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Jan 2011 packet

  1. 1. Catechetical Leaders January/February Agenda Welcome Introductions New Vision, New Lenses Building Bridges with all of Gods People Opening Prayer Paul Welch: Immigration Campaign Break C.L. Retreat: PLEASE, RSVP by January 27th On the Calendar: Public Policy Day, Race for the Cross, May Dinner? thoughts? ideas? speakers? Pathways Certification: Note all the upcoming courses! Level I & II More Possibilities! Suggestions for workshops, etc. March Meeting: Sr. Frances Paris: Baptism and Beyond April Meeting: Fr. Scardella: The New Roman Missal Take and Teach Ideas (Sharing Time) New Resources!Heading South for the Winter! Office Hours while Andrea & Cheryl head to sunny Florida! Office hours will be limited! Please call before coming!
  2. 2. Hello everyone! We began a new year at the Eastern Region Office by continuing our conversation on the topic of "NewVisions". We began this topic of conversation last spring and have continued to use this theme during our meetingsthis year. As catechetical leaders, parish leaders, and various other ministerial leaders, we need to look at the workwe do with new lenses. A new generation of Church members are in our midst, and their cultural world is muchdifferent from ours. Their world includes information at their fingertips, access to communication with the world,and diverse cultural influences. We face the challenge of reaching our young people in a way that their hearts canbe touched personally in a world which can isolate true human contact. How can we help our young teens find thepresence of God in a world that seems to ignore God? Our opening meeting for the year "focused" on bridges. Bridges are structures that connect two places that arenormally obstructed. As catechetical leaders, we are bridges in so many ways: we are bridges between families inour parishes; we create bridges between between grade levels and between Sacraments; we build bridges betweenparish ministries and sometimes even between parishes. We build bridges between parish life and family life. Andwe build bridges between Church and community by way of outreach and Catholic Christian living. During our prayer service, we literally used new lenses to see how love can build bridges. Prior to the prayerservice, we all had fun wearing paper 3-D glasses. We then began our prayer service which included he 3-D videoby the Judds which depicted how individuals can be the bridges that bring people together in peace and love. Thevideo can be viewed on you tube. The address can be found on this months Catechetical Crier. Paul Welch is one of those people who builds bridges. His work with immigrants and refugees builds bridges tohelp meet the needs of many people. His message to the catechetical leaders was that building bridges throughcultural differences and bureaucratic obstructions with love and understanding can be done through our parishoutreach programs and with help of our youth programs. Some of his ideas are included in the enclosed packet. In our discussions, it was brought up that extending ourselves to the immigrant communities and farmers whohire immigrants can be difficult because of trust issues. Therefore, finding a person to connect with is important.Stephanie Mosher from our CL team offered to be of assistance to "bridge" parish outreach with immigrant farmworkers. Another point of discussion included the planning of the Annual May Dinner. Various speakers names werebrought up including Fr. Joe OConnor, Sr. Johanne McCarthy, Sr. Marise May, Sr. Maureen Denn, Sr. Mary EllenSchopfer, and Jim Krisher. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Just contact the EasternRegion Resource Center! We also discussed changing the evening from a Monday to Thursday. What are yourthoughts? Finally, we spent some time sharing ideas. Lisa Spooner once again "wowed" us with her ways of connectingthe parents into the formation of their childrens faith. She shared with us her monthly "take home" brochure titled"The Religion Clock" for elementary students families and "A Journey through Lent, Lenten Math: Addition &Subtraction" for all families. Copies of these are available at the Resource Center for you to use, too!I hope to see you at the next meeting, March 3/4 with speaker Sr. Frances Paris focusing on Baptism and Beyond.Many blessings,Andrrea
  3. 3. January 20/21, 2011 Love can Build a Bridge "SEE" what new visions you can find at the Eastern Region Catechetical Leaders Meetings!http://www.youtube.com/ Oh, cool! This paperwatch?v=_pqGOf_V2T4 looks so cool, I cant waitThe Judds "Love can to watch the 3-D moviebuild a Bridge", a 3-D for prayer!music video for prayer.
