Stix Digital Social Ad Spending Optimisation 2013


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This sophisticated service offers you the opportunity to optimize a complete social media ad buying @ and several other popular networks as well.

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Stix Digital Social Ad Spending Optimisation 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Ad Spending Optimization
  2. 2. Our Innovative Social Media ServiceSocial media ad Spending Optimization
  3. 3. How it works?Social Conversion ManagerThis sophisticated service offers you the opportunity to optimize acomplete social media ad buying @ and several otherpopular networks as well.Our optimization engine combines industry leading technologywith unparalleled fan acquisition expertise, to deliver the highest qualityfans at the lowest cost, and does it all at scale.It optimizes towards engagement for best results, while deploying adsin 500+ placements with over 18,000 creative iterations. Eventually, oursoftware is saving for your brand several days of work!
  4. 4. What more?Owned and earned social media content will reach only 16% of anaverage social audience. Our software’s “Evergreen” technology helpscustomers activate the 84% of their untapped audience to amplifyengagement, turning them from brand bystanders to evangelizers.Our software optimally distributes content to maximize social audienceinteraction. By leveraging our advanced analytics, it determines whichorganic content has been most relevant, engaging and viral with respectto the customer’s audience.Performance monitoring is based on transparent pricing and our socialConversion management tool can optimize CPC (cost per click), CPI(cost per installation), CPF (cost per fan), CTR (click through rate) andseveral other metrics or KPIs.
  5. 5. How we deliver?Brand assigns campaign parameters and our software utilizesthe targeting criteria to reveal the users most likely to engageThousands of different creative combinations (copy + image) aregenerated for optimal performanceAlgorithmically controlled multivariate testing uncovers the best advariation to most efficiently achieve the brand’s campaign goalsOur “Budget Allocator” automatically adjusts bids and reallocatesbudgets to top performing campaigns in real-time to guarantee the mostqualified fans at the lowest cost
  6. 6. Does it really work?In the following slides, we’ll provide brief insights of our SocialSoftware’s features and techniques, for national and internationalclients in the following verticalsEntertainmentMobileMediaRetail
  7. 7. The Task:A newly released film wanted to increase their socialpresence quickly and effectively, by reachingconsumers likely to see the film in theaters andinteract with the brand online.Our Approach:Create ads in the Facebook Marketplace, utilizingtop-notch brand creative combined with ourdynamic targeting optimization techniques toreach the right audience at the best cost.Results:Paid growth contributed to an increase of 5,000fans, plus an additional 96,000 in Organic growthDelivered fans at a cost 75% lower than the clientexpectedDuring the campaign, People Talking About Thisincreased by 200%Viral reach climbed steadily during the campaign,reaching 2,000,000 more people than previousweeksEntertainment Case StudyInsights:Our Paid growth contributes directly to Organic growth,even in a 4 days campaign (10-14/8/2011)Following a campaign, Organic reach stays high andcontinues to be higher than pre-launch
  8. 8. The Task:A well established consumer-electronicsnetwork wanted to increase its social presence,while promoting selected discounted products.Our Approach:Promote ROW and GR oriented ads, while workingclosely with the customer’s advertising agency tomaximize creativity & ad spending.Results:The campaign delivered all 25,000 highly targetedfans in 3 weeks, that is less than the initiallyexpected 30 days.The customer’s FB page delivered 32,368,219impressions, diffusing in total 14,540 social clicks.The customer upgraded this ad-hoc campaign to anannual Fan base development project, while crosspromoting several other social projects.Entertainment Case StudyInsights:The simultaneous Organic and Paid Growth, securedthe users’ high engagement during all burstsLess than 2% of the active fans “un-liked” thecustomer’s FB page, throughout the campaign
  9. 9. Media Case StudyThe Task:A new TV show on a major network wantedto execute a geo-targeted campaign withrigorous creative flights.The goal was to achieve across six differentgeographic regions traffic to the show’shomepage.Our Approach:Over 20 different creative flights were runover 9 days.Spend was monitored carefully across allgeographical cities, based on a minimumcpc.Results:The average CPC was almost 10% lowerthan the customer’s goal.Delivered 5% more clicks and a progressiveviral engagement of the audience.Insights:Rotating fresh creative significantly reduced the costper click of the campaign despite the limited24-hour duration of display.Fresh ad content is able to catch the averageFacebook users’ eye thus driving greater efficienciesfor each ad rotation.The figure below displays the growth in Facebookusers talking about the brand page.
  10. 10. Mobile Case StudyThe Task:A large mobile client wanted to increase its Facebookfan base by a minimum of 200,000 fans.The secondary goal was to ensure that paid mediagrowth is efficiently spent on individuals with thepotential to translate into further earned mediagrowth.Our Approach:Apply intelligent optimization techniques to ensureprecise, cost-effective targeting.Find new segments of users to grow Mobile Brand’sfan base beyond their existing members (alreadyhigh previous to launch).Results:Over 200,000 fans acquired in 2 months (almostquadrupled starting fan base).7x increase in sentiment metrics upon launch of thecampaignInsights:The paid growth complements organic andstimulates earned social mediaOur solutions scale even for large brands withcultivated fan-bases
  11. 11. Retail- Case StudyThe Task:Drive clicks to the client’s Facebook page inorder to increase awareness of a new FallFashion Line (the event lasted 7 days).Our Approach:Pinpoint the user demographic that representsthe highest engagement rate.Apply intelligent optimization techniques toensure precise, cost-effective targeting.Results:Delivered twice the volume of clicks, that theclient expected on his Facebook PageDelivered 10,000 clicks to the client’sFacebook page in three daysInsights:Leveraging solutions for a particular event can produceexceptional results, even in a very short period
  12. 12. Airline - Case StudyObjective:A leading international airline was running an exciting Facebook promotion for particular destinations.Promotional Page Posts were targeted to two groups: Domestic fans and International fans. While a little over400,000 fans fell into this group combined, their Page Posts were reaching about 31% of them on average,and engagement was at roughly 8%.Results:Our “Evergreen” software assisted the airline to amplifythe Page Posts’ exposure and to increase engagementwith the promotion. By ensuring that each post reachedan optimal percentage of fans with the highest likelihoodto interact, engagement with the page nearly doubled toapprox. 15%Furthermore, total average reach more than doubled to63.4%, meaning that well over half of the targetedaudience saw the promotion content at least onceMoreover, even though average CTR for the campaign wasa staggering 0.835% (over 8 times what is consideredoptimal by normal Facebook ad standards!), the CTR forposts that appeared in the Facebook News Feed dwarfsthis number with an astonishing 5.97% CTR
  13. 13. TV - Case StudyObjective:A major television network was strategizing the release of theirfirst season of a very popular TV show. The network wanted toincorporate paid media into the broader advertising plan tomirror their offline executions.Specifically, the network wanted to heavy up on socialadvertising before and after the first episode in order togenerate buzz for the new program.Results:Paid media campaigns proved very effective in creatinglarge engagement lifts on the customer’s Facebook page,providing a 2x lift in engagement on the show’s Facebook fanpage.Incorporating paid media 1-2 days before each episodecan translate into increased viewership for the customer’sprogram.Strong spikes in viral engagement occurred after everyepisode, showcasing the unique opportunity for paidmedia to further boost the conversation.
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