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Relatiebijeenkomst GO Opleidingen 22 06 2007  S A B I C  New  Way Of  Working
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Relatiebijeenkomst GO Opleidingen 22 06 2007 S A B I C New Way Of Working






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Relatiebijeenkomst GO Opleidingen 22 06 2007  S A B I C  New  Way Of  Working Relatiebijeenkomst GO Opleidingen 22 06 2007 S A B I C New Way Of Working Presentation Transcript

  • SABIC’s New Way of Working Dominique Hermans Records Management Legal Affairs [email_address] 22 juni 2007, GO Opleidingen
    • Started from scratch in 1976, produced first tons in 1983
    • 49 million tons produced in 200 6
    • Broad chemical and polymers product portfolio
    • Turn-over of almost € 19 bln
    • Is 70% owned by Saudi government and 30% by private sector
    • 19.000 Employees in 22 countries
    • Operating profit almost € 4.5 bln in 2006
    Basic Chemicals Intermediates Polymers Fertilizers Metals Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
  • SABIC today is number 4 global polyolefins player Source SABIC 2007 Global ranking 0 2.000 4.000 6.000 8.000 10.000 BASELL DOW EXXONMOBIL SABIC SINOPEC INEOS TOTAL PC PETROCHINA BOREALIS FORMOSA PP PE
  • SABIC Euro pe SABIC’s first acquisition outside Saudi Arabia Gelsenkirchen, Germany Geleen, the Netherlands Teesside, UK Sittard, the Netherlands
  • SABIC Europe sells 10.9 mln tons of product 2.2 million tons 8.7 million tons PE: 2.4 million tons HDPE LDPE LLDPE PP: 1,2 million tons Hopol Copol Random Other polymers: 100.000 tons Chemicals: 7.2 million tons Butadiene Benzene Crude C4 C5+/C6 Heavy aromatics Glycol HF1800 (TX cut) Methanol MTBE/ETBE Styrene
  • ‘ 550 brain cells working smarter not harder’
  • ‘ 550 brain cells working smarter not harder’
    • increased productivity
    • less formal meetings
    • higher efficiency
    • better team spirit
    HRM, LA, SP&D DCM, SSE + IAM CA’s BU’s HD, LD/LL, PP M&E, PP Auto + IAM’s ICT & Diamond & Projects BU O&I, BU A&O, Sunrise, Reach PLAZA FSC, Finance, GPA&Com, F4a Board PLAZA
    • beschikbare informatie op ieder moment en elke plek
    • einde aan de e-mailbombardementen
    • delen van informatie (‘halen’ i.p.v. ‘brengen’)
    • transparantere processen
    • heldere informatiestructuur
    • los van ‘afdelings’mentaliteit
    Gebruik(st)ers wensen / eisen ...
  • Flex4all: Implementing 3 pillars of change
    • E-WORK at SABIC:
    • 24/7 location- and paper
    • independency
    • Inside the office:
    • Digital archive supported by ECM system (Livelink)
    • Wireless network
    • Follow-me printing
    • DECT or GSM phones
    • Outside the office:
    • Via internet: I-Pass, UMTS
    • Network access: Citrix, VPN
    What ? location independent 1 2 3 paper independent open office 24/7 access Behavior Livelink
  • Flex4all: Implementing 3 pillars of change Project started in Dec. 2004 involving ± 100 employees and 7 expert teams: 1. People & organization 2. Information management 3. ICT infrastructure 4. Work environment 5. Facility management 6. Building & construction 7. Communications How ? location independent 1 2 3 paper independent open office 24/7 access Behavior Livelink
    • We no longer have assigned desks, but select temporary workstations based on the work we are going to perform.
    • Workstations are not property; they cannot be reserved.
    • Clear your workstation for someone else if you plan to vacate it for more than one hour.
    Code of Conduct
    • We all share a number of facilities in our work environment. We leave each facility as we found it.
    • Clear your workstations before you leave and apply the ‘clean desk’ principle.
    • Tidy up team rooms before leaving them.
    Code of Conduct
    • Our work environment should offer everyone a sufficient level of privacy.
    • Don’t disturb colleagues who are working in a cockpit or in the library.
    • Having phone calls is not permitted in the library.
    • Choose a suitable workstation when dealing with confidential matters.
    Code of Conduct
    • Our work environment requires constant vigilance when it comes to information security.
    • Don’t leave confidential information lying around unattended.
    • Make sure your laptop screensaver is on when you leave a workstation (  L ).
    Code of Conduct
  • Advantages & disadvantages of open office flexibility less paper teambuilding less formal meetings openness information sharing top interior more freedom much more internal contacts wireless less & more privacy handling confidentiality de-personalized environment better services and facilities best office in Limburg top ergonomics teamwork noise?
