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Presentation feature article


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. Process of creating my feature article!
  • 2. This is the photograph I chose to use in my feature article.
    My favourite article layouts are the ones which use one whole page as an image, which I have decided to also do. I like the long shot in which you can see her whole body and the background uses the rule of thirds in photography, and is simple and effective.
  • 3. This is the first page I designed. The title uses font from the ‘dafont’ website, which is similar to the masthead on the cover so creates consistent house style. It also conveys the attitude of the musician. The language of the title makes sense in context (the musician in my magazine was previously in a band called ‘Cats Cradle’ and the name of her next album is ‘Into The Universe’.
    I used simple font, with black and orange as they are the main colours of this edition of the magazine. I wanted to have quite a simple style to this article which is why the text is simple and in columns.
    The article is an interview so I used orange for questions and black for answers, which makes it well organised and easy to read.
  • 4. The image & article together, with a speech mark on top of the image taken from the interview. This is conventional of magazines as it is often interesting and makes the reader want to read the whole article.
  • 5. Final article
  • 6. Alternate
    article 1
    I really like the photograph that is used here, however I think the previous photograph simply suits the style of the article more, as it’s an interview so it is more natural. I used swirls graphic to break up the interview and headline though I don’t think the effect is very professional. I prefer the first version of my article.
  • 7. Alternate article 2
    I used a darker, mysterious photograph which I think looks effective although I prefer the original style. I used a small image here, but decided I prefer the simpler style of only one photo.