Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit, Your Complete Regimen against Hair Loss


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Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit, Your Complete Regimen against Hair Loss

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Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit, Your Complete Regimen against Hair Loss

  1. 1. Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit, Your Complete Regimen against Hair Loss http://www.1300hairloss.com.au http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  2. 2.  You can defy the natural course of hair loss without the risks and side effects — and yes, in the comforts of your own home. There is a complete hair regrowth system that combines nature and technology: the Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit. Dedicated to assisting hair loss sufferers achieve safe and effective hair restoration, Leimo presents the Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit, a synergistic collection of Leimo hair care essentials and a cordless handheld medical laser comb device. The five (5) Leimo topical essentials contain naturally-derived ingredients to remove the main cause of hair loss while the Leimo Personal Hair Laser is a laser comb device that restores hair. http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  3. 3.  The Leimo Bio Cleansing Shampoo is formulated with a powerful BioGrowth System that utilises Nettle extracts to remove hair loss–causing impurities such as excess sebum and residues from chemical treatments.Leimo Bio Cleansing Shampoo http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  4. 4.  One of the drastic effects of hair loss is a thin, dry, and limp hair. But you can moisturise, strengthen, and thicken lifeless hair through the Leimo Thickening Conditioner as it contains a rich blend of Saw Palmetto, Grape seed, and Rosemary essences which are all known for their thickening and strengthening benefits to the hair.Leimo Thickening Conditioner http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  5. 5.  The natural exfoliant, the Leimo Deep Cleansing Scalp & Body Scrub completes the cleansing regimen by removing pore- clogging dirt, dead skin cells, and excess skin debris to leave your scalp soothed and smooth.Leimo Deep Cleansing Scalp &Body Scrub http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  6. 6.  The Leimo Scalp Therapy Day Treatment is your major step to prevent any further hair loss caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This topical therapy is very rich in Saw Palmetto extracts that will inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT.Leimo Scalp Therapy DayTreatment http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  7. 7.  The Leimo Scalp Serum Night Treatment induces hair growth by reviving dormant hair follicles because it contains an ultra- concentrated formulation to give your follicles enough drive to produce hair.Leimo Scalp Serum NightTreatment http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  8. 8.  Using the combined strength of low level laser therapy (LLLT) and light emitting diode therapy (LEDT), the Leimo Personal Hair Laser will reactivate dormant follicles and stimulate hair regrowth at a cellular level. In addition to these features, the stimulating bar made of urethane rubber provides an acupuncture effect and massages the blood vessels to assist in improving the circulation to the scalp.Leimo Personal Hair Laser http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u
  9. 9.  Get your own Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit while it’s hot! Leimo is currently offering a SPECIAL DEAL on all orders of the Starter Kit. So grab that phone and contact Leimo International through their customer service support at 1800-280-250. You can also go visit them online at www.leimo.com.au. http://www.1300hairloss.com.a u