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10 steps to effective weight loss
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10 steps to effective weight loss


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10 steps to effective weight loss is a great resource that covers important topics related to helping you shed unwanted pounds. Some of the topics include: Portion control, weight loss motivation, …

10 steps to effective weight loss is a great resource that covers important topics related to helping you shed unwanted pounds. Some of the topics include: Portion control, weight loss motivation, frustration from not seeing results and more..

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction ....................................................................................................... 2Preparing now to lose weight successfully .......................................................... 3Self-perception & psychological issues related to weight loss .............................3Frustration because you are not seeing results fast enough ................................4How to stop emotional eating binges ...................................................................5Gaining weight due to exercise .............................................................................6How to control portion sizes .................................................................................7Achieving long term weight loss ............................................................................8What are the best diet plans? ..............................................................................10Stopped losing weight? Kick start your weight loss now .....................................12What you can do when weight loss plateaus.......................................................15Recommendation ................................................................................................18 Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 1
  • 3. Introduction Hello and thanks again for subscribing to the Weight Loss Strategies Online newsletter. Thisfree report is made up of ten steps that provide great tips and methods to help you lose weight.Each step also contains useful information covering very important issues related to weight lossand what you can do to start implementing some of the strategies on your own. For more greatinformation about how to lose weight visit: Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 2
  • 4. Preparing Now To Lose Weight Successfully Preparation for weight loss is essential. It is primarily a shift in thinking that puts you in theright mental frame of mind so that you can make the lifestyle changes needed for thisendeavor. Prepare yourself now by first changing the thoughts you have about your ability tolose weight. Negative self-references and self-defeating thoughts need to go out the window. At the end of the day, it is only you who wants to lose weight; hence it will be only you who can lose weight, if you only remain positive towards your own decision to live a better life. There will be no power or magic, extreme diet, medicine, therapy, doctor or anyone else that can be thought of to be involved in this challenging situation, only your own actions. The issue is not Preparation begins step by step remedied by any external forces.Self-Perception & Psychological Issues Related To Weight Loss Over all, it is true that psychology plays a big role in our weight loss program or desire. Thereare many psychological factors such as behavior; cognition, determination, breaking linkage ofthose stimulus that goad us to continue on with our food habit or desire etc. and unfortunatelyplay a significant role in our attempt to lose extra body weight. There are many rules and habitsthat should be strictly followed if we want to win over our own problem. We may have tosacrifice those habits, which seem so far impossible to sacrifice, and at the same time we haveto welcome many factors that are not easy to be welcomed to reach our goals. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 3
  • 5. Our food intake is very much dependent on our way of looking at it and while being consumed our food can create a change in our mindset after we feel the sumptuousness out of it. We always think that our food should be tasty enough to produce the feelings of pleasure, and thus we engage in binging, or may fail to control the compulsion of eating and gain weight as a consequence. As mentioned earlier, we must change the way we look at ourselves by changing our thoughts. Perpetuating a negative belief and perception about our appearance is not going toHow we perceive ourselves is very important provide the positive foundation and support needed for weight loss.Frustration Because You Are Not Seeing Results Fast Enough It is difficult to remain happy about yourself and losing weight if you are not getting a desiredresult and the issue may be related to many different variables. The first invaluable asset in ourlife is our self-image built within us by combining our physical, mental inner quality, and qualityof relationships we have in life as well as our perspectives of being seen or seeing the world.Our physical appearance is one of the most important aspects of our self-image. When we don’t see enough results related to our desire to lose weight frustration can easilyset in which can lead to depression, and if not corrected, can lead to failure. However,frustration related to the challenges of weight loss can be dealt with if you have a plan andlearn how to work through setbacks along the way. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 4
