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Your Questions About Stockscouter

  1. 1. Your Questions About StockscouterNancy asks…How to display stockscouter ratings for my list of stocks in MSNMoney?I have a list of stocks tracked in my portfolio in MSN Money. I noticed there is this feature calledstockscouter ratings which you can see when you click on the page and enter the stock tickersymbol individually. But this is inefficient as I would have to enter each of my stock and see therating one at a time. After navigating the MSN Money site, I still cannot find a way to see myportfolio of stocks WITH the stockscouter ratings beside each of the stock. Then this way, Ican view the ratings for all my stocks at a glance.Hope someone knows how to achieve this and can help.Thanks.Steve Winston answers:I have a free open-source EXCEL add-in that can collect that information for you using auser-defined function. The add-in, documentation on the functions, and sample templates canbe found in the files area of this Yahoo! Group: 1/7
  2. 2. For example, to get the current StockScouter rating on ticker "MMM", you would use thisformula:=RCHGetElementNumber("MMM", 543)Laura asks…A High price-to-sales Metric is a Good Thing??I have just read MSNs StockScouter report about Apple Inc. ( ) and itsays there that:• The price-to-sales multiple is significantly higher than the average for all stocks in theStockScouter universe. Very positive for a medium- to large-sized company like AAPLHow come?Steve Winston answers: 2/7
  3. 3. You really have to compare the stock to others in the same industry and see what their P/S ratiois and if its higher, go to their and competitors websites and read whats going on with thecompany and see if you can see whats differentWilliam asks…Why isnt Microsoft stock higher.?Its analyst ratings are high -stockscouter 10, earnings are great, target is $40...whats up? Iknow this is not a good time for the market, but other stocks go up, why not ms?Steve Winston answers:The market is driven by fear and greed. In a down market everyone runs out of fear, in an upmarket everyone buys out of greed. This results in buying high and selling low.The current market has some of the best deals ever seen. Most of the S&P has strongfinancials, low P/E ratios, large cash reserves, etc. Yet people are selling and dragging pricesdown with them. I could pull 50 stocks in 10 minutes that have the same characteristics you just 3/7
  4. 4. mentioned for Microsoft, and there wouldnt be an answer for them either. Stock picking is onlypartially tied to the charts and data - there will always be a human element that will cause thestock to do something different from what you were expecting.Lets look at the last two weeks -The federal reserve cut rates by 0.75 and the market dropped?!? "They" were hoping for more.Then yesterday they announce the worst fall for new home starts in decades and the market didwhat - it went up?? Why, because "They" view that as positive news because it may force thefed to cut rates again.All of this has a bigger impact on Microsoft than P/E, target prices, ratings, or anything else youcan find on stockscouter.Michael asks…How much would i make if i invest on Gold? NOW?Lets say i put around $100 Bucks on it.. Around how much will i get in return? I know the returnchance is pretty high because i saw it on the MSN StockScouter. Ive also seen a lot of peoplehere say that gold is a good place to invest right now so.. Im pretty convinced.-why $100 bucks only? because Im really young.. hah and this will be my first time investing.. Iwas also thinking of BAC.. but im not sure.. that wouldve been good like 3 months ago.. but notanymore..Coke?? hmm.. you sure? I checked MSN and its StockScouter and according to it, it says thatit woulnd give me much in return and is medium risk.. so do you have any other ideas?? 3months ago i was thinking about BAC and Citigroup. but im not sure yet 4/7
  5. 5. "Whose share price is estimated to gain the most? Coke: 54.09 BAC: 12.15"I think i might be agreeing with you now Mark. but do you know any other companies that mightbe good to spent/ buy a few stocks with $200?Just found another good one.. Macdonalds.. its one of the best out there right now.. but just totest.. i might buy 1 stock of Coke and 1 of Macdonalds or should i just put all my money in onebecause i dont have that much money to do this (((($150))))Steve Winston answers:You would make nothing. Zip. Nada. Nought.Gold is a hedge, not an investment, and basically offers zero return; one ounce of gold tradedfor enough money to buy a fine Mens suit in the 1700s, and it trades for enough money to buythe same thing today.Buy two shares of Coke instead, or $100 worth of a Growth mutual fund, long-term you willactually make money...Donna asks… 5/7
  6. 6. Stock market questionn!????!??Ok so in the stock market game (hold on now dont leave keep reading)we started off with 100,000last friday we went down to 94 thousanddue to the falling dow etcbut there is this one group in another school near me they have 127,000how can they be making such big money from what ive seen in the market so farwhat stocks could they be invesitng in that is so great, how are they avoiding such drops thateveryone else is experiencing?can anyone explain this?My group has invested in a lot of energy, technology and foreign stocks, all of which I think arevery good (according to stockscouter also)Steve Winston answers:Well, my first thought is maybe the other group is short selling and youre not?I dont know all the rules, but maybe they are playing in the commodity markets and withderivatives (i.e. - options)?Powered by Yahoo! Answers 6/7
  7. 7. Read More… Your Questions About Stockscouter 7/7Powered by TCPDF (