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  • 1. Stijn Puente Leenders
  • 2.  The white bellied sea eagle is a bird, specifically an eagle. They’re very big and powerful, in fact they’re Australia’s second largest bird of prey. They can live for 30 years.
  • 3.  They’re white on the head and belly and half of the wings, and dark grey on their back and the other half of the wings. Young sea eagles are speckled brown.
  • 4.  In Australia, we can find them along the coastline, but they are also found inland around rivers and wetlands. White bellied Sea Eagles are not just found in Australia, they also live in New Guinea, Indonesia, and South east Asia.
  • 5.  Sea Eagles are carnivores, they eat mostly fish, turtles and sea snakes. They also eat birds, small mammals and reptiles, and sometimes dead animals next to the water.
  • 6.  During winter and autumn one or two eggs are laid in a nest in tall trees near water. Breeding lasts about 40 days; after that the young eagles stay in the nest for 95 days. If there are two eggs, the first baby often kills the other.
  • 7.  There are 3 main threats to these magnificent birds:1) Habitat destruction is the most importantthreat.2) Too much fishing by humans steals fishfrom the eagles.3) Loud noises, like road buildings, makethem nervous.
  • 8.  At this moment it isn’t on the red list, because there are a lot of different types of this eagle. But the habitat destruction, too much fishing and loud noises made by humans are causing problems for this beautiful animal.