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Stickers Build Brands   The Sticker Nation Guide To Sticker Campaigns Part I
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Stickers Build Brands The Sticker Nation Guide To Sticker Campaigns Part I


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Custom stickers are a great way to get your brand out there. For many people who are involved in small business, creative projects or community efforts, "branding" is a foreign term. I made this …

Custom stickers are a great way to get your brand out there. For many people who are involved in small business, creative projects or community efforts, "branding" is a foreign term. I made this presentation to help clarify that one's BRAND can be distilled into a LOGO, and from there, be printed on custom vinyl STICKERS and thereby be quickly and easily distributed to people who'll then spread the word about your project for you. Let me know what you think ! - Srini

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Stickers Build Brands! The StickerNation Guide To Sticker Campaigns * Part I
    • 2. Brand Building Is For Everyone Retail And Online Businesses Restaurants, Bars & Coffeeshops Consultants And Professionals Entrepreneurs And Startups Blogs and Web Communities Subcultural Tribes Student And Religious Groups Hobbyists And Activists Musicians And Artists (and their fan clubs!) Publications And Promoters Designers And Hackers Manufacturers Of Cool Stuff Almost every project has a BRAND, when you think about it.
    • 3. Do you have a brand yet? Let’s see it! Even the most anarchist projects usually have a “brand” (cf. CRASS) A brand is like a file folder in the cultural brain. Marketing is simply getting people to click on that file folder. Without awareness of your brand, it’s invisible. Simple as that! Your brand is a repository of your reputation. it isn’t just your logo - it is everything that comes to mind when your project comes up. Creating a brand is the easy part. Investing in it takes forever!
    • 4. You must invest in your brand. Invisible brands tend to die out. Great brands live forever. A brand is a CONTAINER. It is an empty glass until you fill it with your investment: time, ideas, some money, patience, love... Your brand ought to have a LOGO to represent it. Getting your logo out to the world is so easy on custom stickers. Custom stickers are a FUNDAMENTAL investment in your brand. They also fit in with any other campaigns you already do.
    • 5. your stickers: “a cross between a business card and a billboard.” StickerNation helps you amplify your brand-building efforts. your stickers will wind up wherever your brand truly belongs. a subtle suggestion pulses out from each sticker: “check this out.” they literally act as bookmarks to remind people you meet about you but when the sticker goes up, it generally stays there it broadcasts your vivid brand and logo
    • 6. it’s creative, fun, and rewarding to give away stickers for your small business. Custom stickers with your logo make it real. StickerNation makes it easy and fun to print your own. Spreading a logo on stickers is a great investment in marketing. Watching your stickers spread across your town or across a tradeshow is like watching a magical experiment take place. Your stickers act as a permanent reminder that your project is cool.
    • 7. custom stickers with your logo: “ads” that people actually want. We print beautiful works of art that happen to stick. Your logo is an opportunity to symbolize your presence in the world. Getting a sticker is like getting a party favor! People love to decorate with stickers - why not yours? Paper get thrown away, but stickers always find a home.
    • 8. they’re portable - promote anywhere Your stickers, if well designed, will be the best icebreaker ever. The business card is one angle on networking; your sticker is another. Show up with a stack of stickers at a house party. Put bunches of stickers at coffee shops and boutiques around town. Always have your logo stickers in your wallet or purse. You never know when you’ll meet someone who’d love one.
    • 9. a permanent “link” to your business it’s PSYCHOLOGY! anchor your logo in their mind, why not? focus their attention on your logo, now and long afterwards. Try to imagine getting your sticker on their refrigerator They will see it again and again as they go through their day it’s a tiny gift, a party favor... but it’s semi-permanent this triggers the reciprocity, the feeling that they’ll pay you back
    • 10. help your customers spread the word! super targeted: only the people who you deem worthy even get one super tribal: instant cult status! help your tribe identify each other ambient recommendation - your sticker on their fridge is like an endorsement, but they don’t have to actively do anything give away stacks! - why not give ten stickers to everyone who wants to help your business spread the word, like business cards? the best schwag - everybody wants more stickers; why not yours?
    • 11. it’s ALIVE! add stickers to your brand whatever promotion you are doing now, add custom stickers to it! print “come in to our store for your free sticker!” in your ads offer a free sticker to everyone who signs your mailing list spread logo stickers in your next mailing, gig, party, event, meeting stickers make your brand TANGIBLE in the REAL WORLD not just a picture on a website, but something on your computer
    • 12. Get Your Logo On Stickers Fast! Design a logo for your brand. Adobe Illustrator is the way to go. Come to our website. Send us your art through the form there. Check out your preview and complete your payment. Your stickers should arrive within two weeks via Priority Mail. Any questions? Email us at THANK YOU! I hope this was helpful. Get started today: