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Manual word 2007 ingles

  1. 1. 2010SENA .TECNICO EN SISTEMASSTEVENS VASQUEZ MOSQUERA[ MANUAL FOR USING MICROSOFT WORD 2007]<br />539751417955<br />2. Recognition for MS tool working environment reader Word 2007. 4 <br />3. Description of the tabs located in the Ribbon. 5<br />4. manual-specific and general objectives.7<br />5. Descriptive procedures (graphics tools): 8<br />a. Steps to enter and exit WORD 2007 8<br />b. Steps to save or open a file 11<br />c. Steps to insert Wortart style 12<br />d. Steps to work with button office 13<br />e. Steps to work with the Fund format 14<br />f. Steps to insert bullets and symbols 15<br />g. Steps to place type, style of font, size, color, underline and effects to the text style.16<br />h. Steps to format a table 17<br />i. Steps to change upper and lowercase 18<br />j. Steps to configure a page 19<br />k. Steps to insert equations 20<br />l. HYPERLINK l "deWortart" Steps to work with forms and format Wordart style 21<br />m. Steps to insert chart 22<br />n. Steps to print a file 23<br />o. steps to insert brand water and frameset document 24<br />p. steps for inserting comments to your document.26<br />q. steps for working with text boxes.28<br />6. Software that can replace MS Word, advantages and weaknesses. 29<br />2. Recognition for MS tool working environment reader Word 2007.<br />Title barMicrosoft Word 2007 iconBanda displacementStatus BarWorkspaceOffice buttonRibbonEyelash tools<br />Home button<br />3. Description of the tabs located in the Ribbon.<br />Tab top we find boxes to change type, font, size, style and other tools.<br />On the following tab you insert tables, illustrations, links, text, symbols, and many tools gives us more.<br />Page layout are important tools for customizing page to as desired tools such as user: topics, settings, bottom of page and etc.<br />Flange references tools: table of contents, footnote, citation and bibliography and other notes<br />Shipping tools such as: create, mail merge, insert and write fields and many more<br />Review the Tools tab: testing, feedback, tracking, changes, compare, protect<br />View with the Tools tab: view document, display / hide, zoom, window, macros<br />Tab Add-ons with the student tool and its menu so that the user makes use of the<br />4. manual-specific and general objectives.<br />GENERAL OBJETIVE<br />Learn and handle the basic tools that provides word for creating, editing and printing of text documents. with the following manual students of can see way more graphical and striking and make use of the aforementioned tools has. The Microsoft Word application which is the most widespread use, word processor and word processing one of the most usual applications of computers, both professional and personal.<br />SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES<br />‐ The student will efficiently used application of Microsoft Word 2007‐ The student will have the capacity to produce texts with the tools it offers Microsoft Word 2007<br />-The student will make the tools offered by Microsoft Word 2007<br />6. Descriptive procedures (graphics tools):<br />a. Steps to enter and exit WORD 2007<br />We click on start<br />Select Microsoft Word 2007<br />Microsoft Word 2007 opens for us and we can start with our texts<br />As quit WordWe give click at the top where this x<br />b. Steps to save or open a file<br />We give click the office button-113706323363Y una ventana se nos abre y escogemos el formato para guardar<br />-1136651131570<br />leftbottom<br />A menu opens, and select the option save or save as<br />c. Steps to insert Wortart style<br />Select the tab insertWe use the wortart tool and the style you want<br />-198755960755<br />-920753555365<br />Write the text<br />left5586479<br />d. Steps to work with button office<br />In the upper left this button office<br />We give click button office<br />A menu opens for us and we choose the option that the user wants<br />e. Steps to work with the Fund format<br />When we create a text or insert some objects box format opens<br />We click<br />And several options give us so that the user to use<br />f. Steps to insert bullets and symbols<br />Go to the tab home<br />We select the bullets tool<br />We can choose clip art or custom images<br />Example customized bullets<br />g. Steps to place type, style of font, size, color, underline and effects to the text style.