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This product will be in the new showcase at the QBC meeting in October

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Pharma Kberg

  1. 1. MICROBIOLOGICAL RESULTS STILL WAITING? Benefits: Continuous monitoring detects biological contamination of WFI or purified water in real time Significantly lowers costs by reducing product loss and product recalls dueJMAR INTRODUCES to contamination Monitors effectiveness of water purification processes• CONSTANT WATER QUALITY AWARENESS Automated system offeres low mainenance and low cost of ownership• REAL-TIME BIOBURDEN MEASUREMENT Features:• INCREASED PROCESS CONTROL Total sytem flow 100ml/min• ONLINE MINUTE BY MINUTE ANALYSIS Inspection volume rate ~ 1 ml per minute (1.4 liters per day)• IMMEDIATE MEASURABLE ROI Requires no consumables or reagents for detection• LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION (300 WATTS) Automatic cleaning WAITING FOR MICROBIOLOGICAL KBERG CONSULTANTS TEST RESULTS FOR WFI AND STEWART JASON KOHNBERG PURIFIED WATER IS NOW 4234 MASSEY PRESERVE TRAIL RALEIGH, NC 27616 USA A THING OF THE PAST PHONE (910)232-0342 STEW@KBERG.INFO WWW.KBERG.INFO
  2. 2. REAL-TIME RESULTS, REAL SAVINGSSample Business Senerio YEAR BioSentry’s real-time results equal real savings for BENEFIT DRIVERS 0 1 pharmaceutical manufacturers. The real-timeReduction in Lot rejections (assumes impovement by 1 bactch) $400,000 REAL-TIME RESULTS, REAL SAVINGSReduction in investigation cycle time from process excursions data provided by BioSentry has the potential to(manpower and Lab resources) $50,000Loss of productivity due to line down time Returning Real-Time Results increase productivity, reduce nished product(assumes 1 batch produced) $400,000 No longer does the pharmaceutical industry have release time, as well as lower lot rejection rates.Reduction in cycle time during production line restart aftermaintenance $50,000 to wait for microbiological test results for WFI and While BioSentry does not replace conventionalLoss of productivity during production line restart(assumes 1 batch produced) $400,000 puri ed water. BioSentry not only reduces the wait methods of testing , its advanced monitoringReduction in rework, reprocessing, and repeat testing $30,000Total Annual Benefits $1,330,000 for microbial contamination results, it eliminates it. technologies can reduce the number of overallImplementation lter 60% With real-time, on-line capabilities conventional tests needed every year resulting inTotal Benefits Realized $798,000 BioSentry allows users to substantial consumable cost and labor savings forInitial Investment 0 1Initial investment (assume 3 unitis to support operstions) $120,000 $0 monitor the biological activity manufacture rs.Implementation Costs (Quali cation and regulatory costs) $100,000 $0Ongoing support costs $5,000 of a water source from $0 BioSentry’ s compact, reagent free, and energyTraining costs $10,000 $5,000 anywhere in the worldOther costs $0 $0 e cient design saves on operating costs around at any time of day.Total Costs $230,000 $10,000 the clock. Its multiple purchase incentives,ROI MeasuresCost of capital 12% Whether you are across the comprehensive training, and dedicated supportNet present value $2,312,057 lab or across the globe, team make keep initial costs low and result in aReturn on investment 298% BioSentry will alert you quick return of investment.Payback (in years) 0.29 the moment contamination occurs. If you would like to learn more about BioSentry, or Returning Real Savings discuss exactly how BioSentry can save you Pharmaceutical manufacturers are nally able to money, please contact us at (858)946-6800 or visit integrate the power of state-of-the-art technology us on the web at with long standing scienti c methods to assure continuous water purity. JMAR’s BioSentry is the only rapid microbiological method (RMM) of detec- tion that o ers real-time, on-line, monitoring for microorganisms in process water. KBERG CONSULTANTS (910)232-0342