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An innovative solution for smaller manufacturers. Integrated tools for quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, labor collection, shipping and invoicing.

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Infor Jobshop L T (1)

  1. 1. | discrete manufacturing Infor VISUAL Jobshop An Affordable Solution for the LT Edition Smallest Manufacturers Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT is a flexible, integrated software solution designed for companies with under ten employees. It provides the tools you need to consolidate information, standard- ize processes, and manage your business. These tools facilitate consistency, competitiveness, and profitability while establishing a migration path for company growth. Designed to encompass your unique manufacturing and business practices, Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT helps you produce profitable, quality products by enabling real-time information throughout your shop. With Jobshop, you can manage customers, plan materials, and analyze operations. You also have the ability to create and store part records, routings, and Bills of Material (BOMs) and quickly modify them as your customers’ requirements change, keeping information accurate and accessible. Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT eliminates redundant data entry by integrating order entry, inventory, production, shipping, and invoicing. This helps you manage and conduct your business based on up-to-the-minute data. The system can help you easily create shop travelers complete with needed materials and work instructions for employees. After you finish with a job, you can ship it, invoice it, generate paperwork, relieve inventory, and track costs—all with a few clicks of your mouse. Modernize your shop management Manufacturing Window capabilities From Jobshop’s state-of-the-art Manufacturing Window™, you can view every angle of your pro- duction activity, from sales order release to work order closing. Jobshop offers drag-and-drop Sharpen your company’s image with capabilities so you can quickly create, copy, and edit work orders and engineering masters. uniform business documents You can also drill down for details about individual work order operations with point-and-click technology. The Manufacturing Window allows you to compare predicted costs versus actual Extend the capabilties of your costs for completed and active jobs, as well as track the origin of those costs. current accounting application Save time with inventory Managerial Tools management & demand planning Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT includes tools to help you continuously improve your company’s procurement tools performance, such as efficiency and cost analysis reports. Jobshop’s accounting system allows you to monitor your finances by establishing general ledger accounts and tracking costs Analyze your actual job costs versus against those accounts. For detailed accounting functionality, you can transfer data to third what you estimated party software such as Peachtree® Accounting, Pastel® Software, and Intuit’s QuickBooks®. Position your shop for growth Inventory Control Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT offers an inventory system that allows you to easily stock and track raw materials, assemblies, and finished parts. You can issue material immediately from inventory to work in progress or purchase right to the job. Jobshop also allows you to adjust quantities, maintain unit conversions, and perform physical counts. In addition to managing formal parts, Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT handles description-only materials for shops that do not need or want to maintain an inventory. Planning, Purchasing, and Shop Floor Control Jobshop integrates information from inventory, purchasing, and the shop floor. You can man- age raw material requirements and purchase materials from the vendor of your choice using the material planning features. The system includes tools for managing outside services, receiving to stock or directly to the job, and tracking causes of scrapped parts for later analysis. MEPS13/VJP/EN-US/0505-1
  2. 2. | discrete manufacturing essentials Infor VISUAL Jobshop LT Features • View up to the minute information throughout your shop. • Create, copy, and edit bill of material and routing information. • Track materials in any unit of measure in unlimited bin locations. • Link drawing files to your part information. • Track and manage your customer and supplier information. • Accept and track customer orders with multiple delivery dates. • Create and email sales order acknowledgements and PO’s with a few mouse clicks. • Create accurate production travelers to document and convey vital information to your shop floor employees. • Track backlogged orders and analyze prior sales. • Track labor expended against the job. • Analyze labor usage, efficiency and shop quality. • Gain visibility into your inventory positions before you run short of material. • View projected material requirements based on current and future demand then automatically create purchase orders and work orders. • Purchase material to the job, to stock or a combination of the two. • Ship and/or receive partial quantities against any order as many times as required. • Receive completed parts into inventory or ship them directly to your customer from the shop floor. • Track actual material, labor, burden & service costs. • Ship parts to your customers from stock, from the job or a combination of the two. • Generate pack lists and invoices for the shipments you make. • Export information to your Pastel and Peachtree application. • Share information automatically with your QuickBooks application. • Gain control of your growing shop with VISUAL Jobshop LT! System Requirements Client support: Windows 98®/NT/ME/XP /2000/2003. Multi-user environment support: Windows 98 peer–to–peer, Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 500 Lafayette Road XP, and Windows 2003 Server Hampton, NH 03842 A minimum of 128MB RAM is required, but at least 256MB is recommended. Infor VISUAL Jobshop requires 250MB of hard disk storage for installation. Hard disk storage requirements Tel: 603.926.9696 will increase as your database grows. As with any mission critical information, Fax: 603.929.3975 routine database back-ups are strongly recommended. This document contains information which may be considered confidential. It is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named on this cover sheet. The unauthorized disclosure, use, or publication of confidential information is prohibited. Copyright © 2004 Infor IP Holdings C.V. and/or its affiliates or licensors. All rights reserved. The Infor word and design marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Infor IP Holdings C.V. and/or one of its affiliates. All rights reserved. All other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners.