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  • 22 Nov: Updated mil/civ/and student figures provided by 502 MSG (vr)Mil from 8,000 to 7,000Civ from 2,500 to 4,000Students from 24,000 to 24,500
  • Geographically dispersed in a major metropolitan area. Driving times/distance between bases are:FSH to LAFB 35 minutes and 22 milesFSH to RAFB 30 minutes and 15 milesLAFB to RAFB 45 min and 33 miles Per SAF/IEI any JBSA installation can be considered for the ABW Headquarters Fort Sam Houston is the center of mass geographically Camp Bullis is critical to the training missions of Lackland AFB and Fort Sam Houston The Joint Base will support a total population of over 80,000 personnel and approximately 210 tenants. It will become the largest installation support services business enterprise in DoDBecause of how geographically spread out the installations of Joint Base Sana Anotnio are and the complexity of the mission, an installation focused org structure has been developed. 22 Nov: updated per 502 MSG (vr)Mil from 23,437 to 20,133Civ from 11,928 to 12,530Students from 46,000 to 44,000Total figures updated.
  • 10 Dec: Updated supported units provided by 502 MSG vr
  • Command Support = safety, public affairs, legal, inspector general, procurement, chaplain, financial managementCommunity Services = morale, welfare & recreation, youth programs, family services, lodging operationEnvironmental Services = compliance, pollution prevention, conservation, restorationFacilities = Utilities, pest control, custodial & refuse collection, grounds & pavement maintenance, real property leases, mgmnt & engineeringFire & Emergency Services = fire department, emergence response services, readiness (crisis response)Housing = family housing, dormitory managementHumanResources = military personnel, management analysisInformationTechnology = IT servicesLogistics = supply, munitions, laundry, vehicle operations, food servicesOperational Mission Services = airfield operations, small arms & firing rangesSecurity Services (military police) = law enforcement, physical security, installation protection
  • 36% of ALL facilities in AETC 28% of ALL facility square footage in AETC 39% of ALL the entire AETC PRV
  • Contracted study in spring 2009 identified a large disparity between the condition of facilities on Ft Sam vs a representative sample (by PRV and catcode) on LAFB and RAFB.49% of Ft Sam was poor / failing


  • 1. Joint Base San Antonio
    502d Air Base Wing
    Debra Harkiewicz
    Director of Civil Engineering
  • 2. Overview
    What is Joint Basing?
    Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Scope
    Services Provided
    Civil Engineering Services
    Sustainability Focus
  • 3. What is Joint Basing?
    Joint Basing
    1. Policy
    2. Standards & Metrics
    IM delivered
    by the lead
    Military Dept
    AF Installation Management
    Army Installation Management
    JB is a BRAC mandate to consolidate installation support functions at adjacent & nearby installations under one Military Department to optimize installation management
  • 4. Joint Base Locations
    Joint Base (JB) Pearl Harbor - Hickam, HI (Phase II)
    Navy Base Guam / Andersen, GU (Phase I)
    JB Anacostia-Bolling, DC(Phase II)
    Naval Station Norfolk / Ft Story, VA(Phase I)
    JB Ft Lewis - McChord, WA (Phase II)
    JB Ft Myer - Henderson Hall, VA (Phase I)
    Charleston / Naval WS Charleston, SC (Phase II)
    JB McGuire - Ft Dix - Naval AS Lakehurst, NJ (Phase I)
    JB Andrews - Naval Air Facility Wash, MD (Phase I)
    JB Elmendorf - Richardson, AK (Phase II)
    Lackland / Randolph / Ft Sam, TX(Phase II)
    Langley / Ft Eustis, VA (Phase II)
    Lead Component responsible for providing Installation Support for the entire Joint Base
  • 5. Joint Base San Antonio Scope
    Increase by 4,000
    Increase by $1.56B
    Increase by 24,500 annually
    Increase by 4,000 annually
    Increase by 7,000
  • 6. Joint Base San Antonio Scope
    = 49,335
    = 28,461
    = 133,600
    Permanent Party personnel = 84,488
    Rotational / Training = 138,600/12mo = 11,550
    Total Number Supported Daily = 96,000
  • 7. JBSA Supported Units
    Lackland (80)
    Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Agency
    59th Medical Wing
    24th Air Force
    433d Airlift Wing
    37th Training Wing
    67th Network Warfare Wing
    688th Information Operation Wing
    Defense Language Institute
    Inter-American AF Academy
    149th Fighter Wing
    National Security Agency / Central Security Service TX
    69 additional units
    Randolph (35)
    • Air Education & Training Command
    • 8. 19th Air Force
    • 9. AF Personnel Center
    • 10. AF Recruiting Svc
    • 11. 12th Flying Training Wing
    • 12. 30 additional units
    Fort Sam Houston (96)
    US Army North
    Installation Management Command
    US Army South