  • Project plan : Roll out & implementation phase 1 Holiday Jul 1. Tool selection 2. Policies and procedures 3. Realize base architecture 6. Vitalizing 5. Detailed inventory 7. Digitize service 9. Train the trainer 8.Helpdesk 10. Roll out plan 11. Digitize with 3 roll out teams Evaluate planning Planned Ready new office inhabitants Investigate involved users outside new office Train and give access involved users new office Digitize pilot 2005 Nov Dec May Jun Aug Jan Feb Mar Apr Sep Dec Nov Oct
  • SABIC Nieuwe Manier van Werken 1
  • Doel vitaliseren ... meer dan alleen maar opruimen Bibliotheek Team-archief ‘ onderhanden werk’ Beschikbare opslagruimte papier per persoon Uitgangspunt is 0 m 1 team-archief, tenzij … 0,5 m 1 0,4 m 1 < 1 m 1 Persoonlijke stukken (“locker”)
    • ontwikkelen van een structuur voor procesgeörienteerde teamarchieven
    • ontmantelen persoonlijke archieven
    • opruimen persoonlijke archieven: vernietigen of overdragen
    • vaststellen van:
      • de eigenaar
      • permissies
      • bewaarmotieven ( en –termijnen)
    Vitaliseringsdoelen Eerst vitaliseren, dan pas digitaliseren!
  • 3 aspecten bij bepalen structuur
    • Eenvoudig opbergen / raadplegen
    • Overzichtelijke permissiestructuur
    • Toepassen van bewaartermijnen
  • Stappen vitaliseren benoem vitaliseringsteam 1 bepaal globale high level structuur 2 opruimen kasten vitaliseringsteam 3 bepaal definitieve high level structuur 4 vitaliseren afdeling 5 bepaal eigenaar en detailindeling 6 indelen teamarchief 7 beheer teamarchief afstemmen & borgen 8
  • Folder structure
  • Bewaren of weggooien? plicht om te bewaren? noodzaak om te bewaren? informatie-waarde? te beoordelen document(en) / mappen zijn wij de ‘eigenaar’? nee ja ja ja ja nee nee nee toegang afstemmen met ‘eigenaar’ bewaren ‘ business’ afweging A ‘ juridische’ afweging
  • Vaststellen van bewaarplaats store in internal records centre files needed often? contact records management sensitive confirmed? destroy files after check scanned files scan paper documents to searchable PDF keep paper files ? YES YES YES NO NO NO A store in external records centre sensitive files? YES NO
    • circa. 3.000 m 1 weggegooid:
      • 300 kantoorkasten (1.500 m 1 )
      • opheffen intern depot (1.100 m 1 )
      • opgeruimd vanuit extern depot (500 m 1 )
      • gescande documenten (110 m 1 )
    Resultaat vitaliseren 2005 - 2006
    • circa 1.100 m 1 overgebracht naar extern depot
  • Resultaat vitaliseren 2005 - 2006
    • weggooien van 40 m 3 document gerelateerde zaken (mappen, bakjes, showtassen, etc.)
    • grote hoeveelheden overtollig meubilair
  • SABIC Nieuwe Manier van Werken  2
  • Doel digitaliseren
    • • implementatie LiveLink.
    • • opslaan van actuele relevante documenten (géén applicaties)
    • waar nodig delen van relevante informatie, inclusief e-mails
    • • vermijden van opslag dubbele c.q. overtollige documenten
    • • digitaal maken overgebleven papieren documenten
    • • in gebruik nemen digitale archief
  • Aanpak digitaliseren 1. Kick off 2. Demo Livelink 3. Verzamelen gegevens 4. Functioneel Ontwerp 5. Goedkeuring Afdeling 11. Nazorg 10. Migratie 9. Training 8. Check Go Live 7. Functionele Test 6.Configureer Livelink Doorlooptijd: +/- 12 weken
  • Livelink Workspaces “ LOCKER” Like current G: drives “read-only” & Intranet Enterprise Workspace Work in Progress Personal Workspace Published Items
  • Work in Progress versus Published Work in Progress Active Inactive DEPT. ARCHIVE Final Draft Final RS Business Active Inactive JOINT AC . ARCHIVE RS Joint Activities Active Inactive PROJECT ARCHIVE RS Company Projects Active Inactive COMPANY ARCHIVE RS Published Publish
  • Verwijderen irrelevante records uit Livelink Personal Workspace Enterprise Workspace Work in Progress Published Items Verwijderen door gebruiker Verwijderen door gebruiker(s) en /of verwijderen door coordinator via RS na akkoord business owner Verwijderen door RM via RS na akkoord business owner
  • Bewaarmotieven en -termijnen Bewaarmotieven - time-based - event-based - permanent RM Classificatie gebaseerd op bewaarmotieven Folderstructuur WiP / Publish X
  • bewaarmotieven hoofdmotief hoofdmotief hoofdmotief submotief submotief submotief submotief RS 2+5 RS 2+8 RS 2+3 RS 2+20 Structuur RM classificatie
  • Bewaarmotieven
  • Veranderingen
    • Geen centraal archief en/of bibliotheek en/of DIV zoals van oudsher bekend
    • Informatie wordt niet meer gebracht, maar gehaald (pull instead of push)
    • Verantwoordelijkheid omtrent archiveringszaken ligt bij de
    • proceseigenaar i.p.v. Records Management
    • RM heeft een adviserende rol (geen ‘dumpplek’)