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  • 1. by luca and mia
  • 2. IntroductionCaptain James Cook was famous forfinding Australia andthe Hawaiian Islandsand some coastlines for the first time.
  • 3. early life Captain James Cook was born in Matron, Yorkshire, UK.He was British man. Hewas one of six children,one of his brothers died at the age of 23.
  • 4. first job Captain James Cook’s first job was working for his father who was a farm manager, until atthe age of 16 he becamea apprentice in a grocery and clothing store.
  • 5. first voyage-1768 Captain James Cookmade his first voyage onthe Endeavor his ship in1768. He set off in three boats were called Endeavor, Resolution,discovery. He wanted to find Australia. Cook landed on the Australia shore.
  • 6. second voyage- 1772Captain James Cook madehis second voyage to NewZealand on his second boatcalled Resolution in (1772- 1776). Only half of Cook’screw could fit in the rescue boat.
  • 7. This is the map of Cook’s voyages
  • 8. landmarksCaptain Cook has had lots ofsituations, coins, landmarks and place namesnamed after him. One of these is the Cook strat.
  • 9. losing a man to scurvy Captain James Cookcircumnavigated the wordon his first voyage without losing a single man to scurvy.
  • 10. timeline1728-born1745-first job as apprentice and clothingstore1762-marred to Elizabeth Batts1768-first to 1771 sailing on the Endeavor1772-second voyage to the pacific on theResolution
  • 11. 1776-Third voyage to Australia shore1779-Killed on Hawaii Islands by a nativehawaii chef (stabbed)
  • 12. Captain Cooks Captain cook used his ship Ship the Endeavor to travel around the Pacific Ocean to get to Australia
  • 13. Telescop e Grandeelauncher A telescope grandee is used for aiming and shooting grandees at the baddies. The extending legs help it go higher or lower and the shield deflects the other grandees. The grandee thrower has a trigger that you have to pull to five the grandees.
  • 14. Captain James Cook had a very hard life in AustraliaI hope you enjoyed our keynote