  • 6. Being overweight is something to be concerned about, but overcoming it is not aninsurmountable wall. There are many avenues that will take you to the happiness you desirefrom having a thinner body if you are optimistic and allow positivity to remain in your mind.How To Stop Emotional Eating Binges If you are serious about losing your weight but not getting to the root of the problem of why you are eating to excess, then this is an area that you should really focus on. Binge eating is eating too much food during a short period of time. We can overeat because it gives us enjoyment. The downside is that this type of eating can be used to temporarily solve problems like depression, anger, stress, fear or other negative emotions that may arise. Our emotions can play a huge role in how much we eat since Find alternatives to emotional our sense of taste can basically make us happy when we are eating eating binges delightful foods. A way to stop this is by slowly changing this habit. We must find positive alternatives when we have the urge to eat when we are under highamounts of stress or are in a depressed state. These alternatives are the key to overcomingeating binges since they can provide options. Options are needed when the inevitablechallenges of life are thrown at you. How you choose to deal with stress, depression and thelike are entirely up to you. Create a list of positive actions and things you can do differentlythat will give you several options when you are tempted to overeat. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 5
  • 7. Gaining Weight Due To Exercise Some people do not get the fruit of constant exercise to shed their extra weight and unfortunately sometimes they put on weight. Nothing to exclaim about it, many factors work behind it. You need to check whether you are gaining muscle or fat; anatomically muscle is denser that fat. Gaining weight because of exercise is not So if you gain muscle your scale may show extra weight, necessarily a bad thing although you are really slimming up. People lose inches butmay not lose weight. It is better to get your body fat tested instead of worrying about scale results. Another wayout is avoiding too many calories after an exhaustive exercise program. The cases of examplesare many in this issue when people try to compensate for the burnt calories and take to eatingmany calories; some of course take low-calorie diets but do not keep their food diary withthem. Some, in their attempt to lose fat, may restrict taking calories to that extent which willstop normal functioning of the body’s metabolism; it is obvious that if calorie intake is severelyrestricted, our body might counteract the situation by slowing down metabolism. Another reason is after starting more exercise; the body starts storing extra fuel in ourmuscle cells to help your workouts to be easier and quicker. In this process carbohydrates andglucose get converted into fuel the muscle actually stores as well as uses as glycogen thatactually needs three molecules of water for each molecule of glucose. This means, the moreyour muscles build up storages of glycogen, the more will be the storage of water in your body,as a normal metabolic activity, to cause extra weight in your exercise program in the initialstage. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 6
  • 8. The truth is that you are progressing ahead and not regressing back in your effort. Thestorage of extra water will stop after your body will adjust to the new level of exercise you havetaken up. In fact, during this process you are losing fat.How To Control Portion Sizes Some of us may be careful about many things in our daily life but can be prone to failurewhen it comes to self-control when we are in our eating mode. We just forget manyfundamentals and gulp what comes in front of us ignore restrictions of calorie- intake, numberof meals to be taken, embrace junk food instead of keeping them at bay, never control ourportion of food and the calorie content there-in. Although these are the common errors we fall prey to we can start educating ourselves in many ways with simple adherence to weight loss guidelines on a regular basis. To help control portion sizes we need to slow down when we eat. Take your time and preplan how Slow down, and take each bite one at a time much you will eat before each meal. If you have left overs, put them away before you even start on your firstserving. Try your best to only eat one serving. If possible, use music and create an atmosphere that isrelaxing as this can help slow down the eating pace. Start reducing portions very slowly at firstso that you are not feeling like you are depriving yourself. After developing this habit, you willfind it easier to eat less, but still feel satisfied. Remember to drink plenty of water during eachmeal as this can also help to satisfy and increase your body’s feeling of fullness. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 7
