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Schedule presentation

  1. 1. Time Management<br /> & Schedules<br />Of project<br />
  2. 2. Call Sheets of<br />Photo shoots<br />
  3. 3. Here is the call sheet I created for my first photo shoot. A call sheet is essential for planning & time and resource management when producing a magazine. These are given to everyone involved in the shoot to ensure that all essential information is given, and people know where they need to be, what they need to bring / wear etc. It makes the running of a photo shoot go much more smoothly.<br />The information can be seen more closely on the following slides.<br />
  4. 4. Advanced Portfolio in Media - Photography Call SheetCLASH Magazine<br />Wendesday 7thapril 1pm – 4pm<br />
  5. 5. <ul><li>Weather: Max Temperature (°C°F) 17 / Min Temperature (°C°F) 13. Sunny, slight wind.
  6. 6. Nearest Medical / First Aid facilities: Southfields school for girls
  7. 7. Emergency contact number: Southfields school for girls: (01536) 513063 / Director of Photoshoot & photographer Stevie McCann: 07595385958</li></li></ul><li>Photoshoot 2 : This was taken at a live gig that I went to with my boyfriend on December 5th, at Rock City in Nottingham. I took these photographs and planned to use them in my media because:<br /><ul><li>Live photographs are often used in music magazines
  8. 8. The band, The Drums, fit into the genre of music that I would cover in my magazine, and look appropriate.
  9. 9. The model (my boyfriend) has an appropriate look also.</li></ul>I did not create a call sheet for this as I was taking the photographs spontaneously and there was only 2 people to inform about these photographs being taken.<br />This photographs is from the live performance<br />
  10. 10. Schedule of whole<br />project<br />
  11. 11. As I am re-taking this coursework, I had to complete the project in a limited time. Although it appears as if all blogs were posted on one day, I done this so that I could plan the process of my production by posting the titles of blogs and completing the work later. Here is my schedule:<br />23/03: Consider the brief options & write proposal<br />24/03: Read music magazines, become familiar with them. Investigate two music magazines<br />25/03: Photo shoot for school magazine, begin to edit photographs<br />26/03: Presentation of textual analysis of 2 magazines<br />28/03: Complete front cover & contents for prelim, make presentation explaining production of school magazine.<br />31/03: Write questionnaire and hand them out to appropriate people. Create a blog discussing my target audience.<br />02/04: Collect results of survey, create graphs of results and analyse results<br />03/04: Research publishing companies, mood board / mind map/ summary of ideas<br />04/04: Rough drafts of magazines (simple sketched front page, contents & double page)<br />05/04: Create call sheet, organise photo shoots and loaning equipment<br />07/04: Photo shoot in school and local pub. Put photos onto computer, begin to edit certain photographs<br />08/04: Blog about choice of locations, costumes, editing, etc & upload photographs to blog<br />10/04: Produce front cover<br />12/04: Produce contents page<br />13/04: Produce double page spread<br />14 – 18/04: Create presentations explaining process of production and reasons for choice of house style/masthead etc<br />20 – 28/04 – Complete evaluation, get audience feedback etc.<br />