Insurance companies use_public_media_to_deface_disaster_recovery_ agencies


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In this tough economy everyone is watching their spending, trying to make that buck stretch just a little further, and insurance companies are no different. If you have ever had to make a claim, you may already be aware of the problems associated with getting what is fair.

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Insurance companies use_public_media_to_deface_disaster_recovery_ agencies

  1. 1. Insurance Companies Use Public Media To Deface Disaster RecoveryAgenciesPALOS VERDES, CA – In this tough economy everyone is watching their spending,trying to make that buck stretch just a little further, and insurance companies are nodifferent. If you have ever had to make a claim, you may already be aware of theproblems associated with getting what is fair. The people effected in some of the recentdisasters, Hurricane Katrina and Rita and the California wildfires, know all too well whatit is like to not receive a fair claim payment from their insurance companies, youre betteroff believing a poker player than a insurance claims adjuster. Its never a bad idea to hirea water and fire damage restoration company to complete an independent assessment andcost estimate. Hopefully, you wont need it, but if legal action becomes necessary, its ahandy document to have in your corner. So when people like Steve Slepcevic and histeam of experts arrive on the scene to try to make a difference, sometimes the insurancecompanies fight back with lawsuits and media slander. Steve Slepcevic has focused hisconstruction business on restoring and reconstructing homes and businesses directly andexclusively for the property owners after natural disasters.For those that dont know him, Steve Slepcevic has more than 25 year’s experience in thedisaster reconstruction industry that can be first traced back to his younger years when heworked for uncles that were in the industry, everything from cabinetmakers to large-scaledevelopers.Since 1989 Steve Slepcevic has completed several thousand projects with the goal ofgetting their clients fully restored and rebuilt through the client’s insurance companies.As for his passion in helping natural disaster victims Slepcevic says, “At a young age Iwas always troubled watching the floods and fires on TV and seeing peoples lives andhomes destroyed, my thought always went to who is going to help these people rebuildtheir homes, businesses and restore their lives”.Insurance companies are in a business of collecting premiums, not paying claims, and todo so they tend to undercut their policyholders claims. Thousands of complaints withstate insurance departments and civil court cases show that insurance companies oftenpay 30-60 percent of the cost of rebuilding a damaged home. Paying less to victims ofnatural disasters has helped produce record profits. Even after the worst natural disasterin U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina, insurance companies reported their highest ever profitof $73 billion."Money managers have taken over this whole industry. Their eyes are not on people whoare hurt but on the bottom line for the next quarter" says Robert Hunter insurance directorat the Washington-based Consumer Federation of America, who was Texas insurancecommissioner from 1993 to 1995.In order to keep stockholders happy by continuing to make those record breaking profitsinsurance companies implement numerous delay tactics, from transferring claims toseveral adjusters to try to lower claim amounts, to using a list of "preferred" engineers,
  2. 2. consultants, and industrial hygienists who will not perform proper testing oncontaminated areas. In the end the insurance company’s adjuster has the leverage to denyor lowball the claim value.As hard as it is for victims of natural disasters to work with the insurance companies it iseven harder for those people, such as Slepcevic, that are trying to help victims outside ofthe insurance companies influence. It hasn’t been an easy road for Slepcevic and his teamof experts, but their passion to help out homeowners that are trying to rebuild their livesafter a natural disaster outweighs any shady tactics the insurance companies try to use todiscredit them.“I know it may be a rough road working through the trenches hand in hand with myclients, but this is why I got in the business as a small boy sitting in his living roomwatching the people suffered in the disaster devastated areas and thinking Im going togrow up and help these people rebuild their lives, I had no idea that it would be a hugeprice to pay in the form of slander and lies” says Slepcevic, “the insurance carriers spenda lot of money in an attempt to keep me from teaching people what they need to do toavoid being victimized by unscrupulous contractors and insurance adjusters. Sometimeswhen you have something really important for people to know that somebody,somewhere in power doesnt want them to know, youre going to eventually pay a pricefor it.”Steve Slepcevic and his team of certified and licensed contractors are just one of manygroups out their trying to make a difference. Every time there is a win for their clientswhether through one of the law cases, complete reconstruction, such that the clientreceives the full value of the claim, the insurance companies just fight back harder withlawsuits, fraud complaints, slanderous articles and posts.Unfortunately not all disaster recovery agencies are as forthcoming and upfront as SteveSlepcevic. Like any industry when there is an opportunity to exploit people to makemoney there are some bad apples that take advantage of people in need, usually ruiningthe reputation for the actual good ones out there.Slepcevic says his final piece of advice if all else fails is to contact a lawyer, “Werecommend one of the large law firms such as Myers, Widders, Gibson, Jones andSnyder, Girardi and Keese, Kabateck Brown Kellner, Stone, Rosenblatt & Cha, ThornhillLaw Partners, Steven Zelig or others that take bad faith actions on for the consumer”.About Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc.:Steve Slepcevic founded Paramount Disaster Recovery has been helping individualhomeowners, business owners, and homeowner associations (HOA) with their roof repairneeds, including roof consultants, insurance claim consultants, and roofing contractors.Steve Slepcevic is a proud member of the Building Owners & Managers AssociationInternational, the Community Associations Institute, and the National Institute of DisasterRestoration.
  3. 3. Contact:-Steve Slepcevic310-265-8846Paramount Disaster Recovery Inc.