  • 9. Achieving Long Term Weight Loss You have probably heard the term "yo-yo" dieting. This happens when dieters will initiallylose weight, and then put it back on after they have reached their weight loss goals. It is verycommon, as people will set a weight loss goal for a particular event or special occasion, andonce the occasion passes, they resume their old eating habits. What happens next? The weightthey initially lost is put back on, and the cycle starts over again. It is like a yo-yo in that theweight goes up and down with strict diet rules followed by a period of bad eating habits. So,how do you manage to lose weight and keep it off? The key is to learn how to think long termabout weight loss. So it begs the question, then; how do I think long term about weight loss? First of all, forgetthe fad diets. Forget about diets that require strict calorie reduction, and while you are at it,forget about all the diets that require you to eliminate any particular food group. While some ofthese diets offer people results initially, strict diets and those which cut out certain necessaryfood items (like carbs), as soon as you resume your normal eating habits, you will pack thepounds back on. So what do you do to learn how to think long term about weight loss? You need to change your lifestyle. It sounds difficult, but it is easier than you might think. It requires some thought and some initial will power and self-control, but once you learn to make smarter food choices overall, the healthy eating lifestyle becomes second nature. As a result, you will begin to lose weight and keep it off without even having to think twice about it. It sounds like a With a long-term plan you will dream come true, right? It kind of is! succeed at weight loss Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 8
  • 10. It isnt that difficult, and it is so much healthier overall than some of the crash fad diets thatare all the rage these days. You may be wondering what exactly constitutes making better foodchoices. Essentially, you follow a sensible, well-balanced diet. Eating whole, fresh foods ishelpful. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, fresh dairy and whole grains.These types of foods are generally lower in calories, but dense in nutritional value and overallmore satisfying than foods that are heavily processed with a lot of added preservatives. It means sticking to the perimeter of the grocery store for most of your grocery shopping.These areas will contain the fresh, more nutritious foods that are better for you in the long run.Losing weight is hard. People have been conditioned to eat convenience foods, and foods thatare calorie dense and not that good for us. It makes it so much harder to make healthy eatinghabits a part of our lifestyles when you go to a fast food restaurant and a cheeseburger costs$.99, but a salad costs $4.00. The truth is if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to learn how to think longterm about weight loss. It takes more than a couple of months with a strict low-calorie diet.Essentially it means making smarter food choices and incorporating it into your lifestyle in orderto make an effective, permanent change that will last the rest of your life. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 9
  • 11. What Are the Best Diet Plans? If youve been researching online for information on how to lose weight, you may have been searching for "What are the best diet plans?" The best way to answer this question, at least from the most basic perspective, is to just use common sense. If you are hoping to keep the weight off once you lose it, the best diet plan will be the one that gives you the best opportunity to not re-gain the weight you lose. Equally important, you will want to lose weight in a way that ishealthy and will not harm your body. Unfortunately, many people get so desperate to lose weight they do things that defycommon sense. Sometimes they even go on crash diets where they just stop eating. This is, ofcourse, really dangerous for your health. Plus, the really ironic thing about crash diets is thateven though you may lose some water weight initially, you end up forcing your body to go intostarvation mode. This means that you end up losing muscle mass and storing fat. This is the opposite fromwhat you want because it will make it even more difficult to lose weight in the future becauseyou need the muscle mass to burn your excess stored fat. Moreover, if you force your body into starvation mode, your body will be much moreresistant to burning fat because it is trying to conserve the energy in a time when there is nofood available. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 10
  • 12. This is hard-wired into our biological systems because our ancestors lived in a time wherethere was either feast of famine conditions. So, what are the best diet plans? The best dietplans focus on permanently changing the way you eat. Most people in society today eat far toomuch processed food which is largely devoid of the nutrients our bodies actually need. Plus,they contain ingredients like trans-fat, high fructose corn syrup, and genetically modifiedingredients that actually cause weight gain. They also cause our bodies to store more fat anddisrupt our insulin metabolism. This can eventually lead to the development of type 2 diabetes,and in the process of doing that, it can also make us gain a lot of weight. Instead of eating processed food, try filling your diet with lots of healthy whole foods, especially lots of fresh vegetables. One of the most important