Inspirational email marketing; Red C's Email Marketing WOW Book 2


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We’ve been at it again here at Red C. We’ve pouring over our inboxes searching out those truly wonderful emails that standout from the norm . Whether it’s through enticing copy, standout design or brilliant novelty – each one the emails we’ve selected have stopped us in our tracks and made us say “WOW”.

So here it is back by popular demand, The Red C Email Marketing WOW Book 2. As always we hope it sparks creative thinking, just like it has for us!

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Inspirational email marketing; Red C's Email Marketing WOW Book 2

  1. 1. EmailWOWBookTwoRetail... Fashion... Financial Services... Travel & Leisure...Gaming... Social... Hospitality... Voucher
  2. 2. Contents RetailFashionFinancial ServicesTravel & LeisureGamingSocialHospitalityVouche rThe Email Wow BookFirstly, thank you so much for all the positive comments regarding ourinaugural WOW Book. We thoroughly enjoyed pulling it together sowe’re absolutely thrilled that you have found it useful.So, we’ve been at it again. We’ve been poring over our inboxes lookingfor those truly great emails that standout from the norm. Whether it’sthrough enticing copy, outstanding design or an excellent idea - each of theemails we’ve selected have literally jumped out at us from the inbox andhave made us say “wow”.So here it is, back due to popular demand; Red C’s EmailWOW book 2.As always, we hope it sparks creativeideas for you, the same wayit has for us.Enjoy!Steve WhiteAccount Director
  3. 3. Retail
  4. 4. This email stood out in my inbox forthree reasons:Simple… but very effective.The copy andthe design is straight forward but in a highlyengaging and friendly way. I have quicklyunderstood what the email is telling meand what it wants me to do.Relevancy… on a few levels. It has my name,but also has my shoes and the size – againits simple, but feeling like the email is forme rather than just an email list, reallyencourages me to click.Timing… perfect! Landing in my inbox a fewdays after I had opened my package meantI was still in the ‘honeymoon’ period ofmy shoe purchase. I was happy they fittedperfectly and I wanted to share this withothers. If it had been sent a little later, thenovelty would have worn off, and it wouldhave been less likely to trigger a response.Date:April 2011Subject line: Please review yourMarks & Spencer purchaseKaty WhittakerAccount DirectorM&SOver the Easter period I received a greatrange of lovely Egg-tastic emails fromHotel Chocolat. But none stood out fromin my inbox the way this one did. Ridingon the back of the hype around Kate andWill’s big day, this was an eye-catchingidea with a very quirky subject header.I love the way they present the products,bringing chocolate eggs to life createsa sense of character and humour to theiremail marketing. I also like the way theyposition their social media links next toeach product throughout the email and“drop a hint” is an interesting approachI have never seen before.Date:April 2011Subject line:The Big Day is almost here!HotelChocolatAmy EstcourtAccount Manager
  5. 5. Date:April 2011Subject line:Amazing camera deals just in timefor the celebrations!Lorenzo BurridgeEye Tracking AnalystCamera retailers differ vastly in their emaildesigns, which begs the question whosedesign is best at holding the viewersattention? My research tells me it’s theJessops email. It presents the productrange, along with the specs in a clear andattractive way, making it easy for theviewer to grasp and obtain information.What makes it effective in doing this is itsclever design layout. Both image and textare presented diagonally from one another,which from an eye-tracking point of view,makes for optimal visual processing of theemail right up to the end.As the viewerscrolls down, they are tempted to continuescrolling due to the partial view of the nextimage.This makes for a consistent level ofattention that keeps the viewer interestedin the content.JessopsWhy not see how your companyemails fare on our eye tracking demo?Call Rachael today on:0161 872 1361Date: July 2011Subject line: Plain Picture Holiday GreetingsPlainPictureHere’s a great example of how a reallysimple idea can draw you into a pieceof marketing communication. I recentlyreceived this lovely email from plainpicture.It contained the timely message,‘HolidayGreetings’, which was accompanied by theimage of a postcard stand.What made thisemail intriguing was the fact you couldrotate the postcard stand around with yourcursor and view all the gorgeous images ithad on display.However that’s not all this email hadto offer, because when you clicked on aspecific postcard it gave you the option ofemailing it to a friend along with your veryown personal message. I thought this wasa really nice way for plainpicture to getpeople interacting with their products andeven get them sharing them with friends.Natalie KinseyAccount Executive
  6. 6. Date:April 2011Subject line: Jessops April FoolJessopsAndy CampbellCopywriterThis was a really fun job to work on… Jessopsemails are always slick, sophisticated andfull of interesting camera content, howeverwe showed they like to have a little fun tooby creating this fantastic April Fool’s email.
