Marketing 2.0 And Social Media
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Marketing 2.0 And Social Media



This presentation was put together by a team of practicing marketing executives, not professional presenters and consultants. It attempts to present a practical viewpoint of social media and its ...

This presentation was put together by a team of practicing marketing executives, not professional presenters and consultants. It attempts to present a practical viewpoint of social media and its connection with Marketing 2.0.



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  • Concept:

Marketing 2.0 And Social Media Marketing 2.0 And Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing 2.0 & Social Media For Your Business
  • I Have Questions!
    • How many of you are with a company of less then 10? 10 to 100? Over 100?
    • How many of you actively read a blog?
    • How many of you maintain your own personal or company blog?
    • How many of you have a profile on LinkedIn, MySpace or Facebook?
    • How many feel that social networking, blogging or social media marketing can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy?
  • Who are you? Pioneer/Innovator Early adopter Early majority Late majority Straggler
  • The Timeline
    • 1840s – Telephone invented
    • 1870s – Commercially available with leased point-to-point service
    • Early 1900s – Telephones with exchanges and networks as we know them today
    • Mid 1990s to 2001 – First Internet boom
    • 2003 – WordPress blogging software
    • 2004 – Facebook (300 million members)
    • 2005 – YouTube (5 billion video views per month)
  • Marketing & Web 2.0
  • Marketing Transformation
    • Marketing 1.0
    • One-way outbound messaging
    • Interrupts or distracts from content
    • TV/radio commercials
    • Print ads
    • Direct (junk mail)
    • Trade shows
    • Marketing 2.0
    • Two-way messaging
    • Communities formed
    • Opinions are shaped
    • Publish content
    • Form communities
    • Collaborate/influence others
    • Word of mouth
  • Web Transformation
    • Web 1.0 (read only)
    • Offers information
    • Static/read only
    • Submit requests for additional information
    • eCommerce – purchase products or services
    • Web 2.0 (read/write)
    • Add content (write)
    • Subscribe to content
    • Share content with others
    • Rate content
    • Form communities
    • Collaborate
    • Influence others
  • Social Media Defined
  • Social Media & Social Media Marketing
    • Social media : Online media published or shared by individuals and organizations, in an environment that encourages participation and that promotes discussion and re-use
    • Social media marketing : The act of using social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other social media to stimulate sales and brand awareness as well as enhance customer service
    • 3 out of 4 American’s use social technology (Source: Forrester, The Growth of Social Technology Adoption, 2008)
    • Visiting social sites is now the fourth most popular online activity, outranking personal email (Source: Nielsen, Global Faces and Networked Places, 2009)
    • 93% of social media participants believe companies should have a presence in social media and should interact with customers (Source: Cone, Business in Social Media Study, 2008)
    Social Media Facts
  • Social Media Tools Snapshot
  • Top Users & Profiles
  • Social Media Goals
    • Build your community (loyalty)
    • Distribute thought leadership
    • Build your brand
    • Build your awareness
    • Become known as an expert
    • Get to know prospects
  • Social Media For Your Business
  • Benefits of Using Social Media
  • Types of Social Media for Small Business
  • Social Media & Your Business
    • Helps to increase your search engine relevance
    • It’s an easy and natural way to get your name out there
    • Lets you share your knowledge in your area of expertise
    • Helps expand your contact base and your business referral network
    • Allows you and your business to be accessible
    • Can act as a customer relation tool for your service and products
    • You can engage in-two way communication with customers
  • For Companies with Products
    • Focus on sharing your products:
        • Offer samples to bloggers
        • Take advantage of any PR opportunities
    • Offer yourself up to be interviewed on blogs and podcasts
    • Blog or tweet about your new creations or the process of creating your product
    • Use Twitter to let people know about new products, giveaways, partnerships or sponsorships, product placement, discounts or coupons
  • For Service Professionals
    • Focus on getting your profile, experience, and knowledge out there:
        • Share your resume and experience online (LinkedIn)
        • Write in a blog and publish those articles ( and
        • Share your knowledge in videos and podcasts
        • Create a “lens” on Squidoo
        • Share your bookmarks and favorite Web sites (Digg,, Kirtsy, StumbleUpon)
    • Use testimonials whenever possible (again, LinkedIn is great for this)
    • Use Twitter to let your customers know about new blog posts, services, or discounts
  • Social Media Recommendations
    • Have a strategy to create and deliver your content
    • Not ready? At least create accounts to reserve your name
    • Realize that it’s the consumers who are in control and not you
    • Only assign this responsibility to yourself or someone you designate who has a passion for helping others online
    • Abide by networking and social etiquette rules
    • Always provide value in the form of relevant content and follow up
    • Measure/track results
    • This is only one component of your marketing plan; don’t neglect the others
  • Marketing Audit Checklist
    • Brand service or trademark
    • Intellectual property
    • Contact database
    • Email addresses and cell phones
    • Public relations
    • Customer testimonials
    • Newspapers, billboards and yellow pages
    • Consistent and easy to understand messages (BMW)
    • Emphasize the benefit over the product or service
    • Call to action
    • Unique toll free or web address response option
    • Web 2.0
    • Marketing 2.0
    • Social marketing