The Golden Opportunity Retailers Are Missing


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Brand ambassadors are a retailer's best friend. They are both powerful & influential and it's not too late to use that power and influence to your advantage this holiday season.

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The Golden Opportunity Retailers Are Missing

  1. 1. The Golden Opportunity Retailers Are Missing This Holiday Season (and why it’s not too late to start)
  2. 2. The holidays are all about making spirits bright…
  3. 3. And ugly sweaters.
  4. 4. BUT for retailers it’s about jingling some bells.
  5. 5. Some cash register bells that is.
  6. 6. However far too many retailers are not doing the one thing…
  7. 7. That could make their registers sing like a… In a…
  8. 8. And it ALL comes to down to four simple words.
  9. 9. Engage Empower Brand Ambassadors
  10. 10. W H Y ?
  11. 11. These are retailers’ most devoted, passionate, loyal and VOCAL customers.
  12. 12. They will gladly tell their friends & family all about your brand.
  13. 13. And when they do… those same friends & family pay attention to what they have to say.
  14. 14. Be it trust or influence consumers rely, and most importantly take action based on the recommendations they receive from people they know.
  15. 15. Especially if it is from one woman to another…
  16. 16. W H Y ?
  17. 17. "...there’s no one a woman trusts more for advice, recommendations and guidance than another woman in her circle.” – Lisa Stone, CEO, BlogHer, a leading news, entertainment and information network for women online
  18. 18. And one more teeny, tiny reason …
  19. 19. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care *
  20. 20. So what’s a retailer to do?
  21. 21. Offer your brand ambassadors specials, exclusive deals – anything to get them speaking about and sharing news and information on your brand with their friends and family.
  22. 22. Oh, lest you think it’s too late for THIS holiday season, consider this:
  23. 23. With roughly three weeks until Christmas in 2012, 36 percent* of gift givers—66 million Americans—hadn't begun shopping. In fact, most people had more than half their shopping left to do. *Consumer Reports
  24. 24. So don’t just sit there… go forth and engage and empower your brand ambassadors today.
  25. 25. Thank you for your time… Questions, please Tweet me @steveolenski or email me
  26. 26. Named one of the Top 100 Influencers In Social Media (#41) by Social Technology Review and a Top 50 Social Media Blogger by Kred, Steve Olenski is a senior creative content strategist at Responsys, a leading marketing cloud software and services company. He is a also a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing and co-author of the book StumbleUpon For Dummies.