Magazine Deconstructions


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Magazine Deconstructions

  1. 1. The masthead is named insight because to have an insightinto something means to have an accurate and deep The magazine isunderstanding of something and that’s why we go to free which is a goodschool to learn and get an understanding of everything. way of enticing readers; also it says ‘your free copy’ implying that it’s your personalThey have their magazine, thereschool badge on trying to reach outtheir front page to the targetbecause that’s audience.what representsthem.The colour schemeon the magazine isthe same colours asthere schoolcolours. They have a give-away which will entice girl readers because the prize is a pamper day and get money for shopping. The picture on the front is a girl in class with goggles on likes she’s learning and she is smiling so it looks like she is enjoying herself.
  2. 2. The masthead is called fly which ties in with their slogan aboutThe slogan is ‘aim aiming high andhigh and believe believing youyou can fly’ which is can fly.trying to motivatetheir students toachieve more. ‘FREE’ is in capitals and bold so it drawsAn article about attention to it, andschool uniform is more people willreaching out to their pick it up knowingtarget audience and they don’t have tothey know that kids pay for it.don’t like wearingtheir uniforms likethere suppose to. A medium close – up of a girl stood They have a prize to be won which outside her school and she is looking will entice readers to have a look. happy. But also the prizes are work related/ This is obviously the main point of interest as it is capital letters, in a bright colour and has exclamation marks after.
  3. 3. The mast head is in a bright red colour which grabs your attention and red connotes passion, which a lot of girls are very passionate about looking good especially at prom. An interview with aThe magazine singer which is veryis aimed popular with girls istowards girls as advertised under thegirls take the mast head so it’s oneprom more of the first things youseriously, you see.can tell with allthe tips onclothes. A competition will entice more readers. Lots of ways to save money to entice readers. A very professional looking medium close up of an attractive teenager. This could be inspiration to other girls and someone to look up too.
  4. 4. The mast head is big and bright to draw attention to it and ‘back’ and ‘school’ are in bold to draw importance to the words.They use slang This looks like itlanguage which has beenmaybe parents highlighted whichare someone relates to whatwho is reading it the wholewill understand. magazine is about. The word ‘child’ means that it is aimed parent’s whose children are just going back to school. The girl on the front is holding a notepad and is carrying a backpack and she is dressed smart, because she symbolises a ‘model’ student.