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LED Lighting Parking Lot Case Study


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LED lighting offers the opportunity to reduce costs in parking lot lighting. This case study shows how replacing HPS pole fixtures with LED parking lot lights is more economical than re-lamping and changing ballasts. Paybacks are very rapid, rebates on the LED fixtures are available, and no maintenance will be needed are all achieved by upgrading from HPS pole fixtures to LED lighting.

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LED Lighting Parking Lot Case Study

  1. 1. Page: 1 Parking Lot Lighting - A Case Study New LED Fixtures or Re-lamping HID Fixtures Rapid Payback from LED Fixture Replacements & Retro-fits LED outdoor lighting fixtures in parking lots offer numerous advantages, including lower energy costs and no maintenance for the life the LED fixture. First costs have been perceived to be higher, thus there is the economic hurdle to seek paybacks from the savings to support the replacement with new fixtures. In this Case Study of LED Parking Lot Lighting, the replacement of high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures with LED fixtures is shown to be the compelling choice instead of re-lamping and replacing of ballasts. Commercial Outdoor Office Park Lighting Issues This Class A, Commercial Office Building, is part of a 1.7 million square foot property Class ‘A’, Office Park, Albany, N.Y. - development outside of Albany, N.Y. The property management company was examin-The Property Manager conducted an analysis of ing whether to do a periodic re-lamping and maintenance of existing HPS parking lotwhether to re-lamp HPS lighting or replace with fixtures or install LED fixtures. These new LED luminaires would have to light the park- new LED fixtures. ing lot, driveway, building façade, and flag poles. The planned maintenance activities would have replaced the HPS lamps, ballast and starter components. The HPS fixtures were approximately ten years old, and were in acceptable condition. Existing HPS Parking Lot Lighting System At this office building, there were eighteen pole fixtures for the parking lots, consuming 440 watts each, two entrance shoe box fixtures, at 195 watts each, and six façade flood lights, and flag pole lights, using 150 watts each. The total installed load was 9.2 kilowatts (KW), and it is estimated that 41,106 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity is used per year. Parking Lot Lighting - Engineering, Audit and Life-Cycle Analysis The site was surveyed and an audit was prepared of the lighting conditions, and costs. The Parking Lot lighting was engineered using AGI32 to fully simulate the proposed lighting. The lighting analysis used photometric data generated from the LM-79 report from a certified test lab. All the LED Parking Lot Fixtures are from Evolucia Lighting. Based upon the lighting solution engi- neered, the fixture count was increased to 32 luminaires. The parking lot used 21 IES Type III ESB LED Shoebox fix- tures from Evolucia Lighting at 85 watts each, instead of the 440 watt HPS lumi- naires. For the driveway, three IES Type II ESB LED Shoebox Fixtures replaced the HPS legacy fixtures, and two 55 watt ESB Shoeboxes, were used at the build- ing entrance instead of the 150 watt existing lamps. The building façade and flag poles were illuminated with 30 watt landscape flood lighting, replacing the old 150 watt, HPS Flood Lights. Contact Information: 1.518.409.8090© 2012 Metro LED Lighting, All specifications subject to change without notice.
  2. 2. Page: 2 Parking Lot Lighting - A Case Study (Cont.) Re-Lamping and Ballast Replacement Costs To maintain the HPS lighting system, required skilled electricians, the use of a bucket truck and replacement lamps, ballasts and starters. The costs of labor and the bucket truck was roughly equal to installing the new LED Parking Lot fixture. The cost per fix- ture for routine maintenance, was quoted at approximately $255 per fixture, including parts. New LED Fixtures v. Re-lamping in the Parking Lot The new LED lighting system for the parking lots and accessory fixtures, installed cost was approximately $15,800. The outdoor lighting system upgrade used fixtures from Evolucia Lighting, which are DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) listed and qualified for rebates of $3,000. Most