Customer Centric - An Overview


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Customer Centric specialises in helping Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Consumer and a growing range of other companies in various industries, improve commercial effectiveness and results. Our unique, experiential programs and real life workshops involve and engage your staff working with their real customers in real situations so they deliver immediate, sustainable results and significantly accelerate your company\'s performance. We use proven methodologies based on our experience and that of our affiliates that have delivered results and significant return on investment for top companies in Australia and across Europe and North America.

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Customer Centric - An Overview

  1. 1. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  2. 2. An Overview of Customer Centric Helping you improve your commercial effectiveness Sales Coaching Effectiveness Effectiveness Sales Effectiveness Management Strategic Effectiveness Effectiveness ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  3. 3. We have delivered great results for many top companies, including: ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  4. 4. Unique, real life, proven methodologies Customer Centric specialises in helping Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and a growing range of other companies in various industries, improve commercial effectiveness and results Our unique, experiential programs and real life workshops involve and engage your staff working with their real customers in real situations so they deliver immediate, sustainable results and significantly accelerate your company's performance We use proven methodologies based on our experience and that of our affiliates that have delivered results for top companies in Australia and across Europe and North America. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  5. 5. An Overview of Coaching Masterclasses for Managers and Field Trainers ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  6. 6. Coaching Masterclasses For Managers and Trainers Unique - an Industry first Often described as "the ultimate coaching and learning experience." Unique opportunity to observe, measure and benchmark Manager’s coaching skills. Representatives selling to your real target Customers (GP’s, Specialists, Pharmacists, Nurses etc). Ensure consistency in the approach and measurements used in coaching. Sets and raises the standard of coaching for your company. Participants share knowledge and skills to ensure continuous development. Feed directly into individual’s development and your strategy going forward. Enable you to drive excellence in coaching and development, to a new level. Uses proven methodologies (000’s of assessments in the Pharmaceutical industry.) Customised to your requirements. Have a direct impact and improvement on Sales, Market Share and excellent ROI. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  7. 7. Typical Outputs of a Coaching Master Class Comparisons of : What is currently happening (re what is believed is happening) re : Pre Call planning Actual Sales Calls By your Representatives, each Manager, by all Managers, by senior Sales Call Evaluation Sales Managers and by your Customers, respectively, through Post Call Analysis observation and comprehensive feedback. Coaching Opportunities, in a transparent, candid, constructive and seamless manner to : Increase individual’s, team’s and company’s standards, including correlations, agreement and benchmarks re coaching and in-field development of your sales representatives Improve skills required to achieve and overachieve those on an ongoing basis Build your people through the practical usage of your processes and methodologies (eg sales call, customer call analysis and coaching checklists, current and new) in a realistic, impactful and engaging way using real target Customers and unique, significant peer review. To get your Managers to commit to what they will ‘Stop’ doing, ‘Start’ doing and will ‘Continue’ to do with respect to coaching going forward in line with your strategy & objectives. All leading to more effective performance, more productive sales calls and thus greater sales and market share across your sales forces and your brands. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  8. 8. Powerful, detailed Feedback, Data, Reports Each Manager/Trainer will receive : You will, in addition, receive : Assessments & Feedback on their coaching skills The Reports on your Managers coaching skills, benchmarked across the team as a whole; Plus the Doctors feedback on your From Manager peers Representatives performance as well From Senior Managers/Assessors From Representatives ( via 360° feedback) Representative Event ICQ Average Role Region T erritory A% 82% B% 88% C% 86% D% 96% E% 78% F% 88% G% 76% H% 85% I% 83% Event Masterclass Averages J% 69% K% 67% L% 63% M% 53% N% 55% O%ICQ Average 65% 76% Incorporated into quality reports 100% 90% 88% 96% 88% 86% 85% 83% 82% 80% 78% 76% 76% PerCent 69% 70% 67% 65% 63% 60% 55% 53% 50% 40% A% B% C% D% E% F% G% H% I% J% K% L% M% N% O% ICQ Average Masterclass Total distribution 3.5 60% No of RBM's Percentage of RBM's 3 3 50% 50% 2.5 40% 2 2 33% Number Percent 30% 1.5 20% 1 Their video recording of their coaching call 1 17% 10% 0.5 Input into their personal developmental plan for action 0 0 40+ to 50 0% 0 0% 50+ to 60 60+ to 70 70+ to 80 80+ to 90 0 90 to 100 0% 0% & follow up in-field Range of Masterclass Total Summary of key learning's from the Coaching Masterclass ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  9. 9. Sales Effectiveness In Call Quality (ICQ) workshops ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  10. 10. In Call Quality Workshops – Full Day of Half Day Real-life training scenarios to assess, benchmark, train and develop your sales people. An investment that pays big dividends. An extremely flexible tool that can be applied in any environment and at any venue. For a regional team, one Sales Force, multiple Sales Forces At National / Sales Conferences, Product Launches, Regional Meetings, Initial Training Courses, Developmental Training Calls made on your real (target) Customers (GP’s and Specialists etc) Highly experiential, impactful, and motivating full on day Measures how your individual sales people perform in front of real customers, who give objective assessments of skills, detail and impact on their behaviour and prescribing Direct Feedback from those whose opinion counts the most….your Customers Independent and/or your own Observers can also assess the calls and add to the power of the data Your sales people will benefit enormously from the real life experience and feedback. They can apply their new and enhanced skills to work immediately Use the outputs and comprehensive reports to focus on specific areas requiring further training and development during the event itself and going forward ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  11. 