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CEC XenApp 6.5 New Features Impact
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CEC XenApp 6.5 New Features Impact



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  • 1. Club des Experts Citrix5th December 2011 Citrix XenApp 6.5 New features Impact on production env. Stephane Thirion - ACTIVLAN
  • 2. Stephane ThirionCTO - IT Architect in Activlan - France (Contractor / Consulting)Blog : http://www.archy.netEmail : st@archy.net / sthirion@activlan.comTwitter : @archynet
  • 3. Summary Single Sign On AppCenterService Provider Automation Pack Enhanced Desktop Experience Desktop Director 2 Migration Center Power and Capacity Management HDX Instant App Access Printing Optimization Service Monitoring SmartAuditor Receiver Multi-Stream ICA User Profile Management App Streaming 6.5
  • 4. People  shou*ng  
  • 5. Instant App AccessApp Streaming 6.5HDXMulti-Stream ICAEDE - SPAP
  • 6. Instant App Access Session Pre-launch Linger Fast-re-connect
  • 7. Session Pre-Launch•  Can provide “better than local” experience•  Just-in-Time Pre-Launch•  Scheduled Pre-Launch•  Easily managed through policy settings
  • 8. Session Linger & Reconnect• Dramatically reduces time to reconnect to a session• Simple policy settings •  Linger disconnect timer •  Linger terminate timer• Fast reconnect • No policy settings required
  • 9. From Powerpoint to reality Configuration •  Pre-Launch / Session lingering and fast reconnect settings are managed with policies (XenApp and Microsoft)
  • 10. Demo / Stop motion
  • 11. From Powerpoint to reality Scheduled Pre-launch Application name : App123 (Realtime trading / contribution) Before XenApp 6.5 With XenApp 6.5 •  600 sessions initiated between •  Schedule Pre-launch app 8h00am and 8h15am configuration •  Logon storm •  Schedule between 05h30 and•  Profile loading is very long 08h30 •  Filer (Profile store) is very busy •  Oracle database is overload •  15 to 20 minutes to be able to work •  Market is opening at 09h00
  • 12. From Powerpoint to reality Scheduled Pre-launch Application name : App123 (Realtime trading and contribution) + - •  Latest Receiver 3.0 and up •  Latest Receiver 3.0 and up •  The load is spread on 3h00 •  Receiver for Windows only timeframe instead of 15 minutes feature. •  Easy to setup •  Customizing the pre-launch feature using the icaclient.adm file is not supported. •  Registry setting to set on the client device •  Session need to be open and lock •  Pre-launch application create another published application HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECitrixICA ClientPrelaunch http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/receiver-30-windows/ica-session-pre-launch.html
  • 13. From Powerpoint to reality Considerations and take away •  When a pre-launch session is created, it takes up a license immediately•  When enable for an app, the setting applies to all users and servers configured for the application•  When creating a Pre-launch app, a new app object is created in the AppCenter console
  • 14. App StreamingWhat’s new with 6.5 Overview
  • 15. App Streaming 6.5•  VHD Streaming•  RadeFastLaunch•  SHA2 signing (Still SHA1 for legacy Offline Plug-in support)http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131338
  • 16. HDXNew version Overview
  • 17. New HDX / Flash for WAN v2 •  Faster HDX performance over the WAN •  Highly responsive up to 300ms network latency •  Compresses, caches and prioritizes traffic •  Available on Receiver for Windows and Linux (Fedora & Ubuntu) •  Flash for WAN v2 •  Internet Explorer 9 supporthttp://citrix.g2planet.com/synergybarcelona2011/public_session_view.php?agenda_session_id=139&conference=synergyhttp://blogs.citrix.com/2011/11/01/what-do-you-need-to-know-about-hdx-ready-system-on-a-chip-soc/
  • 18. Multi-Stream ICA Granular Quality of Service for ICA
  • 19. “Classic” ICA Citrix Receiver Router XenApp 6.5 ICA  14  Virtual  Streams   HTTP  
  • 20. Multi-Stream ICA Citrix Receiver Router XenApp 6.5 ICA  Real*me   ICA  Real*me   ICA  Interac*ve   ICA  Interac*ve   ICA  Bulk   ICA  Bulk   ICA  Background   ICA  Background   HTTP  
  • 21. Setup
  • 22. Enhanced Desktop Experience Win-7 look and feel for hosted shared desktops Service Provider Automation Pack
  • 23. Before Applying Windows 7 Desktop Experience•  Familiar to IT admins – not users •  Unfamiliar server tools •  Missing Media Player, Snipping tool, etc. •  Plain Start menu •  Plain Task Bar
  • 24. After Applying Windows 7 Desktop Experience •  More familiar for users •  Support for themes •  Accessory apps (Windows Media Player, Snipping Tool, etc.) •  High-res, vibrant wallpaper •  Win7 Start Menu and Taskbar
  • 25. Service Provider Automation Pack •  Windows 7 experience enabler •  GPO to lockdown the desktop •  Full XenApp farm automatic deployment •  Use a multi tenant farm with a broker lockdown script •  This is not only for Cloud Providers (CSP) •  If you want to work on XenApp farm automatic deployment (POC etc..)This is an executable file to download, install it and you’ll find all the scripts in c:Program Files...http://citrix.com/English/ss/downloads/details.asp?downloadId=2311403&productId=186
  • 26. Service Provider Automation PackXenApp DVD •  Data Collector •  Backup DC •  Licensing Server •  WebInterface server (Configured to use an Access Gateway) •  XenApp worker serverA lot more soon on http://www.archy.net stay tune !
  • 27. Additional Features & Enhancements •  Power Capacity Management: •  Hyper-V and ESX support •  PCM Agent configuration via AD policy•  HDX Policy Templates•  EdgeSight 5.4•  Migration Center•  XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack
  • 28. Thanks !Questions ? it…  
  • 29. @archynet Stéphane Thirion http://www.archy.netst@archy.net / sthirion@activlan.com