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Introduction to our services

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Steven Secon Architect

  1. 1. StevenSeconArchitect PC Let’s talk…… 914 674 2950 145 Palisade St, Suite 391 Dobbs Ferry NY 10522 residential institutional commercial Introduction to our Services
  2. 2. Reasons for Hiring Us ► ► ► Perhaps You Have… A need for additional room or remodeling? Recently moved? Changes or growth in your business or home? Lobby -NYC ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Residence-Stamford, Ct We’re Better Because … Responsive, expert, efficient office Easy to work with, good listeners Lower overhead with reasonable fees Affiliated with larger offices for bigger projects Excellent drawings, peer reviews Long history of successful results On time, on budget Creative solutions
  3. 3. Starting the Process… • Initial meeting to discuss scope of the project and objectives • Review the location, budget, schedule, appearance. • Who might build it. • Address relevant factors. • Determine next steps-if it is feasible. NYU Faculty Housing Façade Restoration
  4. 4. Agreement We’ll promptly send a simple, easy-to-understand proposal that lists: The work that we’ll do The related fees, more info on When the work should be complete Associated factors. Related work that may be needed.
  5. 5. Fees Billing is done monthly reflecting work completed – the phases of design breakdown roughly: ►Preliminary design phase generally amounts to 20% of total fees ►Design development phase generally amounts to 20% of total fees ►Construction document work generally amounts to 35% of the total fees ►Bidding and Negotiation generally amounts to 5% of the total fees. ►Construction administration and closeout generally amounts to 20% of the total fee. ►Hourly fees are posted on
  6. 6. Carefully measure, review applicable regulations, draw existing conditions and begin designing ► ► ► ► ► ► Imagine, dream, interpret Several schemes Develop one Question more Develop, meet, refine Test against reality and budget
  7. 7. Design sequence : -General- i.e. site, use -Middle-i.e. where spaces and functions are located, systems and materials -Detail-i.e. finishes, light switch locations, furniture DESIGN
  8. 8. Weighing Design Options Discuss benefits, liabilities, costs, approvals to each solution for an informed decision ►
  9. 9. Obtaining permits and bids Our office represents you and negotiates on your behalf among competing bidders to get you a good price, realistic schedule and quality construction . We will attend required municipal meetings and help get the approvals and permits needed to build the project. Fighting for you and arguing on your behalf is our twisted version of fun!
  10. 10. Help select the right builder for the right project Our office has many long-standing . relationships with qualified builders and sub-contractors who get the job done right, but we are always open to working with others after vetting their qualifications and references.
  11. 11. Write and Negotiate the Contract Between You and the Builder These agreements contain: •Clear scope of work. •Prices •Schedule and milestone dates •Penalties or bonuses •Means Historic Façade PreservationNYC ► Use AIA construction agreements that start with templates, familiar to builders and subcontractors- that protect all parties. of dispute resolution •If/ then clauses for incomplete or unsatisfactory work •Owner provided items •Methods of payment and invoicing •Adequate retainage •Insurance and permit requirements
  12. 12. ► ► ► ► Check that the progress meets or exceeds industry quality Monitor standards Verify that the work conforms to the drawings and schedule Answer questions that arise Assist in evaluating contractor invoicing and payment requests the Construction Call 914 674 2950 Free consultation!
  13. 13. Our additional experience as former building inspectors and field representitives enable us to carefully observe, evaluate to help avoid costly surprises later Façade Restoration Salvation Army W. 46 St, NYC
  14. 14. Don’t forget, we also perform: - Interior design services - Landscape architecture - Design-build Referrals and repeat customers account for 95% of our business, please let us know if you, or anyone you know would like to set up a free initial consultation ……Let’s check out where it happens, a few before and afters, and a quick 3d-tour….
  15. 15. Before After Lowe and Partners , NYC, Advertising Offices
  16. 16. Clothing Store Columbus, Ohio Restaurant Stuttgart, Germany
  17. 17. Beauty Bar Hair Salon Rye Brook, NY Pediatric Associates Scarsdale NY
  18. 18. Façade Repairs 636 Broadway, NYC
  19. 19. Building Lobby 435 Fifth Ave, NYC Office Reception Area, NYC
  20. 20. Numedia Recording Studio
  21. 21. Landscape, hardscape, patios, alternative energy… Wind Turbines (proposal) Trellis and addition Bedford, NY Irvington, NY Call 914 674 2950 Free consultation!
  22. 22. before Capoccia Barn Reconstruction
  23. 23. sketch Before After Giordano Residence, Rye, New York
  24. 24. Before sketch After Park Residence, New York
  25. 25. New Katonah Residence
  26. 26. Kitchens? -hell yes, we do those too…
  27. 27. Hercelroth Residence, Yorktown, New York After Before Call 914 674 2950 Free consultation!
  28. 28. We want to be your resource… ► Hey do you know a good cabinet maker, floor refinisher, etc? ► What can we do with this building? ► Is this property zoned for this use? ► How can get our builder to do a better job? ► This wall looks odd can you come take a look? ► My partner is driving me crazy… can we build another office, or cage, anything? ► Natural referral partners: builders, real estate agents, property managers, developers…we make them look awesome and knowledgeable.
  29. 29. “Where good design meets common sense” 914 674 2950 Call Now! click on image below