11. ICQ produces powerful, detailed Feedback, Data, Reports (these are a few examples) Benchmarking…. Your sales forces, regions, states Your company Individual Representatives Other reports, which are not shown here, can include : Detail Behaviour profile Behaviours radar chart League table/comparisons: + valuable customer feedback By Representative, immediately after each call. By State By Manager By type of Customer/segment + all original written feedback via Other’s as per your needs assessment forms etc etc ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  12. 12. Management Effectiveness Improving Individual and Team Performance ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  13. 13. Key to Peak Performance and Results Mastery of skills including Leadership Teamwork Relationship Management Influencing and negotiating Key Account Management Recruitment and Interviewing Appraisals and Staff Development Disciplinary and Grievance Conflict resolution Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences Executive Coaching ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  14. 14. Programs and Modules Ranging from Half Day, to 1, 2 and 3 Days Use innovative, engaging and impactful experiential methodologies Achieve buy in, commitment and improved and sustained performance in key competencies in the real world Customised to individual and team need Unique opportunities to observe, measure, benchmark and improve skills in real situations Using : Your own staff Your real target Customers and/or experienced actors – as appropriate Real life is so much more effective than role playing Participants grasp concepts much more easily They see, hear and experience them for themselves Understanding and skills improvement is more immediate and effective, producing better results ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  15. 15. Real life = Real Value Everything is seamless and fits with your strategy, culture and ongoing development of your staff. We take care of all the arrangements, logistics and provide expert facilitation and management Your staff benefit most from the experience and achieve optimal results. - High quality data, reports and feedback further embed the learning's and reinforce the action planning and follow up leading to sustained results. Your staff will acquire, improve and practice skills they need Skills that will have an immediate impact on their own performance and the performance of their team. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  16. 16. Executive Coaching For individuals and teams including directors, national sales managers, marketing managers, and product managers, regional managers and “rising stars” to help them achieve and overachieve their objectives. Our fresh, impartial approach works in synergy with our Customers. Our coaching provides the candour and objective feedback and development that accelerates, nurtures and improves performance. Three Times More Effective than typical training programs in producing results Conclusions from a study of 370 coaching participants. Training alone produces an increase in productivity, however when followed by coaching that productivity is increased fourfold. Proven track record of achievement in a number of markets and industries with world class companies. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  17. 17. Strategic Effectiveness Improving Company Performance ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  18. 18. A winning strategy is pivotal for success Managers and staff need to make the best possible business decisions that help their companies become more productive and drive profitability and value. A refreshingly different approach Helps you formulate powerful, winning strategies. Ensures that your strategies get implemented by your staff Results go straight to your bottom line. We work with you and your staff to help you identify where your company really is. Identifying the Here and Now, through candid, challenging strategic perspectives. We determine with you what you want to be in your future, i.e. the There, through strategy. We facilitate and help ensure implementation of that strategy. Using customised mobilisation methodologies Practical tools that inspire and enable high performance teamwork and leadership, creativity, discipline and passion that will accelerate your staff and your business from Here to There, faster. We work at various levels to accelerate any teams, initiatives, projects or programs. We have a proven track record of success. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  19. 19. ProfitAbility Business Simulations Unique, engaging, highly experiential and very effective Help your managers and staff improve your bottom line results using better commercial and financial acumen By driving the right strategies. Used by world class companies to achieve better results such as Pfizer, Abbott, Novartis, Merck-Serono, Nestlé, Diageo, Ford, etc Run at many of the world’s best business schools including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and Henley every year. Tailored to mirror your company Leverage your key drivers of success, incorporate strategies and objectives you want to achieve. Participants learn how best to make key decisions by working hands-on in an engaging, competitive simulated business environment. By learning by doing, your staff really understand how to use new concepts and strategies They can apply in their jobs and with their colleagues in real life; back on the job, straight away. Better communication using the same language Getting everyone on the same page and all working in the same direction to common goals Improving business and financial results significantly Changing behaviour, incorporate new methods of working, improved communication, better team work Focussing on business strategy, better decision making and greater profitability. Other real-life simulations address the challenges of knowledge management, managing change, customer focus, and cultural issues and are just as powerful. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009
  20. 20. Why use Customer Centric? Unique, Industry first, proven methodologies are used in all our programs. Everything is real life so your people and your company get real value and an excellent return on investment. Using Real Customers ie GP’s, Specialists, Pharmacists, Nurses etc and your own staff - ensures reality. Not role-play. We engage your staff with leading edge, experiential learning and development in all our programs. Hundreds of assessments for top Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies in Australia, across Europe and North America. We design and customise solutions and programs for you, with you, to deliver the best return on your investment. Everything is relevant and seamless; fitting with how you work and synergistic with your current/future learning and development. All arrangements are taken care of for you, recruitment of your Customers, logistics and briefings – depending on the program. Your staff are able to focus on the experience, optimising their learnings and skill and achieving optimal results. High quality Data/Reports (tailored to your requirements) to embed learning's, enable action planning, follow-up and accelerate results. Everyone benefits – Your Managers and your Representatives – Your Marketers – Your Management team : all your staff. We are renowned for helping companies improve their performance and achieve exceptional results and return on investment. ©Copyright . All Rights Reserved 2004-2009