How to be a better corporate blogger


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How to be a better corporate blogger

  1. 1. Futurity Media Futurity Media How to be responsive a better Our proposal for the social magazine corporate blogger Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  2. 2. Futurity Media Why should you blog? Blogs were one of the first forms of user-generated content. They Our proposal for the responsive us a platform to share our ideas, bypassing traditional media. social magazine Blogs are now widely adopted and read in the corporate world. What can they do for you? •Engage with peers, colleagues, clients & partners •Develop networks of shared information & opinion •Exponential reach to your industry views & expertise •Create opportunities for speaking engagements, lecturing, guest article writing and new business •Position and promote yourself as an expert voice in your field Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  3. 3. What shouldFuturity Media I blog about? It’s really you choice about what you blog about but you may Our proposal want to center it around topics that arefor the responsive social magazine • Newsworthy, comment-worthy industry issues • Topics that grab your interest and that you feel will interest peers and your audience • Content relevant to your current projects & working life Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  4. 4. Futurity Media Where to begin It can be hard to get started when you have a blank page in front Our of you, but it does get easier! proposal for the responsive social magazine •Pick a subject or news item on which you want to comment •Ask yourself why would people want to read your take on the subject •Source relevant news articles and evidence which back up your views or create talking points •Start drafting your blog entry Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  5. 5. Futurity Parts of the process Media Topics - Consider what topics intrigue you most and what Our proposal for the responsive questions you find yourself asking most regularly about your industry and work social magazine Messages - Factor in current marketing and business development initiatives – your blogs can add weight and momentum Inspiration - Set up a bookmark folder or use a tool like Evernote for blog-relevant news articles you come across Share – Hangout at the water cooler, swap ideas with colleagues and peers Routine - Remember to make blogging regular. Consider it an enjoyable part of your work schedule Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  6. 6. Futurity Media Keep it simple You’re not writing a book – get the Our proposal for stuff in up front important the responsive social magazine The inverse pyramid – don’t Make it speed-readable. Split your leave your most important copy, use sub-headings, bold words ideas until the end and heads-up graphics MOST IMPORTANT LESS IMPORTANT LEAST IMPORTANT Readers won’t always stay long – so keep it concise Maximize the reach using hyperlinks to evidence and related articles or proof points Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  7. 7. Futurity Media Tone of voice First and foremost your blog must have your voice. This is not an Our proposal for the responsive exercise in precise copywriting. social magazine Conversational – engage your reader Friendly – make it enjoyable to read Informative – give the reader something to take away Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  8. 8. Futurity Keeping it focussed Media Good examples of ways to keep your blog informative and relevant include… Our proposal for the responsive social magazine Localize it – “Here in Australia we have found that”, “The impact of XYZ on the Australasian tech economy has been. . .” Personalize it – “Foursquare seems to be really popular but I don’t see what all the fuss is about”, “Everything seems to be about the iPad right now but I’m not so sure” Provide evidence – even if stating the obvious (e.g. “Smartphones and tablets are everywhere) Link to Gartner report on mobile device penetration etc. Do your research – The right reading and preparation can actually make the writing process pretty quick. Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  9. 9. Bad habits Futurity Media Your blog will usually be proofread so kinks can always be ironed out. But as a rule it’s alwaysfor the to avoid: Our proposal good responsive social magazine 1. Bad spelling and poor grammar 2. Using too much overt sales language 3. Bad or broken links to proof points & news stories 4. Aggressive opinion – be informative, not angry 5. Bad formatting Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  10. 10. Futurity Media Exec bloggers with personality What do execs write about? Their thoughts usual, with a little Our personality thrown in… proposal for the responsive social magazine •Tony Hseih, CEO, ZAPPOS •Tom Glocer, CEO, Thomson Reuters •George Colony, CEO, Forrester •Kevin Roberts, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi •Penny Herscher, CEO, First Rain •Mike Bracken, Executive Director, UK Government Digital Service, & Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  11. 11. Futurity Media Workflow for executive blogging Senior executives don’t always have time to write the Our proposal for the responsive blog themselves. We can assist them write their blog social magazine while while maintaining their tone-of-voice and ideas. Kick off: Futurity & exec discuss topic ideas Research: Futurity provides background research on these topics Cogitate: Exec ruminates on the background research, mentally constructs an argument Interview: 30-60 mins meeting/call between Futurity & exec to tease the story out Write up: Futurity writes the blog post, carefully ensuring the exec’s tone-of-voice & ideas shines through. Blogs must have personality Review: Exec reviews blog post, editing it for style as well as substance. It is vital for the exec to ownership of the blog Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  12. 12. Futurity Example blog topics Media Some quick and impactful ways to write an effective blog entry Our proposal for the responsive can include: social magazine 1.My top 5 tips to. . . 2.Why I think that technology X is good/bad for the industry. . . 3.‘Live’ from an industry event – either as a presenter or as a delegate Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  13. 13. Futurity Media About Futurity We help technology companies improve their communications. Our proposal for the responsive social magazine We work across social media, digital design, editorial, marketing communications and event organisation. Our reputation is based on creating exceptionally high-quality content and working with talented people. It is our belief that great content matters. Founded in 2002, we are headquartered in London, UK with an office in the Asia-Pacific. Our writers & consultants span the globe. Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable
  14. 14. Thank you Futurity Media Our proposal for the responsive social magazine For any questions or comments about our infographic production process, please get in touch. Futurity Media Ltd 35 Britannia Row London N1 8QH +44 (0) 207 354 0700 Futurity Media Blogging Advice Shareable