the girl with the dragon tattoo


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the girl with the dragon tattoo

  1. 1. ==== ====the girl with the dragon tattoo ====The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, or Men Who Hate Women as the name is when translatedstraight from Swedish, is Stieg Larssons first novel. It is also the first part of his The MillenniumTrilogy. Millennium is quite small magazine that is owned by journalist Mikael "Kalle" Blomkvistand his "occational lover" Erika Berger. Millennium is published in Stockholm, the beautiful capitalof Sweden.In the beginning of the book, Mikael Blomkvist gets sentenced to prison for three months forlibeling of well-known Swedish business man Hans-Erik Wennerstrom. Mikael had been accusingWennerstrom for many kind of white-collar crimes, but in the end all the evidence falls to pieces forsome reason. Mikael pledges for revenge since he thinks the sentence was underserved. Soon heseems to get a change for it, when another business-mogul Henrik Vanger approaches him withand interesting and appealing offer. Vanger wants Mikael to solve a mystery that has become anobsession to Henrik Vanger: what happened to his niece Harriet Vanger forty years ago when shejust disappeared without a trace. And if Mikael succeeds, Vanger will give him Wennerstromshead on a plate. Another job for Mikael is to write a book about Vanger-family and its history.Mikael agrees to take the job and spend a year in Vanger-familys hometown, a little townHedestad. 300 km north from Stockholm.Mikael starts his job by inspecting the family history, and soon he finds out that there are skeletonsburied in almost every closet he opens. It seems that almost every family member hates eachother. There are a lot of weird characters in the family tree and only Henrik Vanger seems to benormal one. Mikael notices as well, that not every family member is keen on the fact that Mikaelhas started digging the secrets of the family.While seeking material for his book about Vanger-family, Mikael starts to solve the weirddisappeareance of Harriet Vanger. It happened 40 years go, when the whole family was gatheredtogether. In the early afternoon Harriet just disappeared without a trace and nobody had a gluewhere she had gone. Everything happened in a closed island Hedeby near Hedestad. Its famouseso called "closed-room scenario". Due to car accident, roads out from the island are closed for aday, and during that time Harriet disappears. Nothing points that a crime has happened that cantbe ruled either. The whole island is searched through several times but no sign of Harriet is found.Years go by but Harriets case remains unsolved.Finally, after working hard for many months, the secrets starts slowly unfold itself. Mikael alsofinds out that he needs help because there are so much things that need to be researched. HenrikVangers lawyer and good friend Dirch Frode tells Mikael about Lisbet Salander, who have beenhelping Frode and Vanger earlier as well. Lisbet is an extraordinary young woman with a lot ofpiercings and, a dragon tattoo. Lisbet is a genious with computers and is able to make themanything for herself. She, of course, has her own closets full of skeletons. Through her short life,
  2. 2. Lisbet has been dragged from institution to institution. She is used to solve arguments with otherpeople with violence and has emotional problems as well. But shes not stupid, nowhere near...Together these two very different persons start gather the pieces of the puzzle, and finally thepieces begin to find their places and a horrible, horrible picture start to shape. They know they arenear to solve the mystery when someone starts threatening them. First by putting a dead cat onthe porch of Mikaels little cabin in Hedeby, and then with more serious actions... Finally thisfrightening story and journey reaches it end, and it will be exciting and interesting!As many reviewers before me have said, although this novel is a fantastic first novel, it is alsopartly farfetched and extravagant. Turns in the plot are full of imagination, but sometimes even toomuch full of it. But still, there are a lot more positive sides in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, andthis girl herself is the most interesting one. Lisbet Salander is the most improbable star in the worldof crime novels at the moment. Stieg Larsson has succeeded to create a beautiful and compellingcharacter even she definitely is not a fashionable one. Mikael Blomkvists character isnt sointeresting but these two work together very well. But anyway, I liked this novel so much that Icant wait to get my hands to the other two books of the Millennium Trilogy: The Girl Who Kickedthe Hornets Nest and The Girl Who Played with Fire.==== ====the girl with the dragon tattoo ====