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Basic Auto Electrical diagrams

  1. 1. ==== ====For all Auto Electrical ====Have you made the decision to convert your gas powered car to an electric car? Electric autoconversion allows your gas powered car to run on electricity while allowing you to completely cutthe fuel costs that you pay each day.Well, if you have decided on electric auto conversion, then here are some points that you maywant to consider before beginning the process to convert your vehicle to run on electric power.1. Do you have a list of all the tools and parts that you will need to convert your vehicle?Have you identified all items that you will need to locate to complete your electric car project? Youwill need basic tools (like wrenches) and some specialized equipment that you can either borrow,rent, or purchase on your own. If you have a friend or neighbor who has some mechanicalexperience, then consider borrowing any tools that you need from them. They may also volunteertheir help to work with you to complete your car.2. Have you selected the batteries and motors that you will be using to complete your conversion?There are certain batteries and motors that need to be installed on your vehicle. Deep cellbatteries are the best to use since they allow a decrease of around 20% battery life before the nextrecharge is required.3. Do you have electric car plans in place to help you with your electric auto conversion project?Do you have access to wiring diagrams and plans for your vehicle to successfully complete theconversion process on your own? These plans really help to outline the step by step conversionprocess while teaching you at the same time the inner workings of your vehicle.The entire process to convert your car is not as complicated as it may sound. The important keyhere is to have all the resources and tools in place before you begin. With proper planning, you willbe able to have the first electric car in your neighborhood.Electric Auto Conversion provides a guide for you to learn how to convert your car to an electriccar and begin saving money on gas.We have been extremely blessed by the decision that we made to convert our vehicle to electric. Itis definitely something that you should consider as well.
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