    Army Medical Dept Center & School
    Army Family & Morale, Welfare & Recreation Command
    Installation Management Command – West Region
    Brooke Army Medical Center/Southern Regional
    Medical Command
    Medical Education & Training Campus
    Mission & Installation Contracting Command
    Army Environmental Command
    Dental Command & Veterinary Command
    5th ROTC Cadet Command
    Institute of Surgical Research
    106th Signal Brigade
    32d Medical Training Brigade
    470th Military Intelligence Brigade
    5th Recruiting Brigade
    82 additional units
    211 Supported Units 27 General Officers
    16 SES’s
  • 13. Community / Political Considerations
    JBSA interfaces and will work regularly with:
    2 US Senators
    4 US Congressmen
    8 State Senators / Representatives
    All 11 members of San Antonio City Council
    14 other City Councils / Municipalities
    Officials from 5 County Governments
    Active participation from 5 Chambers of Commerce
    5 universities / colleges (7 campuses) and Alamo Community College Dist
    Texas Military Preparedness Commission
    7th largest city in US and 3rd fastest growing metropolitan area
  • 14. Customer Focused Structure
    19 AF
    2 AF
    12 FTW
    37 TRW
    502 ABW
    Wing Staff
    Director of Staff Mgt Analysis
    Judge Advocate Protocol
    Safety Command Post
    Anti-Terrorism Sexual Assault Response
    Equal Op Info Protection
    Historian Inspector General
    Public Affairs Chaplain
    Financial Mgr Plans, Programs/Integration
    59 MDW
    802 MSG
    902 MSG
    Fort Sam
    502 MSG
    Security Forces Civil Engineer Logistics Readiness
    Force Support Communications Contracting *Trainer Development* *Operations Support*
    Total Personnel: ~ 8,000
    502 ABW/CC direct report to AETC/CC
  • 15. Services Provided
  • Standard AF CE Squadron*
    • Facility & Infrastructure Operations, Maintenance & Repair
    • 26. Material Control
    • 27. Work Order / Job Planners
    • 28. Customer Service
    • 29. Service Contracts
    • Resource Advisor/Financial Mgt
    • 30. Information Technology
    • 31. Manpower
    Asset Management
    • Comprehensive Planning
    • 32. Real Estate
    • 33. Housing Operations and Mgt
    • 34. Natural Infrastructure Mgt (NIM)
    • 35. Environmental Quality
    • 36. Cultural / Natural Resources
    • 37. Energy Mgt
    • 38. Environmental Restoration
    Fire Emergency Services
    • Fire Response
    • 39. Fire Prevention
    • 40. HAZMAT Response
    Operations (CEO)
    Readiness & Emergency Mgt
    • CBRNE Training
    • 41. Hazmat Training
    • 42. AFIMS / C2 / EOC Operations
    • 43. Mobile Command Post
    • 44. Emergency Management Plans
    • 45. Prime BEEF Pgm Management
    Asset Mgt (CEA)
    Programs (CEP)
    Resources (CER)
    Fire EmgSvs (CEF)
    Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    Readiness / EM (CEX)
    EOD (CED)
  • 52. JB Functions
    Command Management
    - EO, EEO, SARC
    - Mil & Civ Drug Testing
    21 Civil Engineer Functions
    49 Functions from Wing Support Staff, MSG, & OSS
  • 59. Civil Engineering Scope
    Sustains ~$10B physical plant
    Nearly 4,000 facilities / 18M square feet
    Over 50,000 acres; including protected habitats
    More historic structures than any other installation
    Authorized workforce of over 1,500 personnel
    ~50% manned on Ft Sam
    Basic annual non-labor budget of over $200M
    $4.8B investment over 10-yr period
    CE is major area of emphasis in Joint Basing
    42% of all JBIG functions
    COLS - ~20-25% of all COLS are in CE
    All during monumental BRAC and Joint Basing transformation
  • 60. Size Comparison(# facilities, square footage, PRV)
    17.956 MSF
    # of facilities vs facility areas
    671 Facs,
    10.585 MSF
    1377 Facs,
    9.234 MSF
    777 Facs,
    7.885 MSF
    973 Facs,
    3.936 MSF
    1042 Facs,
    4.139 MSF
    614 Facs,
    2.038 MSF
    344 Facs,
    11.428 MSF
    408 Facs,
    2.346 MSF
    Plant Replacement Values
  • 61. Construction Volume(1)– San AntonioFunding Sources: FY06-15
    Total DoD Program = $4.2B
    Plus $500M Housing at LAFB
    Programmed Year
    (1) Numbers do not include complete coverage of SRM Projects
    Note: Some numbers vary slightly due to rounding
  • 62. Army/Air Force Facilities Condition
    Army Facilities:
    Q1: 30%
    Q2: 21%
    Q3: 17%
    Q4: 32%
    Air Force Facilities:
    Q1: 71%
    Q2: 21%
    Q3: 7%
    Q4: 1%
  • 63. JBSA Sustainability
    • Sustainability is vital at JBSA
    • 64. Energy conservation is key in reducing dependency on foreign oil
    • 65. Conservation enhances Services’ ability to support mission needs
    • 66. Conserving provides value to the community – JBSA could potentially have combined peak loads of 100MW
    • 67. Conserving energy and resources is key to strategic goals