vegetables you can eat is fresh organic greens like kale, spinach, bok choy, mustard greens, collard greens, beet greens, and dandelion greens. You can also add to this list lots of fresh green herbs like parsley, cilantro, basil, and thyme. Spinach greens These green foods help detox the body which is an essential part of anygood diet plan. They are also more packed with nutrients than any other food. This includesvitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and much more protein than most people realize. Try to eatone or two big servings of fresh greens every day. It is also important to add in a lot of other fresh vegetables. Try to eat a variety so that youare getting all the colors of the rainbow. Each color represents a different set of antioxidantsand other micronutrients that are critical to good health and losing weight. Eating these in theform of a good stir-fry is an easy way to add a good variety. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 11
  • 13. For example, you could stir-fry some onions, garlic, red pepper, yellow squash, and somenice dark green kale. Besides the nutrients in vegetables, youll also be getting a lot more fiberwhich will also help you lose weight. Furthermore, make sure that you get more fish and seafood into your diet. Fatty fish likesalmon and trout are loaded with healthy omega-3 fats that will help you ward offcardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and other serious health issues.Omega-3 also helps you lose weight by making your metabolism run more efficiently. Yes, it is afat that helps you lose weight. White fish like halibut and other seafood like shrimp and crabare also good choices when on a diet, as long as you dont fry them. Throwing them into a nicesoup or stir-fry is always a good choice of cooking method. Instead of asking, "What is the best diet plan?" you may want to re-frame the question inyour mind to "What is the healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off?" Learn how to eat lessprocessed food and more wholesome foods. The best "diet plan" is to eat lots of freshvegetables, some raw and some lightly cooked, and add more fish and seafood. Also, try toavoid or at least greatly reduce bread, pasta, and other highly processed carbs.Stopped Losing Weight? - Kick Start Your Weight Loss Now One of the most frustrating things that can happen to us when we are following a weight lossprogram is that we stop losing weight! Everyone agrees there is no better motivation thanseeing the pounds come off steadily and regularly. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 12
  • 14. When you have been following an eating plan and find that the scales have not shifteddownward or heavens forbid shifted up, it is easy to get discouraged and let things slip, a littlewhich could be a reason why those stubborn pounds of fat are staying right where you do notwant them. So what can you do when you stop losing weight? What reasons are there for weight loss stopping and what can we do to kick start it again. Well, we need to stop and analyze our eating patterns and assess if we have done anything differently, made some poor food choices, or sneaked a cookie or two thinking it will not hurt. There is no point berating you, because weight loss stopping happens to everyone at some stage. Kick start your weight loss again To get back on track we need to think about what ishappening to the body. The first thing to consider is if you have been exercising in conjunctionwith your weight loss program. If you have been working out for a while, it is quite possible thatyou have gained muscle and lost fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so your weight can plateauor increase. To analyze this it is a great idea when you begin your weight loss program to takeyour measurements. Compare your current measurements to those from your previousmeasurement. If they are less, then congratulations are in order because you are toning up andlosing fat despite what the scales say! It is possible you may be retaining water and are bloated. If you are eating processed, highsalt foods, you will retain fluid, which can increase your weight up to seven pounds! Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 13
  • 15. Water retention can be controlled by eating healthy nutritious unprocessed foods andleaving out anything that is bad carbohydrate such as sugary processed food. Remember yourbody is used to eating the bad stuff and when you change to a healthy eating plan, it rebels.Your body rebels against you craving the foods it is used to. You will have to fool this rebelliousbody by re-training it by substituting french fries with plain potato, ice cream with frozen yogurtand candy with some chopped dried fruit and raisins. Try drinking a low calorie soda or plain water the next time you think you are hungry as thirstcan give you the feeling of hunger. You may find you are turning to a snack when you are notreally hungry which can be stalling the weight loss. After a few weeks on a weight loss plan, the body metabolism begins to change and ofteneating less food tells the body that there is a food shortage so it had better prepare by holdingon to the fat stores. Bad habits such as skipping breakfast, not eating enough food, and eatingjust one enormous meal a day is bad news for your metabolism. For example, you could eat a fast food meal of 1500 calories in one sitting and nothing elsethat day. The next day you could eat 1500 calories spread out across the day with oatmeal inthe morning, turkey sandwich lunchtime with fruit and yogurt plus a grilled fish, potato andsalad meal with a granola bar for a snack. In the first case your body bloats on the processedingredients, thinks there is a food shortage and lays down fat and in the second case becausegood quality food is regularly taken throughout the day, the metabolism works effectivelyburning off excess fat and giving the body the right vitamins, minerals and trace elements tofunction at maximum levels. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 14