  4. 4. Love Can Build a Bridge Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit - just as you werecalled to one baptism; one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all...Speaking thetruth in love, we will in all things grow up into God. From God the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Ephesians 4:2-6, 15, 16 The Bridge Builders ConversationInquirer: How do you build a bridge?Bridge Builder: We dont build bridges the way we used to, you know.Inquirer: Youre assuming I know how they used to do it!Bridge Builder: Well, they used to just build them a piece at time, but not anymore! Now we truck huge pre-fabricated hunks of a bridge to the site and eventually weld them together into a bridge. Reflection What a graphic picture of relationships in our society! People used to grow up together in smallcommunities where friendships were built gradually, simply, and naturally....a day at a time. Peopleactually knew one another - sharing their fears, joys, struggles, losses, and dreams - often from birth todeath. But not anymore! In todays crowded and mobile society many of us truck huge pre-formed hunks of ourselves from place toplace, then discover the need to somehow weld ourselves to our new neighbors in some sort of bridge tospan our isolation. Previously developed parts of our personalities - attitudes, bents, customs,temperaments, needs, hopes, perceptions - remain separated from other people. Our wounds are covered,our dreams guarded. And we are unfamiliar with the techniques required to build modern-day bridges offriendship. We are even unsure where to begin.Inquirer: How do they hold all those big pieces together until they can be joined by welding?Bridge Builder: Have you ever driven down the highway and seen a bridge under construction that lookslike scaffolding all around it? Well, that is called shoring. Shoring is the temporary structure that we buildto hold everything together until it can be welded into place.Inquirer: What is the shoring that will hold this group together as they strive to build bridges ofcollaboration?Bridge Builder: A listening heart, an open mind, creative energy and the belief that with Gods help, allthings are possible. SharingWhat images came to mind as you read? / What bridges do you see being built today?/ How are youbuilding bridges? / Where are bridges needing yet to be built?Adapted from Crossing the Bridge Between You and Me. Lenzkes, Susan.Discovery House Publication, 1994 Scripture INV
  5. 5. Love Can Build a Bridge The Judds Id gladly walk across the desert With no shoes upon my feet To share with you the last bite Of bread I had to eat I would swim out to save you In your sea of broken dreams When all your hopes are sinkin Let me show you what love means (Chorus) Love can build a bridge Between your heart and mine Love can build a bridge Dont you think its time? Dont you think its time? I would whisper love so loudly Every heart could understand That love and only love Can join the tribes of man I would give my hearts desire So that you might see The first step is to realize That it all begins with you and me (Repeat Chorus) When we stand together Its our finest hour We can do anything, anything Keep believin in the power (Repeat Chorus) Love and only love Love and only love Blessings- May we bridge our fears and deal with our reticence, practicing honesty, openess, acceptance,availablility, and non-judgmental support.-May we deliberately surround ourselves with Gods supportive truth until Gods way of loving becomesmore fully our way.-May we work at building the kind of relationships that enable each of us to share our hopes and fears.-May we discover the priceless gift of joy that shared laughter can bring to our ministries.-Nay we conscioiusly do those things that let us be known to others and that, in turn, help us to know andunderstand them.-And may our bridge building bind us together, enriching our shared lives, and uplifting our souls.
  6. 6. Jan/Feb 2011 Eastern Region Office of Faith Formation Catechetical Crier Catechetical Crier It’s time to take care of yourself… Sacramental Imagination: Level 1 Catechist Formation : Engaged by the Sacred Discipleship: Living the Faith Wednesdays: Feb. 23, March 2 & 16 6:00pm – 9:00pm St. Thomas, New Hartford Facilitator: Cathy Cornue Catechetical Leader’s Retreat Presenter: Fr. Neil Draves - Arpaia Online Courses: Courses Thursday, Feb. 3 – Friday, Feb. 4 Discipleship: Living the Faith Stella Maris Retreat Center $ 85.00 Jan. 21 - 28 Spirituality Sr. Lois Barton Let Fr. Neil help you to be invigorated by Register at hrtcenter12@gmail.com the “true and the beautiful” Jan. 28 – Feb. 4 Social Justice Register with Cathy Cornue Deadline: Thurs. Jan. 27 Theresa May ccornue@syrdio.org Register at tmay@syracusediocese.org The Catechist: Call, Mission & VIRTUS: Keeping the Promise Alive: Alive Formation Sunday, Jan. 23 @ 4: 00 Notre Dame School Feb. 4 - 13 Catechist & the Catechesis To register please email Mike Zasa mzasa@syrdiocese.org Connie Armstrong Wednesday, Jan. 26 @ 10 am Register at carmstrong11@verizon.net St. Bernard, Waterville To register please call St. Bernard: 841-4481 Feb. 18 - 26 Faith Development Thursday, Jan. 27 @ 6: 00pm Sr. Lois Barton Eastern Region Office To register please email: RecertRegister@syrdio.org Register at hrtcenter12@gmail.com Protecting God’s Children: Children Mar. 4 - 18 Practical Catechesis Wednesday, Feb. 2 @ 6:30 Bonnie Barker Holy Family, Vernon Register at dff13@yahoo.com Register on line. ***Please do not register with the Office of Faith Formation … thank you. Race 4 the Cross March 5 9:00am – 6:00pmRegister now … Sacred Heart Church, CiceroNew York State Catholic Conferences 2011 public policy day,Catholics at the Capitol, Tuesday, March 8, at the Empire Grades: 7 -12State Plaza Convention Center in Albany. Cost: $35 www.raceforthecross.orgwww.nyscatholicconference.org/pages/policy/show_policy.asp
