The Fundamentals of a Perfect Hair Loss Clinic


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The Fundamentals of a Perfect Hair Loss Clinic

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The Fundamentals of a Perfect Hair Loss Clinic

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Wouldn’t you love to stop using hats, toupees, wigs, hair pieces, pills, lotions, laser combs, or daily topical solutions to hide your hair loss? Wouldn’t you love to regain the confidence, image, and appearance you once had with a great-looking head of hair? By undergoing the hair transplant surgery, you can solve your hair loss problems ones and for all. But before you can decide to have hair growth treatment at a hair loss clinic, there are many things that you should keep in mind so that you will not fall as an easy prey to deceitful hair transplant surgeons at an inept, commercially oriented hair loss clinic. Remember that performing hair restoration procedures is a specialized skill which cannot be acquired just by any one. It requires a great deal of experience on the part of hair restoration surgeon to perform hair growth treatment surgery that meets the expectations of its patients. The decision to undertake hair growth transplant surgery at a hair restoration centre should be an educated one; whether it is about the hair transplant procedures or the creditability and standard of the hair restoration clinic and its staff – (the hair transplant surgeon, and nurses or technicians helping a hair transplant surgeon at the hair restoration clinic).
  3. 3. The following are the fundamentals in choosing the perfect hair loss clinicfor you: Dos and don’ts of hair restoration: Before you start the hair restoration procedure, please read the do’s and don’ts on hair restoration in the next article. Choosing a good hair transplant center is no doubt the most difficult task for any one deciding to go for a hair transplant. With thousands of hair transplant centers/hair transplant clinics mushrooming all over the world it is in fact quite confusing to track down a good hair transplant center. Before and during your contact with your prospective hair transplant surgeon and clinic, you need to look for signs and signals that this surgeon and clinic is capable of providing you with a quality result – a natural looking hair transplant.
  4. 4. The first and foremost consideration for anypatient considering undergoing a hair transplantsurgery is safety. Though hair transplant surgery isa very safe cosmetic procedure, the choice of ahair transplant surgeon performing the surgeryshould not be taken lightly. The quality of thesurgery, the hair transplant procedures includingthe hair transplant surgeon’s expertise andExperience, are far more important than actualcost of hair transplant surgery.
  5. 5. • The cost of a hair transplant is not necessarily a good indicator of quality, it is therefore imperative for you to have good knowledge of hair transplantation restoration procedures and costs. You can have an affordable hair replacement (without sacrificing the quality) only after a comprehensive consultation with a hair transplant surgeon.• The cost of hair transplant surgery will vary based on several factors, and many surgeons charge per graft. Be sure to find out what exactly is included in any quoted price, such as the cost of anesthesia, the facility fee, the surgeon’s fee, and any other related expenses. Hair restoration may seem expensive but compared to the costs of hair growth promoting drugs used year after year, hair transplantation may be the cheaper option!• Finding a good hair transplant surgeon can be (and should be) a hard work. A hair transplant is a serious undertaking. It is a surgical procedure with all the risks that entails. It is expensive. It is a procedure that will take a long time and multiple surgical sessions to complete, and the end rest is something permanent that you will have to live with. So you are looking for a hair transplant surgeon with lots of experience, who trained professionally and learnt from other experienced transplant surgeons, who can give you a quality, natural looking hair transplant, for a reasonable price.
  6. 6. You may want to verify that the prospectivesurgeon for your hair transplant is in goodstanding, has a current license to practice, and isfully insured. In the USA you can check theregistration of a hair transplant surgeon in the statewhere he/she is located by contacting the stat’smedical board. Most other countries have a similarrequirement for surgeons to register with a statemedical board. You should be able to obtain thecontact details through your local governmenthealth office or ask your family doctor’s office.
  7. 7. You may want to verify that the prospective surgeon foryour hair transplant is an experienced surgeon. You cancheck with the American Medical Association and theAmerican Board of Plastic Surgery. Your prospective hair transplant surgeon may belong toone or more hair restoration or plastic surgery societies andorganizations. One important point to keep in mind is the differencebetween a board and a society. A board actually certifies thesurgeon. A society is an organization, setup to providecontinuing education and training (among other things), and inmany cases has requirements that go above and beyondthose for board certification.