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social media: simplicity out of confusion


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a back-to-basics look at sm and how to leverage it...

a back-to-basics look at sm and how to leverage it...

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  • 1. 21-Aug-12
  • 2. what is social crm? social CRM is a philosophy, and business strategy, comprised of a technology platform, (business &engagement) boundaries/ rules, (engagement) workflows & processes and, social characteristics (brand).it (social CRM) engages customers, creates collaborative conversations, derives mutual benefit, creates value, drives transparency and, builds trust.
  • 3. sm user community* avg brand on fb top 10%** of brands on fb sharer advocate advocate 2% 5% 15% sharer 34% joiner joiner 61% 83%joiner: sharer advocate likes  shares  comments fan base  promotes reach  generates content basis for conversion algorithm  is convertible  influences passive prospect/ customer  has “klout” source: wildfire: “how superbrands breed superfans: 6 best practices for 10x greater fan growth“ ** as defined by 12 month growth in: revenue, lead-to-sales ratios, new customer acquisitions
  • 4. media typespaid•pay-per-click•display ads•metric: active responses•objectives: transactionsowned•website•microsite•blog•metric: traffic•objective: informationearned•social media platforms•metrics: likes, shares, endorsements, content•objective: loyalty
  • 5. 12 steps to a “flawsome” sm campaign market campaign targetedresponse to tracking & offers launch management (segment) geographictrend/ insight advocate event recognition engagement targeting transaction/ advocate segment conversionengagement analytics tracking campaign- to- advocate campaign re- sales feedback design correlations
  • 6. the stats. top 10% of performing pages see  twice as many “likes  5 times as many comments  twice as many posts  double the avg number of fans  a 5% greater increase in fan growth per month sales was a 1-2-1 relationship  sales now is a 1-2-many relationship  customers are influenced more by advocates & peers  sales needs to, as such, influence and synergize, advocates & peers key considerations  goal  ROI  influencers  industry, campaign specific media (not all about fb)  data is where we are at  don’t forgot website (make it social)  there are not experts/ gurus
  • 7. building blocks for sm presence mixed campaigns seasonal & eventimages, images, images relevance clear call-to-action multiple engagement apps multi- platform * source: wildfire: “how superbrands breed superfans: 6 best practices for 10x greater fan growth“
  • 8. rules of social1, respond to everything, not just complaints5, monetization detracts from experience7, 24-7 is the new 9-58, always write back12, trial, error, re- trial is flawsome19, optimization is the new volume21, social is part of the campaign strategy30, multi- engagement is multi- fan34, boredom of social means no value creation36, its an evolution, not a process
  • 9. imperatives for social media *1) add value 5) multi- social presence  distinction b/w social “place-holder” & “purpose”  customer on are other platforms (so to must be you)  new ways of showing old data  it’s not just fb, linkedin, twitter and 4square  opportunities for targeted trials  integrate, integrate, integrate  turn personal data, into personal commitment 6) policy2) identify influencers  when, how, with whom, and why  have the conversations you shouldn’t  boundaries & guidelines (not command & rules)  are who your buyers turn to  monetization is enemy of engagement  do not care about your bottom line (or top) 7) experience3) earn conversations  social is part of cX (it isn’t cX)  what was closed is now open  more than your customers  be flawsome4) monitor behaviour  pre- trend to capitalize on trends * source: gleanster: “7 imperatives for embracing sm in sales“
  • 10. 21-Aug-12