  7. 7. What’s New? Save the date… A new presenter , new style, to help re-new YOU! Catherine Cooney is quite an eclectic gem in our region. Her background ranges from graduating with a religion major to receiving a masters in Biological Science. She holds a Masters in Religion and is an RN in Nursing. Talk about bringing the academic world into the spiritual world!!!! You will find her workshop to be both spiritually uplifting as well as academic. She has a very strong background in world history which she uses to bring learners into a deeper understanding of inter-relational aspects of Eastern and Western Rites, Jewish roots to Christianity and Biblical reference. Cathy was very assuring that not only does she teach to the participants, but then follows through with "Okay, now, how can this be used in your lessons for catechesis?". Her debut course will take place March 16th, so mark the date! We will have more details about the course title, description, and place in the very near future! (It is in the process of being built!) Introducing a new Catechetical Leader … Patricia (Tricia) L. Pennise St. Helena’s Church Coordinator of Faith Formation & Youth Ministry says… My name is Patricia Pennise, and I am the new Coordinator of Faith Formation at St. Helena’s Church in Sherrill. I have been a Catechist at St. Helena’s for 6 years and have enjoyed working with the children in our faith formation program. Last spring I began meeting with several teens in our parish, with the goal of starting a youth group . Our youth group, named Generation 4.12 (based on the verse from 1 Timothy 4.12), has been meeting twice a month since October. I am also the Chairperson for St. Helena’s Pastoral Council. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Potsdam and a Master’s Degree in Education from SUNY Cortland, and am a certified elementary teacher in NYS. I also earned my Basic Catechetical certification a few years ago. I am happily married to Andrew (Andy) Pennise, and together we have three children, Patrick (15), Sarah (6) and Matthew (4) and a cat named Boots. We reside in Oneida. Andy and I made a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend last June, and are members of the Central City Core in Syracuse. When I am not busy at home with my family or at church with the youth, I enjoy scrapbooking and karate. I have a green belt in karate, and I hope to earn my black belt within the next 1 ! years. I also spend time with the Girl Scouts as a Daisy Leader. I am very excited about my role as Coordinator of Faith Formation for St. Helena’s, and am grateful to Father Mesmer for giving me this opportunity. My parish community is very welcoming and helpful, and I look forward to serving them in this ministry. And last but not least… our new Director of Faith Formation , Andrea Slaven …CONGRATULATIONS! CaTECHist Corner Join Caroline Cerveny , SSJ and many others in a site filled with all kinds of information on using technology in today’s world http://digitalcatechesis.ning.com /Carolyn Cerveny also has a teaching website called http://acyberpilgrim.org .She is running a 20week blog to include technology tips, how-tos, and integration ideas. So far the posts include"What techologies for 2011?", "Blogging Knowledge", and "Encountering a Virtual Mystagogy". If youdont remember to always check in to her website, you can have new posts automatically delivered to youre-mail by registering on her website. Also FYI:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pqGOf_V2T4&feature=related 3D video Love Can Build a Bridgewww.usccb.org and go to Justice for Immigrants link or contact Paul Welch at pwelch@syrdio.org
  8. 8. Justice for Immigrants Campaign Outline for Eastern Region Directors’ of Faith FormationScriptural and Teaching Roots:Matthew 25SamaritansEncyclicals2003 StrangersPossible Youth Projects:1) Create a banner that has a welcome the stranger saying on it. The youthmight be given direction as to where to find appropriate stories in Scriptureabout strangers and take a key passage. The makers should sign the banner.Then during Mass it should be presented at the Offertory and left at the altar.At the end of Mass the banner should recess with the celebrant. Parishionerscan then sign the banner at the back of church. The banner should be left inthe back of church for parishioners to sign.We will try and have a liturgy at the end of February or March when youthcan display their parish banners.2) Work with the parish Human Development group to collect donations forlocal immigrant farm workers. Help deliver the supplies and meet theworkers.3) Collect newspaper or Internet articles on both welcoming and hurting thestranger. Compare and contrast with Scripture stories. See if youth can findmodern stories that would parallel one of the Stations of the Cross. Create amodern day station that would be placed under the traditional station inchurch.
