Culinary WebQuest Example 2
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Culinary WebQuest Example 2






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Culinary WebQuest Example 2 Culinary WebQuest Example 2 Document Transcript

  • 1. What looked most appealing to you? 2. What looked least appealing to you? 3. Are you hungry yet? The most appealing thing is the produce (fruit and vegetables) Strawberries look amazing Delish The hams look really gross because they are just hanging there All of the meat looks gross Everything looks fresh They have a lot of wine They call almonds candy Yes we all were hungry Take a look at the Market Map. If you went to stalls 230, 485, 742, and 950 what would you be purchasing? What about the lime green colored stalls? Approximately when did it originate? Why is it located on Las Ramblas (the name of the street)? What kinds of foods can you purchase in La Boqueria? What is the Boqueria Food School? If you went to the stalls 230, 485, 742, and 950, I would be purchasing olives. If I would be going to the greenstalls I would be purchasing fruits. The approximate year it originated was 1200 to 1700. It was placed there, “toattract large number of passers-by and local inhabitants.” What you can get in the stalls are poultry, game andeggs, bars, charcuterie, meat, specialties, dry fruits, fruit and vegetables, legumes and cereals, seafood, offal, olivesand preserves, various, salted fish, fish, and ready meals, various, holder. It is a school that makes food. What are tapas? When is it most common to go out and eat them? In your own words (and in a short paragraph), please describe the origins and history of tapas. What are some common ingredients found in tapas? Are there any particular ingredients that you really like? How about ones you dont like?Tapas are snack size portions. You should eat them is with ham, cheese, or both; or common to eatit on sliced bread (usually toasted or fried) with a choice of fillings. Tapas are the “heart of their lifestyle and culture.” Tapas are a type of eating more than just a form ofcooking. Tapas in Spain have become a healthy addition to the food styles. Tapas are also a tiny mouthful ofSpain.
  • There are a lot of olives and olive oils, fish, pepper, nuts, paprika, and garlic. No, not really tasty to my taste buds.Yes, all of the things that I have placed above do not appeal to my liking.