We advertised the release of the JessopsScent Cam 1DS, supposedly Jessops brandnew camera that’s able to take picturesimprinted with smells! To make this ideacredible, design and copy was crafted withthe same care as any other email productlaunch, we used big and beautiful visualsand copy that created a strong sense ofexcitement around the product.Whetheryou were taken in by this April Fool or not,this highly imaginative idea was simply toointriguing not to read.Within minutes of its release, the emails wentviral and were being mentioned on socialmedia sites and the radio.To top it off, theywere even mentioned in the national press,hailed by The Sun as one of their favouriteApril Fool’s!We were only joking of course. Unfortunately there isn’t a scent camavailable just yet but if there are any developments – we’ll make sureyou’re the first to know. However if you’re looking for the latest incutting edge cameras, you’re in the right place. From motiondetection technology to lenses with incredible zoom – here at Jessopsyou’ll always find what you’re looking for at a great price!View all our latest offersApril Fools!Compact System CamerasPhoto PrintingCanon 500D Twin Lens KitONLY ATJESSOPSCanon Cashback offerUP TO £50 CASHBACKON SELECTED CANONPRODUCTS
  7. 7. Fashion
  8. 8. Date:April 2011Subject line: Canopy & Stars April News:luxury camping, Easter eggs and hampers!A nice email from Canopy & Stars who areregularly featured in Toast, an online homeand clothing company that I previouslysubscribed to.Introducing themselves and bulletpointingthe key features of the email is a verynice touch which encourages the recipientto scroll down, or to use the jump links;navigation made easy!The email also gives the recipient a clearunsubscribe option, making it simplefor those who don’t want to receive theirnewsletters to click there rather thanclicking on the junk button.All call to actions are made very clear aswell as social media buttons, with aprominent Facebook banner.The copy is friendly and this is reflected inthe design of the overall email – the doodleof a bank of Canopy & Stars £50 note addsa touch of personality, whilst the beautifullocation shots make you want to clickthough and find out more.A wonderful email which makes the thoughtof ‘glamping’ a very attractive idea,especially to anyone who is a camping novice!Canopy &StarsAnna ChanJunior Account ExecutiveI love the concept behind this email. Really clevertactic with a really unusual creative twist!An online Easter Egg hunt was Ted Baker’s novel way ofdrumming up fun and excitement over the competitiveEaster trading period. They set the challenge to theiremail recipients to search out Ted’s 10 Most WantedEggs but because of the competition’s mechanics notonly did it drive people through to the site but it alsoencouraged customer’s to visit areas of the site thatthey might not normally visit.Egg-cellent!Date:April 2011Subject line:Ted’s EasterCompetition Starts TodayTed BakerPeter GriffithInteractive Designer
  9. 9. An interesting and novel creative twist on adiscount email. Sent as part of a series, thisclever email creates a sense of urgency withstaggering discounts.The lack of productand seasonal twist means this email looksvery different from its market competition.The simple yet effective copy finishes thisemail off nicely. Love it!Date: March 2011Subject line: Final call for 20% off – endsmidnight tonightMiriam EastwoodAccount ManagerBodenThese are the only emails that I actuallylook forward to getting and take the timeto read.They work like a “This Month We Love”editorial from a fashionable magazine.Youget tips on where to see/hear/browse, andcrucially, buy all manner of cool stuff.Andbest of all they are personalised to yourlocation. It means the content is alwaysrelevant to you and makes you want toclick through. I bet they have very goodresponse rates.The copy tone is subtly in-the-know, butnever overwritten, while the design is keptclean and simple, with soft watercolourwashes used to separate the content.Date: June 2011Subject line: Lunch with Dawn Porter?Plus win the last tickets to theStylist Network event.Emerald StreetLara MortonArt Director