<br />Go to tab home<br />Letter size toolSelect the font tool20440653805555<br />Stress tool<br />Change text type<br />h. Steps to format a table<br />Go to the tab insert<br />Select the table tool<br />We create it agree to the user's need<br />We modified it and change you the format<br />i. Steps to change upper and lowercase<br />We click on the tab home<br />Select the text<br />And the text automatically changes to uppercaseIn the change tool case we choose uppercase option<br />j. To configure a page<br />Click page layout<br />Click on the bottom right to open the configure page<br />Modify the page to taste you want the user<br />k. Steps to insert equations<br />Go to the tab insert<br />Click the equation tool<br />Select desired equation<br />Appears in the workspace<br />l. Steps to work with forms and format Wortart style<br />Click insert<br />Select the tool forms<br />We choose the way you want<br />The form appears and we can write in the way<br />Formato para wortart<br />Click tab wortart all format<br />We selected to design we want to change<br />Varias opciones como 3d<br />-1371603034030<br />m. Steps to insert chart<br />Click Insert tab<br />Boxed illustrations we use smartart tool<br />A window opens and chooses the option chartAnd we can configure the chart layout and formatting tools<br />n. Steps to print a file<br />Click office button<br />Select the menu option printA window opens and we can choose the option of how to print<br />o. steps to insert brand water and frameset document<br />Click page layout<br />Select the option watermark<br />We choose the clip or we can create one with images<br />In the leaf leaves the watermark<br />Marcos al documento<br />Click page layout<br />Select frames or borders option<br />Choose which we like most<br />And the leaf is the desired frame<br />Click Review tabp. steps for inserting comments to your document.<br />Select the text<br />And click new comment<br />Appears in the right part of the map to view the comments<br />q. steps for working with text boxes.<br />Click insert<br />628651071880<br />Select text box<br />left2077720<br />Choose one of the options or we can create tables<br />And on top several tools open to edit the text as 3D or shading box<br />7. Software that can replace MS Word, advantages and weaknesses.<br /> Writer<br /> Writer is a cross-platform as part of the application suite set word processor Office. Other standard formats and widely used document, you can open and save proprietary format Microsoft Word .doc almost in its entirety. Native to export documents format is XML. You can also export to PDF files natively without using intermediate programs.<br />The current version is the 3.2. While the old stable version 1.1.5, did not have very attractive in appearance, versions 2.x (also downloadable from its website) have improved their previous releases, its interface, compatibility with other file formats and the simplicity of its use.<br />You can protect documents with password, save versions of the same document, insert pictures, OLE objects, supports digital signatures, symbols, formulas, tables, graphics, hyperlinks, bookmarks, forms, etc.<br />Writer is a powerful HTML editor very easy to use as a text document. Only with enter menu view and select "Design for internet" changes the format of the text box, resembling a web page, you can edit in the same way that if outside a word processor. It also can be tags, as well as business cards easily, without having to modify a text document format for this. It also has a gallery of images, textures, and buttons. And a great service for help. Fully configurable, you can modify any option page, buttons, toolbars, and other options AutoCorrect, spelling, language, etc.<br />Formats<br />A continuation listed documents created with Writer that can write formats (22 formats, with the old version 3.0.1), apart from the PDF:formato format of saved in version 3.0.1.<br />TipoExtensión1Texto en formato OpenDocument.odt2Text in OpenDocument format template.ott3Documento de 1.0.sxw4Plantilla de documento de Word 97/2000/XP.doc6Microsoft Word 95.doc7Microsoft Word 6.0.doc8Rich Text Format.rtf9StarWriter 5.0.sdw10Plantilla de StarWriter 5.0.vor11StarWriter 4.0.sdw12Plantilla StarWriter 4.0.vor13StarWriter 3.0.sdw14Plantilla StarWriter.vor15Texto.txt16Texto codificado.txt17Documento HTML ( Writer).html18AportisDoc (Palm).pdb19DocBook.xml20Microsoft Word 2003 XML.xml21Pocket Word.psw22Unified Office Format text.uot<br />There are also extensions to open and write documents in the format docx (Word 2007). Writer can export in addition to four types of master documents:<br />Master document in OpenDocument (.odm) format <br />Master document OpenOffice (.sxg)<br />StarWriter 3.0 and 4.0 master document (.sgl)<br />Encoded text ( document) (.txt)<br /> 6 the word processor format open office is<br />