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Reproductive system#2persentation
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Reproductive system#2persentation


Chapter #2 presentation for Bio 120. Summer'10 at Truman.

Chapter #2 presentation for Bio 120. Summer'10 at Truman.

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  • 1. Reproductive System Sirinthip Thanomphon
  • 2.
    • I
    • Am
    • Looking for
    • My
    • Soulmate
    • And
    • This
    • Is
    • Where
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    • From….
  • 3. Male Reproductive System
  • 4. External Organs of Reproduction
    • The scrotum
    • - Containing the testes.
    • Providing a temperature lower than that of the body.
    • Requiring for viable sperm production.
    • The testes
    • Oval in shape.
    • Responsible for the production of sperm.
    • There are two testes and each is covered externally by tunica albuginea.
  • 5. External Organs of Reproduction (cont)
    • Penis
    • It is the male sex organ containing erectile tissue that encased in skin.
    • It delivers semen into the female vagina.
    • Epididymis
    • Each epididymis is a coiled tubule that lies on top of the testes within the scrotum.
    • Serving as the location for sperm maturation and storage till they are ready to be released.
  • 6. Internal Organs of Reproduction
    • Vas Deferens
    • Carrying sperm from the epididymis up into the pelvic cavity.
    • It is also called spermatic cord.
    • Seminal Vesicles
    • They are small glands located at the base of the urinary bladder.
    • Connecting to the vas deferens just before the urethra.
    • Secreting a glucose-rich fluid that nourishes the sperms.
  • 7. Internal Organs of Reproduction (cont)
    • Prostate Gland
    • It is located below the urinary bladder.
    • It is important for the reproductive process because it keeps sperms alive by neutralizing the pH of the urethra and vagina.
    • Bulbourethral
    • It is also known as Cowper’s glands.
    • Locating on the side of the urethra just below the prostate.
    • Producing a mucuslike lubricating fluid and become a part of the ejacalate.
  • 8.
    • I’m
    • also
    • Looking for
    • My
    • Soulmate
    • And
    • This
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  • 9. Female Reproductive System
  • 10. Internal Genitalia
    • Ovaries
    • There are two ovaries, one located on each side of the uterus within the pelvic cavity.
    • They are small almond-shaped glands that produce the ova and the female sex hormones.
  • 11. Internal Genitalia (cont.)
    • Fallopian Tubes
    • It is also called the uterine tubes or oviducts.
    • They are located around each ovary to either side of the upper portion of the uterus.
    • Uterus
    • It is a hallow, pear-shaped organ that contains a thick muscular wall.
    • It is supported by the round ligaments to stay in the same place.
  • 12. Internal Genitalia (cont.)
    • Vagina
    • It is the muscular tube, lined with mucous membrane.
    • It allows for the passage of the menstrual flow.
    • During intercourse, it receives the male’s penis and semen which is the fluid containing sperm.
    • Serving as the birth canal through which the baby passes during a normal vaginal birth.
  • 13. Finally…We found each other!!
  • 14. And this is how important of the reproductive system…
  • 15. Reference
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