  10. 10. The royal wedding caused a right royal flushof emails, some with very tenuous links,but my favourite was this one from Hottershoes who are very clever direct marketers.They went as far as to launch a pair ofspecially designed limited edition RoyalWedding shoes, promoted via this email,about 10 days before the event, when hypewas at its height.They came complete withtheir own Certificate of Authenticity andthis email offered an extra £5 off.Cleverly, they also offered a chance todouble your discount if you added amatching bag to your order using thecode Royal1.Finally, they also didn’t forget the chanceto recommend them to your friends.A great idea, well executed.HotterRosemary WaltonClient Services DirectorDate:April 2011Subject line:A Royal Celebration With UpTo £10 OffDate: 23 June 2011Subject line: Get Taylor Printed On The BackOf Your New ShirtMCFCA lovely personal way to launch the new‘must have’ City shirt to all diehard fans.Any email from City will get opened asthere is already a high level of interest, butI think the way that the subject headerand the shirt are personalised with therecipient’s surname is a great way toconnect with the fan baseRachael TaylorBusinessDevelopment Manager
  11. 11. I’ve been subscribing to Howies emails fora while now.And I really can’t see myselfunsubscribing either.Why? Because everyemail they send me gives me a littlesomething in the copy that makes mesmile.Whether that be a lovely thought, abit of inspiration or a joke. I get the chanceto buy their stuff as well of course.HowiesDate: 10 March 2011Subject line: Epic stuff for springNick CliffeSenior Art DirectorDate: May 2011Subject line: Stuart – Steal You Away,15% off Cox & Cox, Cowboy Junkies,Stock Update etc.HushThis email is a great example how a brandcan engage with its customers. Hush sendsthis newsletter out every week. The formatis usually the same: usually featuring twoor three reviews of books, films or CDsthat brand spokesperson, Mandy, hasenjoyed recently.Now you might ask why she is wastingher time writing reviews when she could besending a sales message. But here’sthe thing: Hush sells loungewear. Lovelyslouchy, cosy stuff that you might like towear when you’re staying in. So actually, allthose tips on recommended music, filmsand books make perfect sense.They totallysupport the Hush proposition which isessentially: enjoy your downtime.Of course, at the bottom of each email theystill offer a Stock Update, which is just asofter way of saying “Hurry! Stock StrictlyLimited.” I guess I just like the way eachelement of the communication has beenconsidered in relation to the essence ofthe brand.Stuart ClarkeCopywriter
  12. 12. From an attractive subject line through toengaging content, this email ticks allthe boxes.It’s a great example of an added valuecontent advice email. The email hits yourinbox on Thursday – clever, as it’s theperfect time to start thinking about howmuch time you will have to get home andget out again on Friday evening.I felt it was a good way of showing a goodrange of products and tempting peopleonto their website to read theonline magazine.VeryAngela CromackSenior Account ManagerDate: July 2011Subject line: In a rush? Your guide to lookingglam in under 45 mins...Date: July 2011Subject line:The Fashion ForecastMy-Wardrobe.comJennie AmbroseDeputy Creative DirectorThis is a great idea for a fashion email.Every girl needs to be prepared with theright outfit for the right weather.Wellyou wouldn’t want to be caught out by asudden downpour in your peep toes.Andyou certainly couldn’t soak up the rays inopaque tights.With the typically changeable Britishweather, this is a great opportunity forthem to showcase a wide range of products.From rainy days through to bright sunshinethe recipient can see everything fromjackets to accessories.The email is actually quite simple in termsof layout and click-throughs but theconcept and timing is very clever. Oh, anda nice little touch at the end – just in casethe forecast is wrong.