  9. 9. Possible Immigrant or Refugee Connections:1) There are numerous people who can help a parish connect with eithergroup. Lydia Medina previously worked with the NYS Dept. of Laborreaching out to immigrant workers. There are close to 5000 dairy workers inOneida and Madison Counties. Many of these workers are migrants. Contactwith farmers is key. Parishioners might have contacts with farmers.2) If it is impractical for parishioners to go to the stranger, we can arrangefor refugees to come to the parish and share their story.3) Donations can be collected and then trucked to the appropriate site.
  10. 10. Catechist Formation Office of Faith Formation Online Level I Course OfferingsDiscipleship: Living the FaithJan. 7 - 14 Creed, Councils and Church Elizabeth Fallon To register email faithformation@verizon.netJan. 14 – 21 Sacraments Pam Peters To register email OLSRelEd@stny.rr.comJan. 21 – 28 Spirituality Sr. Lois Barton To register email hrtcenter12@gmail.comJan. 28 – Feb. 4 Social Justice Theresa May To register email tmay@syracusediocese.orgThe Catechist: Call, Mission & FormationFebruary 4 - 13 Catechist & the Catechesis Connie Armstrong To register, contact Connie Armstrong at carmstrong11@verizon.netFebruary 18-26 Faith Development Sr. Lois Barton To register, contact Sr. Lois Barton at hrtcenter12@gmail.comMarch 4 – 18 Practical Catechesis Bonnie Barker To register email dff13@yahoo.comThe Word: Foundation of CatechesisMarch 18 – 25 Scriptural Foundations Kathy Meus To register, contact Kathy Meus at kalmdreamer48@hotmail.comMarch 25 – April 1 Old Testament Cathy Cornue To register, contact Cathy Cornue at ccornue@syrdio.orgApril 1 – 8 New Testament Connie Armstrong To register, contact Connie Armstrong at carmstrong11@verizon.netApril 8 – 15 The Gospels & Acts Sr. Lois Barton To register, contact Sr. Lois Barton at hrtcenter12@gmail.comApril 15 – 22 The Letters & Book of Revelation Andrea Schaffer To register, contact Andrea Schafer at sroffdir@stny.rr.comDiscipleship: Living the FaithApril 29 – May 6 Creed, Councils & Church Elizabeth Fallon To register email faithformation@verizon.netMay 6 – 13 Sacraments Linda Buckley To register, contact Linda Buckley at ABUCKLEY2@TWCNY.RR.COMMay 13 – 20 Spirituality Cathy Cornue To register, contact Cathy Cornue at ccornue@syrdio.orgMay 20 – 27 Social Justice Theresa May To register, contact Theresa May at tmay@syrdio.org
  11. 11. Trinity, Grace & Images of God will be held regionally on these dates. Participation inthis in-person component is required for certification.Southern Region February 10 6:30 – 8:30 pm Our Lady of Good Council, EndicottWestern Region February 12 9:30 – 11:30 am Bishop Harrison Center, SyracuseNorthern Region April 9 9:30 – 11:30 am St. Mary’s Parish Center, OswegoEastern Region May 12 6:30 – 8:30 pm St. John, New HartfordTo register for Trinity, Grace & Images of God, please contact the regional offices. Thedeadline is 1 week before the start of the course. If you cannot attend in one region, you arewelcome to come to any other that fits your schedule.Remember…ALL components of each course must be taken before a certificate of completioncan be given. Upon completion of the three Level One courses, participants will receive LevelOne Certification as a Catechist in the Diocese of Syracuse. 11.22.10
  12. 12. Course DescriptionThis course will provide a contemporary overview of traditionalthemes and basic beliefs of our faith by focusing on the Creedand Sacraments. Other aspects of the course include an overviewof theology, spirituality and social justice. This course will deepenthe catechists’ understanding of our faith tradition so that theyare better prepared to communicate it to others. This is the third course necessary for catechetical certification. It isalso an opportunity for all adults to deepen their commitment to live asdisciples. Courses do not need to be taken in order.Wednesdays: February 23, March 2 & 166:00 – 9:00 pmSt. Thomas, New HartfordCatherine Cornue, PresenterWhat to bring? Bring a notebook, a pen, and an open heart. To register, call the Eastern Region Office at 797-4030 or email csmith@syrdio.org. Funded by the Heritage Campaign