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Flash Web

  1. 1. Basics<br />Making a New Flash Document<br />Saving Document<br />Exporting the Document as a .SWF File<br />Graphics<br />Changing the Background Color<br />Making a line<br />Circle<br />Rectangle<br />Fill Color<br />Pencil & Pen<br />Selecting, Moving and Deleting Objects<br />Making Text<br />Changing the Shapes of Objects<br />AnimationMaking a new frame<br />Making Layers<br />Frame by Frame Animation<br />Making Motion Tween<br />Making a Shape Tween<br />Making a New Flash Document<br />Click on File then New<br />Then click on Flash Document, then click OK.<br />Saving your Flash Document<br />Click on File then Save As…, then name your document<br />Exporting your Document as a .SWF File<br />Click on File, then Export -> Export Movie<br />Changing the Background Color<br />Use the Selection Tool and click on the background, then select the Background Color button on the bottom.<br />Making a line<br />Click on the line tool to draw a line. You can select the color, size or style of the line on the bottom of the page.<br />Circle<br />Fill ColorLine color<br />Select the circle tool, then click and drag to draw you’re line. You can change the color inside and outside of the circle by selecting the Line Color and Fill Color options.<br />Rectangle<br />Line colorFill Color<br />Select the rectangle tool, and click and drag the rectangle just like the circle. You can change the outside and inside color by selecting the Line Color and Fill Color options.<br />Fill Color<br />To fill color inside of a shape, click the Paint Bucket Tool and select the color from the Fill Color option, then click inside of a shape to paint.<br />Pencil and Pen<br />To make a pencil or pen shape, click the pencil or pen tool, the change the color with Line Color or Fill Color (respectively). You can change the shape with the tool on the bottom right.<br />Selecting, Moving and Deleting Objects<br />To select it’s object (to change its color), to move an object or to delete an object, click on the Selection Tool on the top, then click on the shape that you want to select. Double-click on something if you want to select the whole object.<br />Making Text<br />Click on the Text Tool to make text on the screen. You can change the font style, size or color on the bottom.<br />Changing the Shapes of Objects<br />Click on the Selection Tool (or hold CTRL), and click and drag on the object that you want to change.<br />Making a New Frame<br />Right-click on an empty layer and select Insert Keyframe (click Insert Black Keyframe for a frame without any of your old work)<br />Making a Motion Tween<br />Select an entire object, then click Modify ->Group.<br />Insert a new keyframe.<br />Move the object.<br />Click on a frame in the middle and select Motion Tween.<br />Making Shape Tween<br />Start with a basic object<br />Insert Keyframe of Black Keyframe (up to you)<br />Make a new object<br />Select any frame in the middle and then select Shape Tween on the bottom.<br />Frame by Frame Animation<br />Start with a basic shape that you can animate<br />Make a new Keyframe by right-clicking on a black frame and click Insert Keyframe<br />Move your object (repeat until you like the animation that you have)<br />Making Layers<br />If you need to animate multiple parts of the same object, you should use layers so that the parts don’t work against each other. Click on the New Layer button to create a new layer.<br />