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Creating Value for Your Business using Social Media
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Creating Value for Your Business using Social Media


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This presentation was made to the Virginia State SBDC Convention in Roanoke, VA. The Small Business Development Centers work with small business owners to help them be successful and utilize Chamber …

This presentation was made to the Virginia State SBDC Convention in Roanoke, VA. The Small Business Development Centers work with small business owners to help them be successful and utilize Chamber resources. Social media when integrated with other digital media and traditional media can help you maintain your competitive advantage and increase your customer touchpoints.

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  • 1. Digital Media Revolution Creating Value for Your Business ©2010 VA SBDC Patsy Stewart Director Social Media
  • 2. Four Parts Part 1: Beyond the Social Media Revolution Part 2: Digital Marketing Strategy Part 3: Digital Marketing Tactics Part 4: Getting Started
  • 3. Digital Marketing is a Business Reality, its Beyond the Revolution How are your preparing to maintain your competitive position?
  • 4. Social Media Revolution
  • 5. Social Media Live Update Clicking this link will show you how social media has been embraced. Notice the elapsed time.
  • 6. Where is your target market • Facebook 400+ million active users • Twitter 105+ million users • LinkedIn 65 million users • YouTube over 2 billion views / day
  • 7. Social Media Provides Value
  • 8. Digital Marketing Strategic Imperative 1. Develop a Roadmap to navigate the world of digital media 2. Ask the right questions 3. Go beyond traditional marketing as independent silos; integrate your efforts
  • 9. Powerful Social Media Strategy Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain Obama: 2,379,102 supporters McCain: 620,359 supporters Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain Obama: Friends: 833,161 McCain: Friends: 217,811 Obama has 403% more subscribers than McCain & 905% more Viewers than McCain • “Race” Speech 3.8 MM YouTube • 4 MM Cable-3 channels Obama has 240 times more followers than McCain Obama: @barackobama has 112,474 followers McCain: @JohnMcCain 4,603 followers
  • 10. Marketing Rules are Changing It was It’s now Pushing message to client Pulling client to the message One way message Interactive conversation Business generated content User generated content Interrupt client- direct immediate action Engage, build relationship Attention economy Attraction economy Hard to measure results Real time metrics Coveting information Sharing information Charging for entry – block entry Giving free ebooks, product
  • 11. Are You Leveraging Digital Media Opportunities? It’s more than--- • Having a Facebook page • Broadcasting Tweets • Uploading YouTube Videos • Blogging without a content strategy It’s Digital Media Optimization
  • 12. Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • 13. Strategic Positioning • Assessment –how to reach your market • Branding – customer, values driven • Online Hub- interactive, call to action • Integrated Media Marketing • ROI – Monitoring , Evaluation
  • 14. How do you touch your current and future customers ?
  • 15. CONVERSATION CLOUD FOR TOP TERMS MENTIONED ON FB COCA-COLA FAN PAGE (SEPTEMBER 2009) Are YOU Listening ? N = 1,276 posts* *non-english language posts removed Source: Analysis of Facebook for Sept 1st – 30th 2009
  • 16. Your Digital Footprint…
  • 17. What is a Digital Footprint • Traces left by someone’s activity in a digital environment • Passive – “Data collected about an action without any client activation” (e.g., IP information collected by a web server) • Active – “Created when personal data is released deliberately by the user for the purpose of sharing information about oneself” 20 Aug 2009.
  • 18. traditional advertising online marketing social media social public relations Integrated Media Marketing Synergize … Build on each other
  • 19. Proving Digital Works Track - Evaluate - ROI Webstats - Google Analytics – Demographics – Site activity and analysis Track results/call to action – Tracking URLS Evaluate – Benchmark-competition vs projections vs goals
  • 20. Sustaining Your Edge  Measurement  Monitoring  Evaluation RGV Resources Time $ Brand Power Sales Mentions Search positions Thought leadership Resources Generating Value
  • 21. If you think and operate with new models, you will realize new results • In 2010 businesses will Integrate Digital Marketing Strategies to realize a powerful edge • If you don’t respond, your competitive advantage will be vulnerable • You are about to change how your company relates to its customers
  • 22. Let’s Start Where You Are ! • Are your current marketing efforts producing results? • What are your metrics in each media channel? • How are you measuring success? • Are you engaging your target markets?
  • 23. Assess your digital footprint Google your name or company name. Print out the first two pages of results and save them for later.
  • 24. Create local listings and profiles
  • 25. Claim Your Google Listing For How-To:
  • 26. Prepare social networking profiles Consistency • Avatar or photo • Keywords • 140 characters • 100 words • novel
  • 27. LinkedIn… professional network • Complete profile • Add connections 100+ • Get recommendations • Join and create groups 50 • Ask and Answer questions • Add applications • Add Events
  • 28. Facebook Business Page • Companies must use Page • Add form to gather emails • Add photos, videos, links • Add events, invite fans • Engage in conversations • Add FB widget to your website
  • 29. Twitter… say it in 140 characters • Select short username • Add profile with keywords • Listen then tweet • Desktop client • Follow and engage • Don’t sell • Powerful Search
  • 30. Social Video • Use video for blogs and websites, facebook, twitter • Create a YouTube channel • Syndicate Your Videos • Use videos for events, special services, customer service, how-to
  • 31. Foursquare Location Marketing
  • 32. Monitor Company Chatter • Google Yahoo alerts • Twitter search, Tweetbeep, Tweetminer • Facebook newsfeed and status updates • LinkedIn Q & A • Google Blog search •
  • 33. 10 Steps for a Powerful Digital Footprint Download at:
  • 34. About the Presenter Patsy Stewart Director Social Media and Training Entwine, Inc Patsy is the Director of Digital Media for Entwine, Inc., where she is responsible for designing and implementing digital strategies as part of an Integrated Media Marketing plan for Entwine clients. She is well known throughout Virginia as a speaker, trainer and thought leader in Social Media. She co-organized and leads a group of social media enthusiasts in SW Virginia. She manages a recruitment team and was recognized as one of the top 50 recruiters in the nation using Twitter/social media for recruiting. Patsy also manages the website development business for Entwine Inc.