importantly, the reduction in electric costs was reduced by an estimated $3,207 in the first year. After accounting for re-lamping, ballast replace- ments, electrician labor and the savings in electric costs, the net differential was $2,930 additional for the LED lighting system v. the HPS lights. Substantial future benefits accrue from lower operating costs, and no maintenance costs. Using electric savings only, the payback period is 1 year and 10 months, for the LED fixtures. HPS Fixture Re-Lamping New LED Fixtures Lamps $780 LED Fixtures Installed $15,800 ($30 x 26) Ballasts HPS Fixtures require periodic replacement of $1,690 Rebate <$3,000> ($65 x 26) electrical components by skilled electricians and the use of costly bucket trucks. Electrician & Truck $4,160 Year 1 - Electricity $5,640 Year 1 - Electricity $2,433 Year 1 Costs $12,270 Year 1 Costs $15,233 Year 1 Difference $2,963, 1 Yr.— 10 Months Payback LED Parking Lot Lighting – Property Benefits The LED Parking Lot lights require no maintenance as Green Labeled Buildings: opposed to the HPS fixtures which have continuing Achieve 7.3% to 17.3% higher replacements requirements. The ten year savings from rents maintenance is estimated to be $19,180. The LED HPS Fixtures components replaced during Sell at a significant premium lights save substantial energy was estimated to save maintenance. Unique visual appeal attracts $36,150 over ten years. Additionally studies have tenants driving occupancy shown that green office buildings rent at a premium, and achieve higher occupancy to their competitors. Reduction in operating ex- penses support more competi- Further, these building demonstrate superior income tive rents potential in the rental market. Contact Information: 1.518.409.8090© 2012 Metro LED Lighting, All specifications subject to change without notice.
  3. 3. Page: 3 Parking Lot Lighting - A Case Study (Cont.) The Case for LED Parking Lot Lighting In general, multi-tenant office properties, have 56% of their costs related to utilities, repairs and maintenance. Upgrading parking lots with LED lighting is an efficient use of funds. It lowers operating costs, and is an economical means to drive energy costs lower. There are next to no impacts on building tenants during installation. Utility bills will be reduced, and replacing the costly components of outdoor lighting fixtures will be an activity of the past. The property’s appearance will be improved, and tenant satisfac- tion is increased. The one-time costs for re-lamping and maintaining old legacy high intensity discharge (HID) parking lot fixtures are now cost-comparable to replacing them with new LED fixtures. New LED Parking Lot lighting installation is a very compel- ling activity to be undertaken when routine maintenance is being considered on any legacy lighting system in outdoor lighting.Driveway Lighting :80W LED Shoe BoxEntrance Lighting :80W LED Shoe Box Contact Information: 1.518.409.8090© 2012 Metro LED Lighting, All specifications subject to change without notice.
  4. 4. Page: 4 Parking Lot Lighting - A Case Study (Cont.)Driveway & Entrance:55W LED Shoe BoxFront Parking Area :80W LED Shoe BoxHandicap Parking Lighting :80W LED Shoe Box Contact Information: 1.518.409.8090© 2012 Metro LED Lighting, All specifications subject to change without notice.
  5. 5. Page: 5 Parking Lot Lighting - A Case Study (Cont.)Back Parking Lot:80W LED Shoe BoxSide Parking Area :80W LED Shoe Box Metro Luminescent Technologies is the company behind We areAbout Metro LED Lighting experts in LED core technologies, outdoor lighting engineering and design, life-cycle eco- nomic analysis, and how to build outdoor lighting systems that perform well in commer- cial or institutional settings. We constantly are investigating and analyzing LED lighting offerings that meet commercial, municipal, and institutional requirements for reliable, high performing, at the lowest cost of ownership for outdoor lighting. We build product partnerships with innovative and inventive solid-state lighting compa- nies that bring superior product benefits to our Clients. Our product partners have exten- sive expertise in the development of lighting products, and typically hold patents on these devices. We address the needs of property owners for better and more efficient lighting. Contact Information: 1.518.409.8090© 2012 Metro LED Lighting, All specifications subject to change without notice.