  13. 13. The creativity of the White Stuff emailsnever fail to entertain me.This email inparticular caught my eye.I really like the play on words, which isused throughout the email. It’s a simpleyet quirky way to bring key trends to life.I especially like the way it links togethermale and female clothing.The competitionelement at the end of the email is a lovelyand unique way to finish it off, bringing agreat interaction element to the emailWhiteStuffSurakshitha JagadeeshSenior Account ExecutiveDate: July 2011Subject line: In a rush? Your guide to lookingglam in under 45 mins...Liz BirchenoughArtworkerI subscribe to the Threadless emailnewsletter and receive regular emails fromthem.They’re always easy to navigate andreally nicely designed, but this is myfavourite one so far.I like how they’ve used a vintage cinemastyle to bring the T-shirt designs to life.Thetitle of each t-shirt is positioned as if it werethe title of a movie, and the designers nameis written as if they were the producer.They carry the theme into the copy with alimited stocks message which says the“films” are only viewing until 5th July date. Ialso like the faded colours and distressedillustration style which really ties the wholevintage look together.It’s a good example of how attention todetail can really bring a creative idea to life...and sell more T-shirts.Date: June 2011Subject line: Now premiering: $10 tees! Guys,girly, and kids tees for less than a movieticket!Threadless
  14. 14. Financial Services
  15. 15. An email just willing me to open!This email from ‘beat that quote’ isn’t theprettiest but it has done three things reallywell. First, it grabbed my attention witha powerful subject header that, as a dad,really caught my eye and compelled me toopen.Then it served up HTML rich contentthat ensured I got the information I needed,despite having my images switched off.Third, it actually found its way into myinbox, which is a very tough ask for anemail selling financial products.A senderreputation like that has to have been builton high levels of engagement, which I’msure are a direct result of the strongheaders and HTML content.BeatThatQuoteDate: June 2011Subject line: Don’t let a court decide yourchild’s future | Make a will todayLeigh WhitnallSenior Account Manager
  16. 16. Travel & Leisure
  17. 17. Thomson’s holiday countdown emails area great example of how to keep customersengaged with a brand.Each email is tailored to your individualholiday.The first contains links to the‘MyThomson’ website which offers a wholehost of value added content, including yourbooking information, videos of your hotel,top 10 things to do at your destination,local weather information, recommendedrestaurants, shops, tourist attractions andlots more.There are also cross-sells on addedextras like additional baggage allowance,airport parking and seat selection.Considering how much information theycontain, the communications are clean,simply designed and easy to navigate. Butmost of all, each one builds a positiveimpression of the Thomson brand, beforeyou’ve even stepped onto the plane.ThomsonDate: May 2011Subject line:Thank you for booking yourholiday to SantoriniKatharine AllenAccount DirectorDate: June 2011Subject line: First class seat sale nowon. Hurry! Ends 5 JulyVirginTrainsClaire BrownAccount ManagerI loved the understated style of this digitalpostcard from Virgin Trains. Resisting theurge to headline with the amazing £27price point (the full fare for this journeyis hundred of pounds!), they opted fora Facebook format and great useof personalisation.The tone of voice is quite casual andfriendly – “Result!”“I could get used to this”– and the low grade camera phone picturestyle adds a great touch of realism. I like thesimplified navigation, which includes theirmobile app and a link to Facebook, and Iwould be really tempted to follow the callto action in the footer and ‘Share the FirstClass seat sale with your friends’.To me, this seems a great example of theway that email and social media arebecoming increasingly integrated.
