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Surviving Cyber War April09
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Surviving Cyber War April09


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Presentation on the events leading up to the current state of cyber unpreparedness.

Presentation on the events leading up to the current state of cyber unpreparedness.

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  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Coming soon:
      • Blog:
      Surviving Cyber War
    • 2. Agenda Crowd Sourced Cyber Weapons Pervasive Espionage Background Cyber Defense Preparedness
    • 3. Threat hierarchy is a time line!
      • Information Warfare
      • CyberCrime
      • Hactivism
      • Vandalism
      • Experimentation
    • 4. Rumblings April 1, 2001 Navy EP-3 Chinese F-8
    • 5. The Five Levels of Cyber Defense Conditions
      • Cyber DefCon 1. Travel warnings. Governments issue warnings about protecting data when travelling to foreign nations.
      • Cyber DefCon 2. Nation states probe each other’s network’s for vulnerabilities.
      • Cyber Defcon 3. Wide spread information theft with intent to mine industrial as well as military and geo-political secret information.
      • Cyber DefCon 4. Targeted attacks against a nation’s military and government installations. Loss of critical data, collateral damage.
      • Cyber DefCon 5. Nation to nation attacks are malicious with intent to destroy communication infrastructure and disable business processes including financial markets.
    • 6. Chinese Thinking
      • Wang Qingsong, Modern Military-Use High Technology, 1993
      • Zhu Youwen, Feng Yi,and Xu Dechi, Information War Under High Tech Conditions1994
      • Li Qingshan, New Military Revolution and High Tech War, 1995
      • Wang Pufeng, InformationWarfare and the Revolution in Military Affairs, Beijing: 1995;
      • Zhu Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaozhuo, The United States and Russia in the New Military Revolution,1996;
      • Li Qingshan, New Military Revolution and High Tech War, 1995
      • Dai Shenglong and Shen Fuzhen, Information Warfare and Information Security Strategy, 1996
      • Shen Weiguang, On New War 1997
    • 7. Goal: Information Dominance
      • The degree of information superiority that allows the possessor to use information systems and capabilities to achieve an operational advantage in a conflict or to control the situation in operations short of war, while denying those capabilities to the adversary.
      -Field Manual 100-6 Information Operations , August1996.
    • 8. Custom Trojans, tools of the trade Michael Haephrati shows us how.
    • 9. China knows Trojans
      • In the UK, the Home Office has warned about a spate of attacks in recent months involving e-mail Trojans. "We have never seen anything like this in terms of the industrial scale of this series of attacks," said Roger Cumming, director of NISCC
    • 10. Titan Rain world wide
      • Custom Trojans
      • Sandia drops its shorts, 2005
      • Shawn Carpenter, First US Cyber Warrior
      • Summer 2007 Pentagon is attacked and shut down. Source of attack Chinese Red Army
      • German Chancellery, Summer 2007
      • Whitehall, UK
      • France
      • India
      • Australia
    • 11. Ghost Net
      • 1,200 computers including ministry and NATO machines
      • Looking for attribution
      • Attacks on the office of the Dalai Lama
      • Joint Strike Fighter Breach April 21, 2009
    • 12. Joint Strike Fighter
    • 13. Crowd sourcing
    • 14. Cyber war breaks out
      • Estonia, March 2007
      • Ukrain November 2007
      • Lithuania, June 2008
      • Georgia, August 2008
      Nashi summer camp ‘07
    • 15. Cyber Defense Preparedness: Estonia
      • "Cooperative Cyber Defence (CCD) Centre of Excellence (COE) in Tallinn, Estonia.
      • -Cyber Defense Advisors deployed to Georgia
      • -Focus on “home guard”. The minute-man approach.
      • -Tools and techniques (to come)‏
    • 16. Cyber Defense Preparedness: US
      • Cyber Defense Structure. Air Force? NSA? STRATCOM?
      • Offensive capability?
      • Spending: $7 billion new spending per year‏
    • 17. Defending against DDoS
      • Massive bandwidth:
      • 18+ gigs
      • Blocking
      • DNS
      • Shell game using
      • virtualization
    • 18. Surviving Cyber War for every organization
      • Same rules apply, only more so.
      • Appoint a cyber security commander
      • Defense in depth against multiple adversaries
      • Fighting the low and slow war. Your information is their weapon. Worry about infiltration.
      • DDoS. Yes, it takes investment.
      • Surviving a meltdown. Remember modems?
    • 19. Blog: email: [email_address] Twitter: