through the day
    • 18. INSIDE privacy gets in the way
    • 19. INSIDE privacy gets in the way OUTSIDE i have a creepy ex
    • 20. it doesn’t take much to make you care about your privacy it’s about life experience, not age
    • 21. so how do we bridge the gap?
    • 22. we need lots of experiments Flickr photo by staci -
    • 23. so we tried one ourselves
    • 24. imagine a geo service not based on presence or ego
    • 25. geo-tagged hyper-local anonymous messages
    • 26. BLOCKCHALK BLOCKCHALK Post a Chalk Help Looks like You’re In Diamond Heights $ CITY311 CRIME MEET FOR SALE EVENT HOUSING SHARE San Francisco, CA FOR SALE: Post something you want to sell in your neighborhood. Share something with your neighborhood... Using GPS to Find Your Block... EVENT: Diamond Heights Community Center meeting is Feb. 12th. New members please arrive 20 mins early. This week’s location is attached. Price: $236.00 Saturday Jan 30, 2010, 10:57 PM Photos: Just a moment... FOR SALE: $236 obo - 1992 Bridge- 2 stone MB3 Bike. Excellent condition. Monday January 25, 2010, 11:13 STOLEN: 2003 Toyota Camry. Bright red. Stolen on the corner of Haight and Ashbury last Saturaday night. Post Monday January 25, 2010, 11:13 Thursday January 25, 2010, 11:13 Show exact location POST Thursday January 25, 2010, 11:13
    • 27. so what happened?
    • 28. it started with lolz... First! What’s good? This is cool! I forgot I like pickles [random expletives]
    • 29. we wondered if we had invented geo-tagged Chatroulette
    • 30. ...but it quickly got way more interesting
    • 31. honest thoughts and feelings In the hospital for another chemo treatment... hopefully it will be my last What I did was shameful I love you but it’s terrifying Lost: man in his late twenties. Last seen gaining weight and playing house alone. If you have seen him tell him to start working out and get a life.
    • 32. local comments and reviews Flying fish grill = some of the best fish tacos in the bay area Here at lulus again waiting for my $9 mediocre burrito do NOT buy your car here, you will regret it. cheaters. This neighborhood scares the living daylights out of me. Outta here.
    • 33. local gatherings Inner Sunset Park Neighbors general membership meeting. Thurs 7:00pm at rec room in county fair bldg 9th ave Lincoln ⌖ 8pm monday. Neighborhood meeting at the red morton veterens center to talk with 'friends of redwood city' about the Cargill saltworks development project. all welcome to attend and discuss.
    • 34. local offers and transactions Mention block chalk at Bob Evans to a manager and receive $2 off a $10 purchase. (Jefferson Pointe location only) Looking for a landscaper to trim your bushes or for fall clean up email@ Does anyone have a cheap guitar they would like to sell? Looking to put down the guitar hero and pick up a real guitar again. FOR SALE GREAT 2BR 2BA Condo Contact Dan at 402-912-0209 Garage sale 9am - 3pm 689 university this Saturday
    • 35. lost and found I lost a set of keys at this Amtrak station. They have a VW dongle and 3 house keys. Please reply if you found them. Missing one large black/white cat and one large orange female cat, both declawed. Please keep an eye out. LOST: one dragon, size smallish. Orange and black. Last seen near 43rd and Queens blvd. Answers to the name Sooty.
    • 36. crime watch What out for kids on the tracks. They broke into a car. Nooooo my bike was stolen right here. Damn at 2am ur bike was stolen.... WTF someone is stealing trashcans on poppleton. Lock or chain your can to something because they are walking away
    • 37. local news and city reports Traffic light out right here Now that Gavin lives in the neighborhood any chance the N Judah will improve? Need to fix Jacksonville rd. Big pot hole in the front of auto zone Bummer about Andy’s pet shop closing. A real loss for the neighborhood. They lost their lease but are looking for a new place. There’s hope!
    • 38. what did we learn?
    • 39. civic engagement gets more powerful as you get more local
    • 40. people want to know what’s going on in their neighborhood
    • 41. it’s not about who I know
    • 42. it’s not about who I know it’s about where I live
    • 43. it’s not my social network
    • 44. it’s not my social network it’s my location network
    • 45. all of this has happened before... local -> global -> local we are returning to the beginning
    • 46. bring geo to the masses by bringing it home!
    • 47. Stephen Hood twitter @stlhood email blog