  18. 18. Date: UnknownSubject line: UnknownLike Julian, I also didn’t actually receive thisemail, but again I was so blown away bythis email’s unconventional size andcreativity that I simply fell in love with itand had to ensure it made it into the WOWbook.The email is an astonishing 12,000pixels long and through a clever use ofblurred images, the Art Director has gone along way to achieving the sense of slidingdown this 14 storey water slide from thesafety of the recipient’s inbox.BeachParkSonya GreenwoodArt DirectorJulian GrattonManaging Director & Creative DirectorOK, I admit it. I didn’t actually get thisemail delivered into my inbox, but it’s sucha great email I simply had to make sure itwas entered into this WOW book.The Canadian Tourism Commission haven’tjust pushed the creative boundaries withthis email… they’ve absolutely simplysmashed them down and swept away theremains. It’s very rare that somethingsurprises me as much as this email did butit’s unconventional size and scale reallydid make me smile and really did surpriseme! At 5,000 by 3,519 pixels it exceedsthe maximum Outlook width and it alsoforces email recipients to scroll a lot – butthat’s the beauty of it, it gets you interacting.A great email!Date: UnknownSubject line: UnknownCanadianTourism
  19. 19. Gaming
  20. 20. Steve WhiteAccount DirectorPaddyPowerWow! What an email! I can honestly sayI think this is the best email I have everreceived.Timely, relevant and the level ofpersonalisation is something I’ve nevercome across before in all my time in emailmarketing. OK, yes they’ve clearly had asignificant budget to play with to producethis email and accompanying landing pagebut my oh my have they spent thatbudget well.Firstly the subject header was incrediblytimely given the news that was breaking atthe time of distribution regarding an“unnamed footballer”; BREAKING NEWS:Steve White denies Super-Injunction! Itwasn’t a case of whether I’d open it, it washow quickly could I open it!The email creative was relatively simple butdue to its personalisation it certainly didmore than enough to convince meto click through.The page was simplybrilliant. Humorous, timely, relevant andpersonalised. It actually got me questioningwhether I actually did have an affair withImogenThomas!Date: May 2011Subject line: BREAKING NEWS: Steve Whitedenies Super-Injunction!
  21. 21. Social
  22. 22. LinkedIn.comDate: January 2011Subject line:Adrian, 57 of your connectionschanged jobs in 2010.Linkedin is a terrific networking toolfor professionals, and I often admonishmyself for not being more active on it,but the regular emails help me to keep intouch with work colleagues.This superblypersonalised email, arriving in mid-January,did the job of getting me straight back ontothe site.The mantra for good direct marketing istimely, relevant and personal, and thisemail has all three by the truckload.Timely– January is a month when we all comeback to work after the long break withgood intentions.A good time to updateyour LinkedIn profile, as the ‘Let yourconnections know’ call to action urges.Relevant – it’s important for me to keepup to date when colleagues change jobs orget promoted. Personal – what could makean email more personal than pictures of 57people I know, all of whom have ‘startedsomething new’?This email demonstrates exceptional useof dynamic content to create a uniquelypersonal experience.Adrian RoweChairman
  23. 23. Hospitality
  24. 24. Although the subject line doesn’t instantlygrab my attention and make me want toopen the email, I couldn’t help but smile whenI did. It got me thinking back to the few,very cringeful moments when my dad hasdecided to take to the dance floor.Not only is this email relatable, but itengages with the audience and urges youto take part – there is a pretty good prizetoo! Much more interesting than the typicalemails that just suggest gifts, this emailprovides the opportunity for you to winsomething for yourself (or your dad) andorganise a present too! All whilst notforgetting to push you to their Facebooksite. Plus, with the timing of the email being6th June – you’ve just enough time to digout that embarrassing video!ZizziJessica WilliamsJunior Account ExecutiveDate: June 2011Subject line: 2nd main for £1 andDancing DadsOk, so I may be a little biased as I love pizza,but I simply love this email. It may not bebrilliantly creative in its design or copy tonebut it certainly does tick the‘cross pollination’box, which is becoming more and moreimportant in email marketing. It brilliantlylinks email with social media to create awonderfully succinct campaign.Date:April 2011Subject line: Check in with Facebook Places:first 100 eat for free!PizzaExpressKatie AtkinsonSenior AccountExecutive
  25. 25. Vouche r
  26. 26. GrouponDaisy RowanJunior Account ExecutiveDate: July 2011Subject line:VariousThe Groupon’s emails may not be theprettiest or the most complex but thenature of their products means that theiremails need to hit the spot fast.They havebecome a part of my daily routine I don’teven need a subject line to prompt me toopen the email and reveal the day’s deal.They are easy to use and navigate aroundquickly, which is ideal for the busyconsumer; furthermore, the great use ofHTML text means I can understand whatthe offer is before turning the images on.
  27. 27. 2011Design Stuff