  • 16. If your weight loss has stopped, do not despair, you will reach your weight loss goal and willget over this common hurdle. Try some of these tips to kick start your weight loss again and seethose pounds start to melt away.What You Can Do When Weight Loss Plateaus It happens to a lot of people--they begin to carefully watch what they eat and exercise like crazy, only to discover they arent losing any weight at all. It can be frustrating and annoying when you are working hard only to not have any results. For a lot of people, the lack of weight loss isKeep moving ahead when your weight loss discouraging enough to give up completely. levels off What they dont realize is there may be an underlying reasonwhy they arent losing weight.If you have ever asked yourself the question, "why am I not losing weight?" you certainly arentalone. There are a few reasons why you might not be achieving your weight loss goals. First of all, you need to really look at what you are eating before you can answer thisquestion. Keeping a food journal for a week is a great way to start looking at what you areeating to determine if there are sneaky foods that you are eating that may be sabotaging yourweight loss goals. When you keep a food journal, you should log everything you eat (even if it isjust a bite of something here or there), as well as how much you consumed in order toaccurately track the number of calories you are consuming. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 15
  • 17. Once you have completed your food journal, you need to assess how healthy these eating habits really are. You may eat only healthy, whole foods but then drink a few beers every night. Drinking is one of the biggest contributors to holding onto unwanted pounds, Keep a food journal to track your progress particularly in the belly area. In moderation it is perfectly fine. But if you find yourself regularly knocking back two orthree beers or glasses of wine, you may be completely sabotaging your diet without evenrealizing it. Other factors that are huge diet saboteurs are refined sugars, refined starches, andtrans-fats. That means the margarine you are substituting for your butter may actually be making youhold onto unwanted pounds instead of losing any weight at all. Soft drinks of all kinds (yes,even zero calorie colas) are another big belly buster.These drinks have empty calories or they use artificial sweeteners which trick your body intobelieving you are starving, often ruining a healthy diet. You also need to consider your activity level if you are trying to figure out why you arentlosing weight. If you sit behind your desk most of the day and you are relatively sedentary, yourcalorie consumption may need to be adjusted to accommodate your low activity level; or youneed to increase your activity to increase the number of calories burned. Either way, you willnot lose weight if you dont burn more calories than you consume. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 16
  • 18. It is a pretty simple diet formula that is effective on almost every level: calories burned >calories consumed = weight loss. Calories burned < calories consumed = weight gain.Finally, if you still arent losing weight, there could be a metabolism factor to consider. If you are having other symptoms aside from not losing weight such as fatigue, body aches,feeling cold all the time, brittle hair, and constipation, there may be a thyroid issue at handwhich needs to be dealt with. Your doctor can run a fairly simple blood test to determine if yourthyroid is functioning properly. Oftentimes low thyroid is the culprit behind a persons inabilityto shed unwanted pounds.If you have ever been stuck on a diet plateau, you are not alone. Almost everybody hits afrustrating point in their lives when they think they are doing all the right things to lose weight,but in reality they are just spinning their wheels. If you want to know "why am I not losingweight?", then you need to really look at your eating and drinking habits, as well as yourexercise habits. Finally, if all else fails, see your doctor for a simple thyroid panel test todetermine if perhaps your thyroid isnt functioning properly. It is typically a simple solutionwhich can be resolved, and the pounds can then start melting away. Lose weight successfully using a step by step plan risk free: Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 17
  • 19. Recommendation:The Fat Loss Factor is a great weight loss program that we highly recommend. Here are some of the benefits of this system:  Simple To Learn  Can Eat Foods You Enjoy  Step By Step Plan  Exercise Plan Included  Email Coaching  Risk Free GuaranteeClick Here To Visit The Fat Loss Factor Copyright © 2012 Weight Loss Strategies Online 18