The Best Hair Loss Remedies


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The Best Hair Loss Remedies

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The Best Hair Loss Remedies

  1. 1. The Best Hair Loss Remedies HTTP://WWW.1300HAIRLOSS.COM.AU
  2. 2. People on all continents from Asia to Africa have used hundreds to thousands of indigenous plants for treatment of ailments since prehistoric times. The use of plants as medicines predates written human history. In the written record, the study of herbs dates back over 5,000 years to the Sumerians, who described well- established medicinal uses of plants for the treatment of diseases and illnesses. Here are few natural remedies and great all natural products, which contain natural nutrients that have proven to effectively stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Herbal hair loss remedies increase circulation, disinfect the scalp and stimulate hair growth.
  3. 3. Rosa damascena Rose Water or Rosa Damascena is known to reduce inflammation of the scalp. Along with that, it increases the blood supply to the scalp and thus promotes hair growth. The pH value of rose water is closer to that of the hair in its optimal state; therefore, it works to repair the porosity. This allows the hair to retain the proper amount of moisture in; and the cuticle will remain smooth.Serenoa repens Commonly known as Saw Palmetto, Serenoa Repens is a small palm type of plant mainly found in the southeastern United States along the coast. Studies have shown that saw palmetto is an effective anti-androgen. It acts in a similar way that Propecia does. Firstly it lowers levels of DHT in the body by blocking 5 alpha-reductase. Secondly Saw Palmetto blocks receptor sites on cell membranes required for cells to absorb DHT.Eclipta alba A well-known Ayurvedic herb considered to be the best natural remedy for hair loss and premature greying of the hair.Coconut Oil Is one of the few oils that actually contains protein easily absorbed into the hair strands, and thus, is one of the few oils that strengthen the hair follicles. Lemon Juice and Black beans These are great for managing the porousity, health, and shine of the hair.Eblica officinalis (Indian Gooseberry) It enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens roots of hair, maintains color and luster. Eating fresh fruit or applying its paste on hair roots improves hair growth and color.
  4. 4. Acacia concinna Acacia Concinna or Shikakai is a common, prickly, scandent shrub, which grows in tropical jungles throughout India. It is popularly referred to as “fruit for the hair” as it has a naturally mild pH that gently cleans the hair without stripping it of natural oils. Shikakai is used to control dandruff, promoting hair growth and strengthening hair roots.Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) Fenugreek has beneficial effects on hair growth, lustre and health. Fenugreek is thought to work by increasing the dilation of blood vessels to the scalp, thereby improving blood circulation and nutrient supply to this area.Sapindus mukorossi An excellent hair tonic and used as a natural cleanser for washing hair, and forms a rich, natural lather. It is still being used as a naturally produced shampoo by the rural folks in India for washing their hair.Azadirachta indica Azadirachta indica, commonly known as “Neem”, is used to remove dandruff and has a detangling effect on the hair. It possesses antidandruff, antibacterial, anti viral and fungicidal properties.Barbadenis miller (Aloe Vera) One of the oldest therapeutic plants known to mankind, aloe vera is used in Ayurveda to combat hair loss. Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the best treatments for hair loss. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent hair loss and are even beneficial for curing alopecia. Moreover, the herb is very effective for hair growth.Plantapon SF Plantapon SF is a green, natural cleansing formulation that is EcoCert accredited. It is an exceptionally mild, ready-to-use surfactant base. Because of its natural ingredients, it is free of sulfate, ethylene oxide and preservatives and is ideal for hair cleansing.Zingiber officinale Luyang Dilaw or Ginger Root also helps prevent hair loss. Pound an inch square of ginger and extract the juice. Massage the fresh ginger juice directly on to the scalp and leave on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing, but for best results, leave on overnight to better stimulate the hair follicles and induce hair growth.
  5. 5.  Other herbs which may be added to natural hair loss remedies include quince (which is used in Arabia to increase the growth of the manes and tails of horses), jaborandi, boxwood shavings, nutmeg, willow leaves, and cloves. Any of these herbs can be made into a tea or infusion, and rinsed through the hair on a regular basis to promote hair growth. Although rapid hair growth may not be the result of using natural hair loss remedies, they are completely safe and should bring about increased hair growth when used regularly and consistently. None of these hair loss remedies will cause side effects when used topically.